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Manually analyzing a website with several thousand pages is quite a thorough job. However, it is not necessary to do everything manually today. Special software is geared for SEO auditing and gathering the necessary information about the website. But even here, there is a difficulty, many specialized programs and services, and not all are useful and convenient. The frequently asked questions are:

  • What is SEO software?
  • What is the best website optimisation software?
  • What is the best SEO campaign management software?
  • What is the best SEO website analysis app?
  • Where to find SEO platform comparison?
  • Where to find a suite SEO tester online?

We will answer all these questions. Furthermore, to simplify your search, we have compiled a selection of the best SEO software and even added SEO experimentation software.

What is SEO Software?

SEO software help website owners, SEO optimizer, and other professionals to create and promote their websites in search results. For example, a lot of work is done before creating a website on gathering the semantic core, analyzing competitors, and selecting an optimized domain. Furthermore, when creating a website, you need to write unique content. SEO software helps check the texts’ uniqueness, keyword analysis, spam, and water. In addition, SEO software helps check the website’s structure and validity of codes before the website’s publication.

SEO software also lets you get complete information about the functioning of your resource and its effectiveness. You can analyze the current state of affairs and understand what to do next: buy more links, change content, adjust the structure, and so on.

It is unlikely that you can do without SEO tools. Manual optimization and analytics today are ineffective. You will have to do a lot of counting, and analysis, which requires a lot of time. Also, the probability of error in manual calculations is much higher. Some indicators are impossible to find without special services, such as the sources of conversions, their number, etc.

Plerdy SEO Software

Guillermo Cabello Gómez, Head of Marketing at Nuovit Homes:

“I like SEO cheker from Plerdy. I am responsible for digital marketing, and Plerdy is a fundamental tool to improve the website`s ranking.”

Vladimir Khrinenko, Head of Customer Support at Proficonf:

“I am impressed with the possibilities and the quality of the data provided by Plerdy. SEO checker offers a lot of possibilities. It offers a detailed analysis of each metric. This tool is very practical.”

Website SEO Checker

We have a Website SEO Checker that offers on-page SEO and content analysis. With it, you can analyze titles, descriptions, H1s, the number of tags H, style attributes in body and tags, javascript files, tags with comments on the page, tags “a” with “#” in href. Moreover, you can analyze meta noindex, nofollow and canonical. Our extension has many functions and will be very useful for you.

SEO Checker

Our SEO Checker is an easy-to-use analysis tool, functionally accessible to both novice and experienced SEO experts. Its functions are technical SEO analysis, regular SEO monitoring, segmentation of users by device type, website keywords analysis, content analysis, and rapid SEO assessment. For example, our SEO Checker has found 2498 pages with critical SEO mistakes on the popular online-store TemplateMonster. Plerdy is an SEO professional software you need.

Best 10 SEO Software

The best 10 SEO software list was created based on the G2 score. It is based on reviews from the G2 community.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is a program for SEO promotion, PPC, and SMM. The company develops an SEO platform with which anyone, regardless of experience and knowledge, can promote their own or a client’s website in search. Its features include 100% accurate website position checking (real-time website position tracking in all major search engines). With it, you can analyze competitors in SEO/PPC and monitor backlinks and keyword selection (more than 3 billion keywords are available).

Jon Marc Anthony, founder & CEO at Ads Savvy Ltd:

“I have just found it a very basic software solution, with not much to talk about. I say this as it offers many things that can be accessed via many nonpaid websites if you know where to look. So that is my feeling on the matter, in that it offers several solutions all under one roof, but they are quite basic solutions that can be located for free on the web.”

Eduard Dziak, founder & CEO at B2BDigitalMarketers:

“SE Ranking provides all the tools you need to grow your website. Their dashboard is super intuitive and user-friendly.”


Ahrefs is a set of tools for SEO optimization. With its help, you can perform a website audit, track ranking, and analyze keywords, content, and client search queries. Ahrefs tools allow you to research organic traffic and analyze backlinks. They help you audit your website, check for performance issues, content counts, social tags, etc., and fix them. Using advanced metrics, you can analyze keywords based on data from 10 search engines (Google, Amazon, YouTube, Baidu, etc.) and display keyword queries’ frequency.

Yaroslava Kobylianska, outreach & PR specialist at PromoRepublic:

“A great tool to monitor mentions by creating notifications for each time the brands I maintain cited somewhere around the web. Thus, if you would love to make your PR work easier and more qualitative, use Ahrefs.”

