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Product analytics allows you to see how users interact with the product. Conventionally, it is possible to distinguish two tasks of product analytics: data collection and interpretation. And it is impossible to work without special product analytics tools.

First, a product analyst collects a bunch of numbers from different sources: which buttons users press, how often the product is used, which product features are popular, and which are not. These measurements show what’s going on with the product, but they don’t explain why. Of course, without special product analytics tools, it is impossible to do this.

In the second step, the analyst pulls insights from the numbers that explain user behavior. Again, product analytics tools contribute to this. Through this, the product team understands what product it has made and where to move next.

Want to know how your product will look like in the future? Want to find the most interesting opportunities? Want to forecast the consequences ahead of time? Product analytics tools let you:

  • Simplify data preparation. With dynamic charts and graphs made in special product analytics tools, you can quickly and easily process data to identify key relations.
  • Quickly and easily create effective models. With product analytics tools, you can use field-tested methods to develop robust and accurate models.
  • Use the best models in your work. With product analytics tools, you can simplify and accelerate the evaluation of new data. You can take advantage of automated processes that run in real-time environments.

McKinsey’s research shows that intelligent data and product analytics tools provide companies with large-scale growth. Because of this, the gap between the industry leaders and the laggards is steadily widening. At the time of the survey, respondents from market-leading companies said their product analytics tools initiatives brought them at least 20% profit over three years.

Product Analytics Tools with Plerdy

Dmitry Chervonyi, Head of Marketing at MyDutyFree LLC:

Plerdy is a useful product analytics service with a nice interface. In part, Plerdy resembles Google Analytics, surpassing the latter in giving you the ability to customize your search manually. I would say that Plerdy manages to collect the most plausible statistics possible, even though Adblockers and other apps block about 5% of events. It is the best option for startups!

Olga Zabalkanskaya, CMO at

Plerdy is a very simple tool with huge possibilities for product analytics. What do I like the most? Frankly, the low price and the cool features. I used the free version of Plerdy for 2 months and for this time I have increased the conversion rate by 3 times. Plerdy is a very useful tool for any business and I will use Plerdy in the future.

Website Heatmap Tools

Modern opportunities allow designers and front-end developers to place various animated elements, pop-ups, and more within the website. As a result, at one point of the resource can be several different elements superimposed on each other. And it’s very important to understand which one the user reacted to. With the website heatmap tool from Plerdy, you can build an accurate heat map, which will show the effectiveness of certain blocks. By reducing unnecessary ones and improving those that attract the most attention, you will optimize sales. Furthermore, quality behavioral factor analysis with the help of the website heatmap tool from Plerdy allows you to redesign your website so that it is as convenient and clear as possible.

Session Replay Software

Session replay tool from Plerdy allows you to see the website through the user’s eyes at the very moment when they are on the website. With it, you can see their movements and actions. Viewing such video sessions will allow you to find out where users feel uncomfortable on the site and check your hypotheses about usability errors without involving additional focus groups.

Conversion funnel analysis

Any business creates sales funnels tailored to the individual characteristics of the business. With the conversion funnel analysis tool from Plerdy, you can analyze and segment your target audience and find out their pain points.

Event and Goal Tracking

The event and goal tracking tool from Plerdy gives you access to the behavioral patterns of your website visitors. By evaluating metrics and analyzing the website`s elements you can identify weaknesses in the website. The event and goal tracking tool from Plerdy will tell you if there are places that need optimization and help you do it.

E-commerce Sales Performance

A company’s performance effectiveness depends largely on the volume of sales. With the help of the E-commerce sales performance tool from Plerdy, you can find out what elements on the site affect sales. If the value of this indicator changes, it may indicate that there are shortcomings in the company’s work. If no necessary measures are taken in such a situation, it will be impossible to avoid serious problems. That is why it is so important to constantly monitor sales with the help of E-commerce sales performance tool from Plerdy. With our tool, you can conduct real-time monitoring, segmentation by traffic type, device type, date, a word in page title, view shopping carts, and much more.

Best 7 Product Analytics Tools

Users` reviews, software functionality, and actualness were used during this rating creation. All these product analytics tools are time-tested. Our specialists fully understand the pros and cons of each product analytics tool described below.

Amplitude Analytics

Amplitude Analytics is an improved version of Mixpanel in terms of analytics capabilities (event segmentation, funnels, retention, user profiles, very flexible segmentation, cohort generation, dashboards, real-time data, and more). A lot of companies use this product analytics tool, among them Walmart, Ford, Atlassian, Burger King, and NerdWallet.


This is a tool for automatically tracking UTM tags. If you’ve used tagged links, Mixpanel will automatically save them as first touch properties and also record the user’s actions on the site. This is very useful when understanding where your customers are coming from, getting information about their behavior, and tracking all their actions. ZipRecruiter, Rakuten Viber, Lemonade, Sweetgreen, Expedia, and thousands of other companies trust their product analytics to Maxpannel. is a fully managed event streaming platform that helps deploy custom analytics and embedded visualizations. With it, you can use flexible Data Viz packages that help prototype production-ready dashboards. More than 100 000 companies worldwide use to deploy custom analytics and embedded visualizations. Among them are Pixlee, Spotify, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Pitney Bowes, Polycom.


InnerTrends is a tool that helps make actionable growth decisions. With it, you can clearly understand the picture, know your entire customer journey and the impact of your core success metrics, and get rid of extra baggage. This tool will provide you with the acquisition, user onboarding, retention, and revenue reports. YOXO, MONOCLOTH, Santander, Lemonade, MadeiraMadeira already use this product analytics tool.


AppLearn tracks how users interact with your smart page elements and where they come from. AppLearn finds and fixes avoidable costs, wasted time, and frustration. It is one of the best product analytics tools. Among companies that use it, you can find Capita, Electrolux, UniCredit, Veolia, Kantar.


Sherlock is a useful product analytics tool that translates product data into simple metrics. This makes your work with CRM systems more efficient. With Sherlock, your product, sales, and CS teams will agree on solutions more quickly. TrueClicks, HANDS HQ, Thinktilt, ProdPad, XapiApps, and FleetSu specialists have already rethought their entire sales approach with the help of Sherlock.


Totango lets you keep your finger on the pulse of your customers. With Totango, you can identify timely potential customers and separate them from disinterested users. Moreover, Totango will provide information to ensure the right approach to potential customers to convert them into clients. Zoom, Monster, TrustPilot, DynaTrace, Lucid already trust their potential customers’ conversion to Totango.


The Product Analyst is the bridge between the business and the data. They work hand-in-hand with the product manager and help the product team make the right decisions. And without special product analytics tools, they can`t work effectively.

It would help if you understood that spot analytics work doesn’t have the right effect. To become a leader, you need to create a long-term data strategy with the help of special product analytics tools. And Plerdy can help you with your product analytics.

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