What is SEO Health of a Page and Website?



My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will learn the SEO health of the page and the website.

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Basically, the SEO health check is a holistic look at the state of your SEO. It gives you a sense of how crawlable and indexable your site is and flags specific errors and areas for improvement. This is useful in many circumstances, whether you’re just starting with SEO or want to incorporate a recurring SEO audit into your website maintenance workflows.

To check the SEO health of your website, you will need to go to your Plerdy account, SEO Checker – SEO Page Analysis – scroll down to Page URL – click SEO – audit and SEO health score.

Here, you see parameters, rating, and overall result at the bottom.

So what we got here:

First of all, the most important SEO tags – title, description, H1. In one of the previous videos, I explained the importance of those tags. Here, you see them again as they play a major role in defining the SEO health of the website.

Here, you also see the “Having a single H1/description” parameter. As Google’s Search Advocate, John Mueller said you might add many H1s or many descriptions, it is possible, and it is okay, but anyway, try to make the first one the most optimized.

Interesting fact – in Nielson Norman’s blog, you may find that they have around 14 or 16 H1s, and their website is feeling very well, and that doesn’t influence the website’s health in any bad way.

Ok, let’s continue.

The next parameter is “Average sentence length…”. This readability standard makes the text easily digested and understandable for readers. We may also check the readability and water data under content analysis regarding the content.

If we go to the Relevance here, we will see the focused keyword in the title, description and H1. This keyword should also be among the top 3 on the page. It is a fact that the more times this keyword is used on the page, the better is the position of this keyword – the better is the performance of the page.

Last thing is Duplicates. As for now, in this tab, you will see the data if only there are identical duplicates, 100% match. Of course, the no index and canonical pages are not considered.

Basically, that’s all you have to know about the SEO health of the website. Now, are you high time to go and check the SEO health of your website and make some improvements?

I wish you luck and see you in the next videos!


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