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Global business organizations have changed the world through innovative products, which significantly influenced the market. Nowadays, there are practically no people who don’t know about the famous Apple’s iPhone and iPad, or the operating software of Microsoft, etc. As a rule, consumers usually find information about the products enough to know about the company. However, there are some facts about the biggest companies in the world and their founders that no one even imagined:

  1. “It is an Apple, not a cherry.” The logo of the famous electronics company was specifically designed to make it unique. Ronald Wayne and Steve Jobs chose a bitten apple to make people easily recognize it and not confuse it with something else (for instance, cherry).
  2. Bill Gates cheated the system once. The founder of Microsoft developed a specific schedule software at school to distribute pupils in different classes. But to make himself appear in one with girls, he changed the code.
  3. Google’s page-ranking method had another name. The famous PageRank algorithm, which determines the most relevant pages in a search result, was primarily called BackRub – it was written in Python and Java (the actual one is written in C++).

The biggest companies in the world proved their indispensable roles in the global industries, so everybody’s life is dependent on their product’s use. Their high efficiency is confirmed in the highest capitalization level and worldwide awareness about their services.

The Biggest Companies in the World 2022

The list of top 20 companies in the world considered several essential factors such as the popularity of the services, general capitalization, and the product’s importance. Let’s outline the primary features of each brand.

Apple Inc.

Biggest Companies in the World-01

The IT company’s financial property of $2.75 trillion is considered the biggest globally. The main office, Apple Park, is located in Cupertino, California, and is also a unique building, which doesn’t look like other ones. The founders are Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The famous electronic products such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook are the most recognized.


Biggest Companies in the World-02

It is one of the biggest companies in the world, with the main office in Redmond, Washington. Since the organization was founded in 1975 by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, it became one of the wealthiest world’s brands with a $2.21 trillion capitalization. The products are the Windows operating system, Microsoft office, and famous electronic devices such as Xbox.

Saudi Aramco

Biggest Companies in the World-03

It is the biggest oil company in the world, which builds up more than half of Saudi Arabia’s income with a $1.98 trillion general budget. The headquarters is located in Dhahran and the organization’s CEO and chairman of the director’s board is Ali Al-Naimi. The products are natural gas and oil, and the company is also capable of refining.


Biggest Companies in the World-04

The international holding keeps the shares of many world’s famous brands, including Google. It was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page and had its primary office in Mountain View, California.


Biggest Companies in the World-05

Jeff Bezos established the biggest retail and eCommerce company in the world in 1994, and now it is located in Seattle, Washington. There are more than 30 product categories, which can be found on the official company’s website, including clothes, electronics, furniture, toys, etc.


Biggest Companies in the World-06

Elon Musk, the famous American inventor and entrepreneur, is the actual CEO of the biggest car company in the world and holder of 22% of shares. The brand develops electric cars and solutions to store solar and electric energy. The headquarters is located in Palo Alto, California. The total finances of the company are approximately $872.9 billion, which makes it the wealthiest automobile developer.

Berkshire Hathaway

Biggest Companies in the World-07

The irreplaceable leader of the brand is Warren Buffet, the world-famous investor and the fourth richest person in 2018. The company’s services include investments, insurance, public utilities, industrial products, etc. Omaha in Nebraska in the location of the company’s main office. The capitalization reaches $713 billion.

Meta Platforms (Facebook)

Biggest Companies in the World-08

Everybody knows about the famous social network, which connects people worldwide. Mark Zuckerberg founded it in 2004, and since that time, it has become the most significant social IT product in the world. WhatsApp and Instagram are also Meta Platforms’ products.

Taiwan Semiconductor

Biggest Companies in the World-09

It is the biggest construction company in the world, which develops semiconductors and chips, and has 9 factories for their manufacturing. It was created in 1987 by Morris Chang and has its main office in Hsinchu, Taiwan.


Biggest Companies in the World-10

The company is famous for its graphic processors and SoCs – the most demanded are GeForce and Quadro. Jensen Huang founded the organization in 1993, and since that time, it has gained a market capitalization of $596.8 billion.

Tencent Holdings

Biggest Companies in the World-11

It is a Chinese holding company located in Shenzhen, which provides different services such as eCommerce, social networks, web portals, video games, etc. Ma Huateng is the CEO of the organization who influences each development and investment process.


Biggest Companies in the World-12

The American organization provides services of international financial operations and keeps them secure. The products of the biggest payment company in the world include credit, debit, and business-segment cards. Joseph Sanders chairs Visa, and the company’s main office is located in Foster City, California.

JP Morgan Chase

Biggest Companies in the World-13

James L. Dimon chairs the biggest bank in the world, with the headquarters in New York City. The services provided by more than 250,000 employees worldwide include community, corporate, and investment banking, asset management, etc.

United Health Group

Biggest Companies in the World-14

It is the biggest health insurance company in the world, which provides highly-efficient healthcare services, and is based in Minnetonka, Minnesota. Andrew P. Witty is CEO, and Stephen J. Hemsley is the director’s board chairman.

Johnson & Johnson

Biggest Companies in the World-15

The brand is considered the biggest pharmaceutical company in the world, which is led by Alex Gorsky and has its headquarters in New Brunswick, New Jersey. The products include medications, medical devices, and equipment.


Biggest Companies in the World-16

The famous electronics and telecommunications company has the biggest staff of more than 200,000 employees worldwide. The brand is chaired by Lee Kun-Hee and has the primary office in Suwon, South Korea. The products are smartphones, cameras, TVs, and other electronic devices.

Bank of America

Biggest Companies in the World-17

It is a financial holding company with its main office in Charlotte, South Carolina. The organization chairman is Brian Moynihan, who helped the brand reach a market cap of $387.08 billion.


Biggest Companies in the World-18

Everybody knows the famous brands such as Louis Vuitton, Hennesy, Moët, which belong to the concern. It is the biggest company in the world, which provides luxuries and is headquartered in Paris, France. Bernard Arnault is CEO of such a significant brand.


Biggest Companies in the World-19

One of the biggest retail companies in the world is led by Gregory B. Panner and Doug McMillon. The brand has more than 11,000 shops and hypermarkets in different countries worldwide, which brought in more than $375.38 billion in general capitalizations. The company’s main office is located in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Procter & Gamble

Biggest Companies in the World-20

The company provides many consumer goods such as shampoos, baby care products, washing powders, etc. It’s chairman, David Taylor, is an influential leader who made the organization reach the capitalization of $374.6 billion. The headquarters is located in Cincinnati, Ohio.

To Sum Up

The biggest companies in the world are the market leaders who influence the lives of millions of consumers worldwide. Somebody can’t imagine a day without using the brands’ products, which proves the great authority of the listed organizations and their high efficiency.

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