Best 8 SEO Report Templates

Welcome to your go-to guide for the “Best 8 SEO Report Templates”! Your SEO game hinges on clarity, precision, and a well-executed strategy – and that’s where SEO report templates come into play.

Ideal for SEO novices and veterans alike, these templates help you streamline your workflow, ensuring you’re not just spinning your wheels. These templates help with tasks like tracking keyword rankings, monitoring backlinks, measuring organic traffic, and observing changes in SERP positions. Furthermore, they can assist in presenting complex SEO data comprehensibly to clients or stakeholders.

Let’s highlight three critical goals these templates can help you achieve:

  • Pinpointing weaknesses in your SEO strategy
  • Demonstrating the value of your SEO efforts
  • Guiding your ongoing SEO strategy adjustments

One of the top-notch tools to use for your SEO analysis is Plerdy. It presents a suite of functionalities for UX and SEO analysis, elevating the effectiveness of your reports. Let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of the Best 8 SEO Report Templates to supercharge your SEO strategy.

What is an SEO report?

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An SEO report showcases a snapshot of your website’s performance in search engine rankings, enabling clients to understand your site’s visibility on the web. With the help of an intelligible template, SEO professionals break down complex data into digestible information.

For instance, an eCommerce site might be interested in:

  • Organic traffic progression
  • Top-performing keywords
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate

Crafting an effective SEO report requires skills beyond simple data collection—it demands a keen eye for detail, analytical prowess, and adept communication. Each piece of data helps the client grasp their site’s SEO health and guides subsequent strategy.

Consider the restaurant industry: A local pizzeria’s SEO report might indicate low visibility for ‘gluten-free pizza’, prompting a reevaluation of keyword strategy.

In sum, an SEO report demystifies search engine algorithms, transforming complex analytics into actionable insights that drive success in digital landscapes. Tailored with a clear template, it empowers clients to make informed decisions about their SEO strategy.

Why Is an SEO Report Important?

An SEO report template tracks and reports on the progress of an SEO campaign using a specific pre-formatted document. SEO report templates provide a structure for reporting on SEO campaigns. They can be customized to fit the needs of any business. They help to ensure that all the important information is included in the report and track progress and results over time. An SEO report template can help you communicate your website’s SEO status to clients or superiors. Anyone can use an SEO report template, including website owners, webmasters, SEO consultants, and agencies. Most SEO report templates will include the following:

  • List of target keywords
  • Current ranking position for each keyword
  • Monthly search volume for each keyword
  • The competition level for each keyword
  • Number of backlinks pointing to the website
  • Number of social signals pointing to the website
  • Organic traffic levels to the website

This article overviews some of the market’s most popular SEO report templates. Read on to learn more.

List of 8 SEO Report Templates

This section will discuss a list of 8 SEO report templates you can use to streamline your reporting process. Each template is designed to help you track and measure important SEO metrics, such as keyword rankings, traffic, and conversions. But they have their differences as well. Let’s dive in!

Daily SEO Report

Plerdy has become a crucial partner for businesses seeking to optimize their website’s SEO health. Its SEO Checker tool revolutionizes auditing by instantly identifying critical SEO problems. Instead of losing valuable organic traffic due to unnoticed issues, the client can take immediate action to remedy them.

Daily SEO reporting with Plerdy involves a meticulous page analysis – checking the SEO health score, pinpointing specific issues, and presenting the findings in an easy-to-understand report.

Plerdy’s SEO report could include:

  • SEO health score dynamics
  • Tables of pages with errors to address
  • Content analysis – including readability (FRES), water score, sentence length, unique words count
  • Report on top words analysis and relevance
  • Duplicate content warnings

For a local bakery website, a low health score could flag missing meta descriptions or H1 tags, and a high water score might indicate too many stop words, affecting readability.

Plerdy doesn’t just pinpoint issues – it provides the insight needed for effective remediation. It even offers the convenience of exporting data to Google Spreadsheets for easy management. With Plerdy, maintaining a high SEO health score becomes less daunting and more of a strategic move in boosting online visibility.

