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Welcome to the definitive guide to the “14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023”?. Our mission is to cut through the noise and deliver insights into the cream of the crop in product management tools for the coming year. These tools will elevate your business operations and turbocharge your team’s productivity?.

With an ever-expanding suite of tools in the market, choosing the right one can be daunting. Hence, we’ve meticulously curated a list that covers diverse needs:

  • Task management
  • Workflow automation
  • Real-time collaboration
  • UX & SEO analysis

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Take, for instance, Plerdy – a platform that outshines UX & SEO analysis in the niche. It brings a data-driven approach to tracking user interactions, uncovering opportunities to enhance your website’s conversion rate.

In this digital transformation era, the right tool can set your product management efforts up for success. So, buckle up and delve into our comprehensive review to uncover the best tool for your business needs.

What Are Product Management Tools?

Product management tools are robust platforms that streamline product lifecycle management from conception to launch. They provide a centralized hub for tracking product development, managing tasks, and facilitating team collaboration. These tools offer diverse functionalities:

  • Prioritization of feature requests
  • Roadmapping for strategic planning
  • Tracking of task progression
  • Management of feedback loops

One niche example is a company producing eco-friendly clothing. With a product management tool, they can easily navigate the complexities of sustainable sourcing, design, and production. They can manage and track the development of new clothing lines, ensure alignment with their sustainability goals, and maintain open communication across design, manufacturing, and marketing teams.

By leveraging these tools, businesses can fine-tune their product development processes, reduce miscommunications, and boost productivity. Product management tools, thus, serve as the backbone of an effective product strategy, driving teams to deliver products that resonate with their target market and achieve business objectives.

Importance of Product Management Tools

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In business, product management tools serve as your navigation system. Their role is as pivotal as the rudder in a ship – guiding businesses through the rough waters of the competitive market.

These tools offer a comprehensive view of your product’s lifecycle – from inception to launch and beyond – allowing for efficient monitoring and effective decision-making. Here’s why your agency needs to harness its power:

  • Streamlined Workflow: Product management tools simplify the intricate process of product development. They break down complex tasks into manageable bits, promoting efficiency.
  • Enhanced Collaboration: These tools create a central platform for communication. They ensure every member of your agency is on the same page, fostering a collaborative work environment.
  • Informed Decisions: Product management tools empower agencies to make data-driven decisions by providing real-time data and actionable insights. This can be a game-changer in strategy formulation and problem-solving.
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: With tools that track customer feedback and market trends, agencies can tailor their products to meet customer needs, enhancing satisfaction and loyalty.

The right product management tool can be your agency’s north star, guiding you toward your objectives while avoiding potential pitfalls. Embrace these tools and propel your agency’s growth trajectory to new horizons.

1. Plerdy

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 01

Plerdy is a robust platform designed to optimize your website’s conversion rate, enabling you to see your website through the lens of your users. It provides an array of tools – from the Website Heatmap and SEO Checker Tool to the Session Replay tool – all aimed at boosting your website’s performance and revenue​.

Here’s how Plerdy works:

  • It records statistics on clicks on various site components, allowing you to analyze user behavior meticulously.
  • It comes with dynamic forms, a sales funnel, and other tools used for conversion rate optimization of online stores. With these, you can efficiently identify problematic pages, optimize, and direct users to target pages​.
  • Plerdy is a valuable tool for SEO professionals, offering over ten automated software for deep analysis of content, traffic, and user behavior, leading to an improved conversion rate​.
  • The platform also provides heatmaps for digital marketing experts to observe user behavior on the site, reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing average revenue per customer​.
  • Lastly, Plerdy equips you with all the details you need to conduct an in-depth analysis of your content and see user behavior, enabling you to optimize your website for increased conversions and ROI​.

In essence, Plerdy is a one-stop shop for product management tools that empower you to increase conversions, resulting in a surge in your digital marketing ROI.

2. Jira

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 02

Navigating the vast seas of product management, Jira emerges as a lighthouse guiding organizations toward success. A heavyweight in product management tools, it empowers teams to manage, track, and optimize workflows effortlessly.

For instance, consider a niche business – a boutique digital marketing agency. Here, Jira can illuminate the path to efficient project management. The compass aligns the team with the project goals, ensuring no task slips through the cracks.

Key features of Jira include:

  • Versatile Workflow Management: Jira offers customizable workflows to suit your agency’s needs. It breaks down large projects into manageable tasks, keeping your team laser-focused.
  • Real-Time Collaboration: It fosters a cohesive work environment where every team member stays looped in on project updates. It’s the glue that binds the team together, enhancing overall productivity.
  • Robust Reporting: Jira provides actionable insights through its comprehensive reporting. It’s the telescope that offers a bird’s-eye view of your project, helping you steer clear of potential bottlenecks.

