Free UX&SEO Website Analysis

The Plerdy team can conduct a free UX and SEO analysis of your site. To participate in the drawing, fill out the form below. Already on November 16, 2021, we will raffle off free site analyze among all the participants with the help of a random number generator.

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UX Audit of a Website

Installing the Plerdy tracking code (Business Plan) on your website for 2 months. This time will be enough to collect data about user behavior on the site and build hypotheses on their basis.

Setting up goals and events to search for anomalies on the website pages.

Configuring conversion funnels. After setting up the funnel, you will be able to understand at what stage of the conversion path your customers leave the site.

Analysis of the most clickable website pages. Under the most clickable pages, we imply those where users make the most clicks.

Analysis of the site's mobile version. The user behavior, undoubtedly, differs on the mobile and PC interfaces. In some niches, the usability audit of the site's mobile version may be of greater importance than of the PC one.

SEO recommendations. Analysis of the key SEO data.

Setting up and analyzing video sessions. We search for errors in the site design.


10+ usability & SEO errors and hypotheses to correct them.
Fully configured Plerdy service.
Placement of your logo and a link to the website on the case page.
By submitting a request on the site, you automatically agree to the placement of your detailed report in the "Cases" section of our website.
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