Missing Keywords Report

In the world of SEO, knowing what’s not there can be as valuable as knowing what is. Enter the Missing Keywords Report, a powerful tool made possible by Plerdy’s innovative use of Google Search Console (GSC) data. It levels up your SEO game by identifying search queries that aren’t present in your page content. With this insight, clients can enrich their content with the missing keywords, potentially boosting impressions, clicks, and conversions.

After setting up GSC within Plerdy’s SEO Checker, you navigate to the GSC tab. You’ll find rich data about clicks, impressions, positions, and CTR here. Your focus should drift to the third tab, labeled “Page.”

Crucial elements of this report include:

  • Statistics for each webpage
  • Best-performing pages for a specified period
  • Missing keywords in your content

Consider an online bakery’s homepage optimized for “artisan bread” but missing out on “organic bread” despite a high number of impressions. Adding this keyword can expand reach and lead to higher site traffic.

The Missing Keywords Report continues beyond there. It also flags words present on your page but absent in GSC data. Unperforming keywords could indicate low traffic or interest, allowing you to refine your content strategy further. With Plerdy’s tools, SEO becomes less of a guessing game and more of a calculated strategy.

SE Ranking SEO Report Template

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This SEO report template combines data collected by multiple SE Ranking tools with GSC and GA metrics to provide a helicopter view of a website’s performance in search. The template is available within the SE Ranking’s dedicated reporting tool, designed to help SEO agencies better communicate their deliverable and build lasting relationships with clients.

Which data can be added to the report:

  • Project’s ranking progress
  • Traffic and conversions data from GA and GSC
  • Site’s technical health score with a list of detected and fixed issues
  • Backlink profile growth dynamics
  • Competitors’ positions
  • Local marketing stats

Advantages of using the SE Ranking template:

  • Can be easily customized with a drag-and-drop builder
  • Showcases the effectiveness of all your SEO efforts
  • Combines charts, graphs, and tables to make reports easy to grasp
  • Supports multiple document formats: .pdf, .xls, and .html
  • Once set up, can be scheduled and sent out automatically

SE Ranking SEO Report Template allows you to create insightful and persuasive reports adjusted to each client’s specific needs with minimum effort.

Ahrefs SEO Report Template

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This deck SEO report template is designed by Ahrefs – a digital marketing company co-founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko. It helps agencies and individuals quickly create informative and professional client reports.

What’s in this report:

  • Title card (the title of the report, client company, date, and website URL)
  • Highlights (a summary of the month’s SEO performance)
  • SEO KPIs overview
  • Ranking progress
  • Money keywords ranking overview
  • Non-branded organic traffic progress
  • New referring domains highlights
  • Link building progress
  • Technical SEO health overview
  • Next month (a to-do list for the subsequent month)

The advantages of using this Ahrefs’ SEO report template are:

  • It is easy to create.
  • Supports both Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint.
  • Allows changing the color scheme to fit your brand colors.
  • It is also easily customizable.

This SEO report template enables you to deliver detailed, actionable insights to your clients that will delight them.

Monthly SEO Report Template

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The Backlinko SEO Reporting Template, created by Brian Dean, is designed to help businesses streamline their SEO reporting. It gives executives the essential information they need to know to make educated decisions regarding their SEO strategy.

The Backlinko SEO Reporting Tool helps businesses save time and resources by providing this information in a concise and easy-to-read format.

What’s in this report:

  • Organic Search Performance
  • Performance Summary and Progress
  • Top Organic Search Keywords
  • Top Organic Search Landing Pages
  • Top Keyword Rankings

The key advantages of using this template:

  • Easy to read and detailed;
  • Short and informative;
  • Simple to create since it’s a fill-in-the-blanks template;
  • Available in Microsoft Word, PDF, and Google Docs formats;
  • Requires only Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Baclinko’s SEO template offers a comprehensive and complete approach to website data reporting, making it easier to identify opportunities and optimize campaigns.

Organic Traffic and Keyword Analysis Template

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OIKIO Digital Performance Agency creates this SEO report template. It allows users to pull Google Analytics data to analyze website traffic. You can also use Google Search Console to monitor keyword rankings for your website.