In a nutshell, Jira is the ace up your sleeve in product management. It’s more than just a tool – it’s your ticket to a seamless journey toward product excellence. So say goodbye to chaos and welcome order with Jira.

3. Asana: Your Powerhouse Product Management Tool

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 03

Asana stands tall as a beacon of order amidst the stormy seas of product management. This robust tool provides teams the framework to streamline work, from small tasks to strategic initiatives.

Consider a niche scenario – an artisanal bakery chain. Asana becomes the perfect recipe for managing the intricate process of launching a new line of vegan pastries. From ideation to the grand launch, Asana keeps the team on track, ensuring no detail gets lost.

Here’s what sets Asana apart:

  • Dynamic Project Planning: Asana lets you visualize your project timeline and adjust real-time schedules. The blueprint keeps your team aligned and your project on track.
  • Collaboration Central: It provides a central hub for all project-related communication. Asana eliminates silos, encouraging a collaborative work environment.
  • Automated Routine Tasks: Asana takes over the mundane, freeing your team to focus on what matters most. It’s the wind beneath your wings, propelling you towards your goals.

Asana is the conductor of the product management symphony, ensuring that all tasks, deadlines, and teams work together in perfect harmony. With Asana, you’re not just managing products but crafting success stories. So say goodbye to disarray and embrace efficiency with Asana.

4. Trello: The Gold Standard of Product Management Tools

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 04

Trello is a giant in the product management tool landscape – a platform that turns chaos into order. It offers a visual and intuitive way to organize and prioritize projects, making it a go-to for teams of all sizes.

Trello is the blueprint for managing the complex app creation process. It keeps the developers, designers, and marketers in sync, ensuring a seamless journey from conception to launch.

Unpacking Trello’s standout features:

  • Interactive Boards and Cards: Trello’s unique, drag-and-drop interface allows easy task tracking. It’s the roadmap for your project’s journey.
  • Seamless Collaboration: It provides an interactive platform for team communication. Trello bridges gaps, fostering a unified work environment.
  • Flexible Integration: Trello syncs with many other tools, offering a unified workspace. It’s the linchpin that holds your project together.

In essence, Trello is the compass guiding your product management expedition. It’s a tool and a pathway to a streamlined, efficient, and productive workflow. With Trello, you’re setting your team up for success.

5. Monday.com: The Powerhouse of Product Management Tools

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 05

Monday.com emerges as a titan in the realm of product management tools. Its platform offers a seamless blend of intuitive design and powerful features – a catalyst for productivity and collaboration.

Monday.com becomes the skin of your product management framework, holding together the different layers of your project. From the formulation stage to the final marketing push, the team is harmonized and ensures a smooth rollout.

Key highlights of Monday.com include:

  • Customizable Workflows: Monday.com offers the flexibility to tailor your workflows. It’s the loom that weaves together your project’s intricate threads.
  • Centralized Collaboration: A unified platform keeps everyone in the loop. Monday.com is the meeting point of ideas, fostering a cohesive work atmosphere.
  • Insightful Analytics: With its robust reporting, Monday.com offers a clear view of your project’s progress. It’s the lens that brings clarity to your strategy.

In a nutshell, Monday.com is your co-pilot in the product management journey. It’s more than a tool – it’s a partner that amplifies efficiency and sparks success. So say goodbye to disorganized workflows and welcome Monday.com into your project lifecycle.

6. Productboard: The Nerve Center of Product Management

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 06

Productboard, a standout in the product management tool, empowers teams with its comprehensive features. The rudder navigates your project ship through the waters of development, marketing, and customer feedback.

Imagine a niche case – a bespoke furniture manufacturing company. Productboard streamlines the intricate process of creating, launching, and marketing new designs. It keeps the designers, artisans, and marketers in perfect sync, ensuring a flawless roll-out.

Highlights of Productboard include:

  • Feedback Consolidation: Productboard collates customer feedback, giving you a clear picture of needs and preferences. It’s the megaphone that amplifies your customer’s voice.
  • Seamless Prioritization: It helps prioritize tasks based on strategic value. Productboard is the compass pointing toward your project’s true north.
  • Roadmap Visualization: It provides a visual roadmap for transparent and effective planning. It’s the blueprint for your project’s success story.

In essence, Productboard is the engine that drives your product management train. It doesn’t just manage – it orchestrates, harmonizes, and synchronizes every aspect of your project. So embrace Productboard and transform your product management journey.

7. Aha: The Beacon of Product Management Tools

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 07

In the product management tool arena, Aha shines brightly. It’s guiding your product development voyage, offering a unified and strategic view of your entire portfolio.

Aha steps in to streamline the intricate process of menu development and customer feedback management. It paves the way for a smooth journey from ideation to launch.

