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The extremely high popularity of online resources requires an involved approach to digital promotion. Branding is an essential part of the marketing strategy, which aims to immerse customers into its structure and show its powerful sides.

The help of experienced professionals is required to outline the essential properties of the online business and represent them correctly. Branding agencies is the best way to do this. What factors do they consider during the promotion, and which are the best?

Goals And Objectives Of The Best Branding Agencies

Branding agencies have a great potential in promoting business through various services. The variability of their functions helps to choose the most necessary or hire complex development to build the business’s structure from scratch. It helps to stay at a high competitive level and reach goals faster than competitors.

The main goals of the top branding agencies are divided into several groups depending on the element of your business’s strategy you need to improve. They are the following:

  • Determination of the target audience. The modern customers’ inquiries, the specificity of their desires are analyzed and represented in the detailed statistics.
  • Visual elements’ development. The logos and web design, the description of goods and services represent external qualities, which build up a general opinion about your brand.
  • Development of the branding strategy. It includes outlining powerful and weak characteristics of the business, analyzing them, and providing the strategy.
  • Changing of the stereotyped business’s concept. The main aim is to create a strong connection between customers’ understanding and the basic idea of the brand.
  • Building up a new organizational structure. The company’s basis is improved after implementing the measures of the branding agencies.

Best branding agencies help determine the inconspicuous facts, which help each business show its peculiarities. The high level of promotion is a basis of marketing success.

Best 20 Branding Agencies

The rating of the best branding agencies is based on their high efficiency, confirmed after years of partnership with famous trusted companies. Their services include different ways of brand promotion, and they have great experience in building up perfect marketing strategies.

WANT Branding 

It is a famous American company founded in 2000 by Jonathan Bell, and now it is considered one of the best branding agencies in the US. WANT Branding services to include the following ways of brand’s strategy development:

  • Strategy: evaluation, messaging, positioning, and architecture of the brand.
  • Naming: choosing the company’s name, its products, checks, and guidelines.
  • Identity: creating the web design, logo and products description, etc.
  • Research: performance of every company’s functions.

WANT Branding work with famous companies, such as Google, Apple, Uber, Samsung, and others. For example, in 2008, Google and T-Mobile asked WANT Branding for a new name for the smartphone and got a resultative but straightforward solution: G1. As a result, more than 1 million copies of the smartphone were sold during the next five months after its announcement.

“The style and reactivity of the company stay on the highest level. They put deep expertise to the brand’s improvement” – Samantha Saturn, Chief Marketing Officer at SESAC.


The branding agency was created by Laurel Sutton, Burt Alper, and Maria Cypher. Since its appearance in 1998, it has acquired a lot of influential partners, such as Amazon, Converse, McDonald’s, Intel, etc. The services of the company include:

  • Naming (Linguistics and research)
  • Trademark prescreening;
  • Brand Copywriting;
  • UX/UX and digital strategy;
  • Retainer and AoR.

Catchword services were hired to create a design and a brand name for Adela, a healthcare company. The new name, which symbolized comfort and hope for the patients, helped reach reliability among the clients and increase the company’s popularity.

“The company’s expertise and integrity are the main characteristics, which I value in the” – Bill Sweetman, President of Name Ninja.


The company is based in Austin and is the most popular Texas branding agency. Mike Carr founded it in 1985 to help the brands receive the following characteristics:

  • Product, company and service naming.
  • Trademark and domain screening.
  • Logo creation.

The partners of NameStormers are Nvidia, Canon, Hilton, and others. The branding agency created a new name for the Canon’s camera – “Webshot,” making it the best-selling camera.

“NameStormers has a symbiotic workflow and impressive presentations” – Em-J Staples, Communications Lead at Full Cycle Bioplastics.


The branding agency was founded in North Carolina by Philipp Davis. It provides efficient services, which help modern companies to reach the high marketing level:

  • Renaming and rebranding.
  • Messaging and positioning.
  • Design and visual services.
  • Naming architecture.

Arbor Mills, Inugo, TitanHouse, and the others have used efficient services of the company and got perfect results. Then, DXiology asked Tungsten to choose the simple brand’s name. After renaming Keydabra, a lot of issues were solved.

“The work quality is excellent, which makes working with them efficiently and easy” – Jim Creegan, President of Medicine Manufacturing Company.

River + Wolf 

It was created by Margaret Wolfson in 2014 and is one of the top branding agencies in NYC. The company’s unique services help worldwide brands such as Calvin Klein, Dove, The Home Depot, and others to acquire essential properties. The benefits are the following:

  • Application and product naming;
  • Initiation and service naming.

Calvin Klein tried to find the best name for their new men’s perfume. River + Wolf suggested CK Everyone, which resulted in the high popularity of the product.

“They always provide qualitative names for our products, which we require” – Diana Van Dusen, Marketing specialist at FLEx Lightning.


The branding agency was founded in 2009 by Scott Milano and provides services for popular worldwide companies, such as Juke, Prosperity Now, Olomi, and others. Their main functions based on the principle “learn – explore – define – refine” are the following:

  • Brand language and name;
  • Data analysis and research.

Status asked for a new name for their Bluetooth headphones. The suggested “Between” resulted in the high popularity of the product.

“Tanj is a super responsive and organized company” – Dan Schleifer, Co-founder and CEO of Cosaic.


The company was founded in 2001 by Matthew Stradiotto and is considered one of the best branding agencies in Toronto. The team of the agency consists of strategists, designers, writers, illustrators, etc., who make the following functions:

  • Strategy and positioning;
  • Voice and messaging;
  • Creative consulting;
  • Web and digital design.

Beam, Kilby, Catalyst, and other companies choose the services to improve their brand’s strategy. For example, Matchstick expressed and represented new lenses for the Karoo glasses. It helped the company to reach a high realization of the product.