Rose Winner, publishing outreach at GoRead.com:

“This site offers a lot when it comes to SEO. It helps my company complete all we need to do in one location. But the site is slow. It makes my work take twice as long to complete.”


The conductor is a useful SEO software that offers lots of available data and quality keyword analysis. It also suggests ways to optimize your website, analyze competitor websites, and send automatic email reports. It is a great SEO evaluation tool.

Michelle Ensor, Senior Digital Marketing Manager at ReSource Pro:

“The most important thing is the insights and the information that you can gain about your audience and competitors.”

Paul McHardy, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

“Conductor is organized well, and the interface is approached with SEO specialists in mind. Being able to assign a priority URL is fantastic.”


Serpstat is a multifunctional platform with wide functionality. There are extensions for Chrome, Mozilla, and Opera browsers, an API and the ability to integrate with the data collection systems of your website. A great advantage is that Serpstat and Google Data Studio connector is used for data visualization.

Abhinav Ranganath Panyam Vuppu, Senior SEO Analyst at Aspion:

“There is nothing that I dislike about Serpstat.”

Ronnie Jones, Digital Marketing Manager at Cheshire Mouldings:

“I am more than happy with the way Serpstat works and provides me data. So for me, there are no dislikes for this awesome SEO tool.”


It is an automated tool that helps create highly optimized content based on competitor analysis. Surfer will tell you what quality text should look like for certain keywords, where your competitors link, their structure, and much more. This tool considers more than 500 ranking factors, forming a top-50 that can be compared to your page on individual criteria. The analysis considers text length, number of headings, paragraphs, images, keyword occurrences, incoming URLs, and more.

Gordon Shinozaki, Digital Marketing Lead at Khepri Digital:

“Convenient and clear but some glitches erases all the stuff I’ve written.”

Sibi Kabilan, Chief Executive Officer at KayaDev:

“I disliked the fact that the education content is minimal.”


SpyFu tracks organic keyword positions provide the same ROI as competitors, allows you to learn from competitors’ mistakes, and compiles various reports. In addition, it offers a free version with a wide range of features.

Jordan Hougaard, SEO Marketing Coordinator at Platinum Pools:

“It is easy to use and find competitive info. I liked the ability to find current rankings for lower-level pages. But I disliked the reporting that was clunky and confusing.”

Tracy Graziani, Founder at Tog Loft:

“It’s only effective for medium to large businesses, especially with a national market.”


Semrush is a software that helps to check the link profile on Google and Bing and track the relevance of links. In addition, SEMrush offers comprehensive information about your website and competitors.

Bogdan Dzhelmach, Marketing Director at Softorino Inc:

“The backlink data is a bit poor compared to Ahrefs. Because it’s a very important part of SEO master suite – this is the biggest downside.”

Imran Selimkhanov, Founder of B2B Inbound Marketing Shop:

“A great high-level SEO platform for front-end users. It is great for keyword research and rank tracking. But I disliked convoluted feature sets and pricey user licenses.”


ContentKing provides Real-time SEO auditing and content tracking. Thanks to its advanced scanning algorithm and API integration, ContentKing will always be relevant to your website.

Simme Volkers, Sn. Search Engine Optimization Specialist at DPG Media:

“I liked the best the fact that new features are added on all the time. But I wouldn’t say I liked the dashboard. I want to customize it myself.”

Jake Bohall, Co-Founder at Hive Digital Inc:

“I liked that the support is reliable and quick. But I disliked the fact that there isn’t a way to mark alerts as “viewed”.”


Kevin Vitali, Associate Broker at EXIT Realty Beatrice Associates:

“It is a great tool to have available for short money to help with your SEO efforts.”

Aaron Iara, Creator at Effective Nerd:

“I feel that the content optimization could use some enhancements.”


SimilarWeb is one of the best solutions for collecting statistics and web analytics, allowing you to build an effective online promotion campaign. The service will be useful for owners of small websites, web analysts, digital marketing agencies, and companies that develop powerful portals with millions of visits.

Christian Chichester, Senior Business Development Representative at ShipBob:

“It helps me estimate how many shipments/month an eCommerce store is doing.”

Ashley Geelan, Freelance Journalist at Geelan Media:

“I liked the fact that with it I can compare various aspects of similar websites (media) in other markets or demographics.”


SEO specialists have to work with numerous projects, so specialized tools that automate the work are increasing. Among the most responsible and time-consuming tasks is an audit of the website. To perform a full-fledged website analysis, you can use our SEO checker. Our SEO stools help the specialists to make their work more accurate, faster, and of higher quality. Thus, our software makes life easier not only for the SEO specialist but also for the customer.

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