Aha’s standout features include the following:

  • Strategic Planning: Aha empowers you to plan strategically. It’s the architect sketching your product’s blueprint.
  • Ideation Portal: It harnesses customer insights and turns them into actionable ideas. Aha is the bridge connecting you to your customers’ minds.
  • Visual Roadmaps: With its roadmap feature, Aha clearly shows your product journey. It’s the canvas where your project’s story unfolds.

It’s a tool that brings harmony to chaos, turning your vision into a reality. So let Aha illuminate your path to product management success.

8. Roadmunk: Paving the Way in Product Management

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 08

Roadmunk, a frontrunner in the product management tool, is like a seasoned trail guide. It leads your team through the product development wilderness, mapping a clear path toward your goals.

Let’s take a niche example – a microbrewery planning to launch a new beer. Roadmunk is critical, coordinating various stages from recipe development and production to marketing and customer feedback.

Hallmarks of Roadmunk include:

  • Versatile Roadmapping: Roadmunk takes the driver’s seat in roadmap creation – strategic, portfolio, or technology roadmaps.
  • Efficient Collaboration: It breaks down silos, fostering team collaboration. Roadmunk is the meeting point where great minds converge.
  • Secure Data Handling: With its top-notch privacy features, Roadmunk safeguards your precious data. It’s the vault securing your product development secrets.

In essence, Roadmunk doesn’t just facilitate – it revolutionizes product management. The compass keeps your team on track, the lantern lights up your path, and the cogwheel keeps your project machinery running smoothly. So embrace Roadmunk and set the stage for a stellar product management performance.

9. Pendo

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 09

Pendo stands out as a heavyweight champion in product management tools. But it’s not just a tool, it’s a seasoned coach guiding your product management team to achieve knockout results.

Consider a niche scenario: An indie music app aiming to enhance user experience. Pendo plays a pivotal role in analyzing user interactions, driving engagement, and fine-tuning features based on feedback.

Key Pendo features include:

  • Detailed Analytics: Pendo delves deep into user behavior, revealing insights that fuel informed decisions. It’s the magnifying glass scrutinizing your user data.
  • In-App Guidance: Pendo paves the way for users, providing helpful tooltips and walkthroughs. It’s a friendly guide ensuring users navigate your product seamlessly.
  • Feedback Capture: Pendo taps into user feedback, turning it into actionable information. It’s the bridge connecting your product and its users.

Simply put, Pendo doesn’t just streamline – it supercharges product management. It guides your product, engages users, and supports your strategy. So embrace Pendo, and put the pedal to the metal in your product management journey.

10. ProdPad: Steering Product Management to Success

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 10

In the bustling realm of product management tools, ProdPad emerges as a sterling navigator. However, it doesn’t merely serve as a tool but assumes the role of a seasoned helmsman, steering your product toward its destination with expert precision.

For instance, a burgeoning organic skincare brand aims to optimize its product line. ProdPad steps up, unearthing insights, driving customer engagement, and refining product features based on real-time feedback.

The key offerings of ProdPad are:

  • Illuminating Analytics: ProdPad dives into the heart of customer interactions, revealing profound insights that drive strategic decisions. It’s the periscope that uncovers the depths of your user data.
  • Collaborative Ideation: ProdPad fosters a culture of collective brainstorming, enabling teams to pool ideas and innovate relentlessly. It’s the fertile soil where ideas bloom into reality.
  • Feedback Management: ProdPad is the liaison between your product and its users, transforming raw feedback into actionable intelligence. It’s the translator that decodes customer voices.

ProdPad transforms product management. It’s your product’s compass, customer engagement’s spark, and product strategy’s foundation. So embrace ProdPad, and shift gears in your product management journey.

11. Wrike: The Vanguard of Product Management Tools

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 11

Wrike – a product management tool that stands apart from the rest. It’s not just a tool; it’s the orchestra’s maestro. Imagine a modern architectural firm racing against deadlines and juggling multiple projects. Wrike steps in, bringing order to chaos and transforming the intricate maze of tasks into a streamlined pathway to success.

Wrike’s prowess lies in its arsenal of features:

  • Dynamic Project Management: Wrike acts as your project’s nerve center, seamlessly coordinating tasks, deadlines, and resources. The conductor ensures each part plays its role flawlessly in the product symphony.
  • Powerful Collaboration: Wrike breaks down silos and brings teams together, fueling synergy and innovation. It’s the melting pot where ideas come together and transform into reality.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Wrike dives deep into project data, surfacing insights that inform strategic decisions. It’s the lighthouse illuminating your path to product success.

Wrike doesn’t merely assist, and it leads the charge in product management. The compass navigates your product voyage, the catalyst sparking team collaboration, and the cornerstone of your project strategy. With Wrike, you don’t just manage – you excel. In a landscape where product success is dictated by efficiency and coordination, Wrike stands as the vanguard, leading your products toward their true potential. So embrace Wrike, and take the reins of your product management journey.

