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An SEO report template tracks and reports on the progress of an SEO campaign using a specific pre-formatted document.

SEO report templates provide a structure for reporting on SEO campaigns and can be customized to fit the needs of any business. They help to ensure that all the important information is included in the report and track progress and results over time. Additionally, an SEO report template can help you communicate your website’s SEO status to clients or superiors.

An SEO report template can be used by anyone, including website owners, webmasters, SEO consultants, and agencies.

Most SEO report templates will include the following:

  • List of target keywords
  • Current ranking position for each keyword
  • Monthly search volume for each keyword
  • Competition level for each keyword
  • Number of backlinks pointing to the website
  • Number of social signals pointing to the website
  • Organic traffic levels to the website

This article provides an overview of some of the most popular SEO report templates in the market.

Read on to learn more.

List of 5 SEO Report Templates

In this section, we will discuss a list of 5 SEO report templates that you can use to streamline your reporting process. Each template is designed to help you track and measure important SEO metrics, such as keyword rankings, traffic, and conversions. But they have their differences as well.

Let’s dive in!

1. Ahrefs SEO Report Template

Best 5 SEO Report Templates 01

This deck SEO report template is designed by Ahrefs – a digital marketing company co-founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko. It helps agencies and individuals quickly create informative and professional reports for their clients.

What’s in this report:

  • Title card (the title of the report, client company, date, and website URL)
  • Highlights (a summary of the month’s SEO performance)
  • SEO KPIs overview
  • Ranking progress
  • Money keywords ranking overview
  • Non-branded organic traffic progress
  • New referring domains highlights
  • Link building progress
  • Technical SEO health overview
  • Next month (a to-do list for the subsequent month)

The advantages of using this Ahrefs’ SEO report template are:

  • It is easy to create.
  • Supports both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Allows changing the color scheme to fit your brand colors.
  • It is also easily customizable.

This SEO report template enables you to deliver detailed, actionable insights to your clients that are sure to delight them.

2. Monthly SEO Report Template

Best 5 SEO Report Templates 02

The Backlinko SEO Reporting Template, created by Brian Dean, is designed to help businesses streamline their SEO reporting. It includes vital information executives need to know to make informed decisions about their SEO strategy.

By providing this information in a concise and easy-to-read format, the Backlinko SEO Reporting Tool helps businesses save time and resources.

What’s in this report:

  • Organic Search Performance
  • Performance Summary and Progress
  • Top Organic Search Keywords
  • Top Organic Search Landing Pages
  • Top Keyword Rankings

The key advantages of using this template:

  • Easy to read and detailed;
  • Short and informative;
  • Simple to create since it’s a fill-in-the-blanks template;
  • Available in Microsoft Word, PDF, and Google Docs formats;
  • Requires only Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Baclinko’s SEO template offers a comprehensive and complete approach to website data reporting, making it easier to identify opportunities and optimize campaigns.

3. Organic Traffic and Keyword Analysis Template

Best 5 SEO Report Templates 03

This SEO report template is created by OIKIO Digital Performance Agency. It allows users to pull Google Analytics data to analyze website traffic. You can also use Google Search Console to monitor keyword rankings for your website.

By accessing this data, website owners and performance marketers can make better decisions on where to allocate their resources for optimal results.

To use OIKIO’s SEO report template, you should have downloaded and installed an add-on called Supermetrics. Once launched, you will be able to find the SEO report template from their template gallery.

What’s in this report:

  • Setup
  • Raw data – GSC (Google Search Console data appears on this sheet)
  • Raw data – GA (Google Analytics data appears on this sheet)
  • Most popular landing pages
  • Supermetrics Queries


  • Created in Google Sheets and allows collaboration between users.
  • Allows pulling data from Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Users can easily add, remove and delete queries.
  • Data can be presented in different graphs to suit clients’ needs.

With this easily customizable template, users don’t have to juggle between SEO tools, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Instead, they have everything in one report.

4. Supermetrics Google Analytics and Search Console Report

Best 5 SEO Report Templates 04

This SEO report template compiles essential data from Google Analytics and Search Console. Created by Supermetrics, it provides an overview of your website’s traffic, engagement, and conversion data.

What’s in this report:

  • Total number of users
  • Total number of new users
  • Bounce rate (total and for individual channels)
  • Sessions per channel (Paid, Organic, Direct, Referral, Email)
  • Grand total of sessions
  • Transaction revenue and conversion rates for each channel
  • Users, pageviews, entrances, and bounce rate for individual pages + grand total
  • Average page views per session
  • Average session length

The merits of using this template are that it:

  • Integrates easily with Google Analytics and Google Search
  • Console;
  • Presents detailed information;
  • Easy to read.

Utilize this Supermetrics Google Analytics and Search Console Report template to swiftly present your performance outcomes to clients as required.

5. Moz SEO Competitor Analysis Report

Best 5 SEO Report Templates 05

Moz SEO competitor analysis report helps reverse engineer the most successful aspects of your competitor’s SEO strategy to create your own competitive advantage. Created by Moz.

What’s in this report:

  • Instructions page
  • Competitors
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Top content
  • Link gap analysis
  • SERP analysis

Advantages of using this report:

  • Since it is on Google Sheets, it permits collaboration with multiple individuals.
  • It’s easy to customize to fit business needs.

You might be unsure about the precise information to put in the competitive analysis report for your clients. Moz’s SEO Competitor Analysis Report template is a great place to start.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to presenting an SEO report to a client, the easiest way is to use an available SEO report template. This ensures that all of the relevant information is included and that it is presented professionally. Including a cover page with the client’s name and logo is a nice touch, and an executive summary can help provide an overview of the report’s contents.

A report’s quality ultimately depends on the quality of the data used. Flawed or inaccurate data can lead to incorrect conclusions and a subpar report, irrespective of the SEO template used. But SEO data with the right SEO report template make the best pair.

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