How to Increase Sales?

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Hi there!

My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and today we are going to talk about sales…we are going to explore one of the methods to increase sales for the online store.

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There are a lot of different tricks that can help increase sales, but we are going to focus on one of the most efficient methods that WORK – and it is pop-up form.

We will use Plerdy – a CRO tool that allows you to track, analyze and convert your visitors into buyers.

To create your first pop-up form, go to Forms&Feedback and hit the “Build form” button.

  • different types of forms
  • goal is increase sales – use promotional and custom banner
  • promotional: brief overview of all settings. Stop on messaging. Image is not that important as it won’t show on mobile.
  • custom banners: create personalized banners yourself and choose where to show. Here the text and the image, both are very important and will be visible. Banner has to include CTA.

This type of banner is better to show on a desktop in the right corner without a background. Show almost immediately or after five sec.

The CTR here depends on the relevance of the banner on the specific URL and for the specific audience. Try to analyze, experiment and test different combinations. Exclude the pages on which you see the high close rate.

Those are the two types of popups that can be used to increase the number of sales.

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