12. ClickUp: Redefining Product Management Tools

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 12

In product management tools, ClickUp strides ahead, leaving an indelible mark. It isn’t just a tool – the engine propels your product development journey. Picture an agile software company churning out updates and new features. Instead, ClickUp transforms the swirling vortex of tasks into a streamlined and efficient operation.

ClickUp’s strength springs from its unique features:

  • Versatile Task Management: ClickUp accompanies your product’s orchestra, harmonizing tasks, deadlines, and resources.
  • Collaboration Unleashed: ClickUp dismantles barriers and unites teams, fostering innovation and progress. It’s the crucible where creative sparks are transformed into tangible results.
  • Insightful Analytics: ClickUp delves into the depths of project data, extracting valuable insights that guide strategic choices. It’s the beacon that lights your path to product victory.

With ClickUp, you don’t merely manage – you lead. In an environment where product success hinges on efficiency and harmony, ClickUp stands as the front-runner, guiding your products to their zenith. So embrace ClickUp, and seize control of your product management voyage.

13. Airfocus: Pioneering Product Management Tools

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 13

When navigating the intricate labyrinth of product management, having the right tool, like Airfocus, becomes the keystone for success. Imagine the dynamic milieu of a tech startup, where countless ideas compete for attention. Airfocus steps in, seamlessly transforming chaotic brainstorming into a clear strategic roadmap.

Airfocus’ power comes from its distinguishing features:

  • Prioritization Framework: Airfocus doesn’t just organize tasks—it refines them. It’s like the goldsmith distinguishing pure gold from the ore, helping you focus on what truly matters.
  • Collaborative Roadmapping: Airfocus bridges the gap between departments, creating a unified vision for product development. It’s the common language that allows cross-functional teams to sync harmoniously.
  • Data-driven Decisions: Airfocus deepens into the sea of data, surfacing with valuable insights that guide your strategic path. It’s the lighthouse that guides your product safely to its launch.

Airfocus is not just a tool—it’s your product management ally. It’s the lens that sharpens your focus, the glue that binds your team, and the foundation of your strategic decisions. In a space where a clear vision and efficient execution measure success, Airfocus stands as the trailblazer, propelling your products to success.

14. Zoho Sprints: Agile Product Management Redefined

14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 14

In the intricate ballet of product management, Zoho Sprints takes center stage, showcasing a choreography of efficiency and agility. Envision a bustling digital marketing agency—ideas pop like fireworks, projects pile up, and timelines tighten. Zoho Sprints breaks the rhythm, introducing a streamlined, agile framework that spins chaos into control.

The magic of Zoho Sprints lies in its key features:

  • Agile Methodologies: Zoho Sprints dances with the agile approach, integrating Scrum boards and Backlogs for seamless project execution. It’s the choreographer that sets the pace for your project’s performance.
  • Collaborative Environment: Zoho Sprints fosters a culture of teamwork, weaving together the threads of communication, collaboration, and coordination.
  • Intelligent Reporting: Zoho Sprints doesn’t just record data—it interprets it. It’s the translator that turns raw numbers into actionable insights.

Zoho Sprints is more than a tool—the compass guides your product management journey. The conductor harmonizes with your team, the architect designs your strategy, and the torchbearer of your project’s vision. In the race against time, Zoho Sprints emerges as the sprinter, leading your projects to the finish line with grace and agility. So adopt Zoho Sprints, and make every sprint count in your product management saga.


So, you’ve arrived at the end of our article — 14 Best Product Management Tools for 2023 — and perhaps you’re still wondering which tool might best suit your needs. Finding a tool that matches your unique situation, supports your team’s workflow, and lands within your budget is essential.

Our diverse list covers a wide range of product management tools, from GanttPro, noted for its robust Gantt chart functionality, to Craft.io, a special tool for its wide array of templates. The popular Notion is known for its sleek UI and impressive note-taking abilities. In contrast, Figma shines in the field of prototyping. Then there’s Zapier, a tool that integrates seamlessly with numerous apps, and Capterra, which boasts impressive ratings from verified clients. The pricing varies, and many offer both monthly and annually billed packages.

But remember, when choosing a product management tool, it’s not just about the price.

Of course, we can only wrap up by mentioning Plerdy. This dynamic tool offers many features, including real user behavior analysis heatmaps. It comes at a competitive price and with the support that is second to none. Give Plerdy a try today!

Finally, don’t hesitate to dive deeper into any tool that piques your interest. Most offer a free trial, so take advantage of this to test the tools thoroughly. We’ve given you the groundwork. Now it’s over to you. Happy tool hunting!

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