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SEO is a marketing notion that includes a whole set of aspects, solutions, and technical elements aimed to attract more site traffic and promote a website, or in other words, increase its ranking in engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). SEO promotion is supposed to get a website to the top of search results for competitive keywords. SEO pricing is discussed in each case.

Considering the situation in the modern market, the creation of a website and its promotion cannot be divided into two processes. First, the constantly growing number of Internet users (potential audience) and new technologies (communication systems, orders and online payments) emerge. Second, at the same time, the incredible speed of online shopping and the limited time customers have to choose from have made the Internet a powerful marketing tool and place to shop.

Website creation and SEO promotion can benefit any company that targets potential customers who order products and services online. Every day and every hour, an unbelievable number of people search for different products on the Internet. The question is whether they will find YOUR products or the ones of your competitors. Website optimization is your powerful and efficient weapon in this never-ending fight for a place under the sun.

Can engines find your website without SEO?

Search engine promotion is smart, and technologies are regularly advanced to make a scanning process more accurate and show the best results to users. Nevertheless, engines still need some help. A correct SEO strategy can attract thousands of users to a website and make it more popular among them. But, on the other hand, wrong actions and choices can easily “bury” online stores or corporate business sites under the rest of websites so deep that their visibility will be close to zero. And this is much more unpleasant than SEO pricing.

In the highly competitive market, quite often, it happens that a customer has to choose one of several alternatives: company or a company of competitor. Modern customers are picky and lazy. They will not waste precious seconds browsing through all results. No information is available, and they already have forgotten about existence.

Major commercial engines are unique because they serve as roads with signposts, guiding users to a website. If search engines promotion cannot find content and add it to databases, you lose outstanding opportunities to attract traffic and lose income. Therefore, site traffic is critical for business success.

Today no other marketing channel can offer such a wide range of business opportunities than targeted traffic. Therefore, in the long run, the decision to use professional SEO services will give an unmatched productivity and efficiency if compared with other types of marketing.

Improve SEO on your own.

Daunted by the cost of SEO? Believe it is a luxury? The majority of people can understand SEO basics if they are ready to learn and gain new knowledge. The world of website optimization is broad and difficult, yet even with a superficial understanding of its key notions, you can make the right decisions. The Internet holds for us numerous opportunities to study such fields as engine optimization. You may take SEO courses in the city, but it won’t probably allow you to become a real professional in this field. It is quite similar to studying PHP or JS. Any theoretical knowledge should be polished by practice.

A clear understanding of key concepts won’t harm those who decided to buy promotion, yet only the team of qualified professionals can ensure the extensive and general (or vice versa, a highly specialized) approach to SEO. The earlier you realize this fact, the less time and effort you will waste attempting to “move mountains” on your own. And the smaller possible losses will be.

How do search engines promotion work

Currently, Google is the main system in the world. In most countries, 60% of users choose it (while in some European countries, over 90%). An algorithm by which Google measures web page authority is called PageRank. It is applied to a hyperlinked set of documents, assigning a numerical value to each document as an identifier of its authority. The more links to a page, the more important it is.

Search systems are fully automated mechanisms, which in detail scan all servers (open for scanning) and collect index, in other words, the data on elements and place (page) of location. This information is recorded in a search system database.

We will look at the main features of search engines promotion, such as recall, precision, up-to-dateness, clarity.

  • Precision defines to what extent the found pages are relevant to the user request. For example, if you search “website promotion,” you will get 100 documents, out of which 50 include exact keyphrase, and the rest have the same words.
  • Up-to-dateness. This crucial search feature is characterized by the time that had passed from the online publication of data to the moment when this data was included in the search system index. Major search engines promotion has a “quick database,” which is updated several times a day.
  • The speed is especially important if a load is high, as many people use the engine every second. Both the owner and the visitor are interested in fast and efficient service.

So the main responsibility of search engines promotion undertakes to give users information they search for. This powerful, tremendous, giant system starts working once someone types some words in the search bar. Do you want a client to find you? Do you want the promotion to be effective? If yes, you need to learn target customers’ expectations and ensure that search engines promotion display website in the list of answers to the request.

Limitations of search technologies

What can search engines promotion be criticized for? Instead of relevant results, they often show optimized ones (and they are not always professionally optimized). As you already know, systems are constantly improved, and the algorithms of work become more sophisticated. Nevertheless, no bot can see and understand a web page in the way people do. Therefore, SEO serves as a guide and a translator for bots.

So the modern technologies and powerful artificial intelligence are not almighty. Web scanning, link monitoring, and content indexation in giant databases face some noticeable obstacles. Let’s see the most common of them.

  1. Problems with scanning and indexation. Since search engines promotion cannot fill online login forms, all content on such pages with limited access remains invisible. Duplicates of page versions and bad link structure turns into a problem for engines focused on unique content. A website may be fully blocked from search engines promotion when its code has mistakes. Moreover, media files remain a challenge to syntactic analysis.
  2. Requests and content mismatch. Inaccuracies in content confuse engines. The website may be ignored due to the wrong terminology. Promotion of the website is impossible if instead of “washing machine New York,” request is indicated something like “a device for cleaning clothes with water and powder in the big apple.” The problems can be caused not by the unusual terminology but also by unnecessary geotargeting. The context of websites must include exact matches.

Complexities and nuances (although we have covered the tip of the iceberg) inevitably lead to the idea that effective SEO promotion should be entrusted to professionals.

A few facts about keywords

Keywords play a vital role in the process of information search. The whole search promotion mechanism is based on them. Billions of web pages are scanned and indexed; content is monitored with the help of “keys.” Keywords, which are mainly certain terms or phrases, allow systems to acquire necessary data in a matter of fractions of a second.

Using keywords increases the chances of winning the market competition and getting a much better ranking in Google and other engines. But, it isn’t as easy as it sounds. This strategy was quite simple to understand, and everyone could learn to manipulate engines through the abundant use of keywords in texts, links, meta tags, and URLs. Unfortunately, since 2013, this method has given absolutely no results and can even harm the website.

Professional promotion-focused on-site traffic isn’t just equal to more visitors on the website. First of all, it is supposed to attract proper (targeted) visitors. When you study the principles of keywords research, this allows you to predict spikes in demand and create the most appealing content to users and, hence, to engines.

How should you choose an SEO agency not to regret it?

It’s high time to discuss the most disturbing and pressing question each online store or corporate business owner has. To whom should you entrust the promotion of the website, which was pretty costly to develop? Which agency deserves this trust? If you agree that cheap development, support, and promotion of sites is a myth, then expert SEO services are just what you need. It would help if you chose a responsible candidate with a solid portfolio, selected successful promotion cases (main criterion) and preferably, recommendations from grateful customers.

SEO pricing is another sore point. It is a costly affair if you want to include a newly created website to TOP 10 of Google’s index, buy SEO services, support, and promotion. The price can’t be below. Let alone the fact that customers must secure themselves against a possible failure. Unless they can’t be guaranteed success, they should at least be sure that instead of just taking money, an SEO agency will benefit the development of the business.

The customer is more worried about the budget for promotion (SEO value) than the contractor. On the other hand, the contractor usually wants to receive the ‘optimal’ budget, which is justified. Every $300 spent on contextual advertising, for example, will result in a certain number of visitors, but SEO is much more difficult.

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