“They have a high skill level and experience, which differs them from the other branding companies” – Richard Simms, Co-founder and CEO of Tyrannosaurus Tech.


It was created in 2019 by Angie Schrader and is a famous branding agency. It provides various services for worldwide companies, such as Walter’s, Mashbot, OneStone. The functions are the following:

  • Identity design and packaging guidelines.
  • Responsive development and copywriting.
  • Product design and promotional tools.
  • Warehouse and fulfillment.

Creating the product’s identity for Grip resulted in the increased popularity of the company. In addition, it helped to improve the design and develop excellent descriptions for it.

“We were pleased with the work and attitude of our team” – John Pierson, Founder of Pierson Coffee.

Igor Naming Agency 

The branding agency was created in 2002 by Igor Braginsky and Arie Kuijt. It provides the following branding services:

Proof, EA sports, GoGo, and other brands are the partners of the branding agency. In addition, the company created an online auction app for Joyride, which helped customers worldwide use it.

“The strengths of our company were quickly understood, and we were guided through the whole project” – Mark Kenigsberg, CMO at Antidote Health.


It is the top branding agency in NYC, created in 2010 by David Card. Google, Reebok, and Shazam are high trusted partners of the company. The branding services are the following:

The company has been creating names for Shazam tools, which helped the company to reach popularity.

“They provided exceptionally well and delighted work” – Bjorgvin Gudmundsson, Sales Director at Inecta.

DeSantis Breindel

Debbie Michielsen in New York city created the branding agency. The services of the company are the following:

  • Customer experience;
  • Acquisition branding;
  • Employee engagement;
  • Market expansion;
  • Brand launch;
  • Sales empowerment.

Verifone, Vertex, Innoveo, and other highly trusted companies are the partners of DeSantis Breindel. Creating a new digital solution for Couranto helped improve teamwork inside the organization.

“The team always develops strong insights and recommendations” – Cord Himelstein, VP of Digital Marketing at HALO.


It is an independent top branding agency created in 2005 by Brandy Maciejewski. Their services include:

Quantum Si, Lytx, Hermosillo and other companies are the company’s partners. In addition, the creation of a design for Sunline helped to expand its client base.

“The best team I’ve ever worked with” – Cibelle Burger, Director of Marketing at CSU Shiley Institute.


Deksia was founded by Aaron VanderGalien in 2003. The branding agency provides the following essential services:

Deksia provides Uber, Uptime, Hurricane power, Procare, and others. The creation of a logo for Tidy Uppers helped to popularize the brand.

“They work to make me feel that I’m a part of the Deksia family” – Kevin Larsen, President of Allure Tine & Stone.


The top branding agency was founded in 2003 by Scott Hancock. It is a partner of famous companies, such as Tony Robbins, World Vision, TravelWiFi, and others. It provides the following services for worldwide companies:

  • Customer segmentation and persona development;
  • Brand belief framework;
  • Visual and verbal identity;
  • Employer and employee experience.

They rebranded craft beer for Finest Made to become part of the niche market segment.

“They are efficient and high-quality providers” – Hannah Allen, Program Manager at CPI & Global communities.


Stephen Gilbert founded the branding agency to provide highly efficient services for the businesses:

The company is a partner of Apple, Bosch, HP, and others. The creation of the logo for Dirigo led to the high popularization of the company.

“Acnhour helped to choose the correct strategy for our business” – Courtney Austin, Marketing Officer at Franklin Savings Bank.


The top branding agency was founded in 2011 by Jay Jurisich. It has famous partners TCF Bank, Intel, Universum, and others. The services of the company are the following:

  • Competitive names cape;
  • Trademark prescreening;
  • Product and service naming;
  • Linguistic connotation.

Zinzin created a company’s name for Zense, which helped to become recognized among other blockchain platforms.

“They don’t overcomplicate situations and ask correct questions to reach the result” – Fiona Naughton, Founder of Naughtonomy.


Kriston Seller founded the branding agency to help popular companies acquire competitive qualities by the following services:

  • Brand signage and branded materials;
  • Corporate branding:
  • Digital alignment and asset portal.

Guinness, Select Cobb, Bennett, and others hired Id8 services to become more potent in the market. Creating a unified messaging for Canton helped involve more than 1 million $ of investments.

“They are competent and highly qualified” – Carl Lietz, Partner at Law Firm.

Betta Creates

It was founded by Rebecca Lopez and is considered a top branding agency. The company provides the following services:

  • Industry-specific services;
  • Logo and web design;
  • Brand identity.

Nike, Restore Justice, Chicago Bears, and other companies were improved with Betta Creates help. The company provided the design for Nike trainers, which reached high popularity.

“Working with them was an ideal process” – Devin Angelet, Physic Reader at Devin Angelet Music.

Emotive Brand

The branding agency was founded in 2009 by Tracy Lloyd and provides highly efficient services till nowadays:

  • Launch of the startups;
  • Development of global strategies;
  • Creation of design;
  • Copywriting.

Samsung Music, Pandora, Ryder, and others are the company’s partners. Repositioning an intelligent platform for Snow Software brought high marketing results.

“They always go the extra mile for the result” – Genoa Martell, Former Global Head at Wish.


It was founded by Laura Savard and make the following services to reach the high result:

  • Brand strategy;
  • Brand identity;

Hasbro, Acura, Converse are high trusted partners of the company. In addition, the design for Maidpro made the company one of the most popular in their niche.

“They have impressive brand development skills” – Maurice Kelly, Co-founder of Windpact.

To Sum Up

Overall, many branding agencies help place business on top of world marketing. Determine your goals, learn about the services, and choose the most suitable agency for your purposes.

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