By accessing this data, website owners and performance marketers can better decide where to allocate their resources for optimal results.

To use OIKIO’s SEO report template, you should download and install an add-on called Supermetrics. Once launched, you can find the SEO report template from their template gallery.

What’s in this report:

  • Setup
  • Raw data – GSC (Google Search Console data appears on this sheet)
  • Raw data – GA (Google Analytics data appears on this sheet)
  • Most popular landing pages
  • Supermetrics Queries


  • Created in Google Sheets and allows collaboration between users.
  • Allows pulling data from Google Search Console and GA.
  • Users can easily add, remove and delete queries.
  • Data can be presented in graphs to suit clients’ needs.

With this easily customizable template, users don’t have to juggle between SEO tools, Google Search Console and Google Analytics. Instead, they have everything in one report.

Supermetrics Google Analytics and Search Console Report

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This SEO report template compiles essential data from Google Analytics and Search Console. Created by Supermetrics, it provides an overview of your website’s traffic, engagement, and conversion data.

What’s in this report:

  • Total number of users
  • Total number of new users
  • Bounce rate (total and for individual channels)
  • Sessions per channel (Paid, Organic, Direct, Referral, Email)
  • Grand total of sessions
  • Transaction revenue and conversion rates for each channel
  • Users, pageviews, entrances, and bounce rate for individual pages + grand total
  • Average page views per session
  • Average session length

The merits of using this template are that it:

  • Console;
  • Presents detailed information;
  • Easy to read.

Utilize this Supermetrics Google Analytics and Search Console Report template to present your performance outcomes to clients swiftly and as required.

Moz SEO Competitor Analysis Report

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Moz SEO competitor analysis report helps reverse engineer the most successful aspects of your competitor’s SEO strategy to create your competitive advantage. Created by Moz.

What’s in this report:

  • Instructions page
  • Competitors
  • Keyword gap analysis
  • Top content
  • Link gap analysis
  • SERP analysis

Advantages of using this report:

  • Since it is on Google Sheets, it permits collaboration with multiple individuals.
  • It’s easy to customize to fit business needs.

You might need clarification about the precise information to put in the competitive analysis report for your clients. Moz’s SEO Competitor Analysis Report template is a great place to start.

Maximizing SEO Strategy with Tailored Report Templates: A Deep Dive

Diving into the heart of SEO strategy, the emphasis often falls on the nifty tools and techniques we employ. But this narrative has an unsung hero – the SEO report template. It’s not just a document; it’s a strategic asset that can significantly influence your SEO outcomes. Here, we’ll explore how tailored SEO report templates can transform your approach to tracking, analyzing, and communicating SEO performance.

  • Customization is Key: Tailoring your report to fit the unique contours of your project is crucial. Whether it’s a detailed comparison of keyword rankings or an in-depth evaluation of backlink profiles, customization ensures that your report speaks directly to the needs of your clients or stakeholders.
  • Beyond the Basics: Moving past basic analytics, advanced templates offer insights into user behavior, page performance, and competitive landscape. This level of detail empowers you to make informed, data-driven decisions.
  • The Art of Presentation: It’s not just what you present, but how you present it. A well-crafted report – think engaging visuals, clear labeling, and insightful commentary – can turn dry data into a compelling narrative.
  • Tools that Empower: Leveraging tools like Plerdy, which blends UX with SEO analysis, elevates your report from a document to a strategic guide.

Imagine a local health clinic reviewing its SEO report. They notice a significant rank improvement in searches related to telehealth services – a direct result of their focused content strategy. Or a small tech startup finding out that their ‘how-to’ guides are drawing impressive traffic, signaling a need to double down on educational content.

An SEO report is much more than a formality – it’s a roadmap guiding your SEO journey. It highlights your triumphs, points out the bumps, and illuminates the path forward. And with the right template in hand – be it a downloadable spreadsheet or a dynamic presentation – you’re not just tracking progress; you’re charting a course toward sustained digital success.

Final Thoughts

Delving into the universe of SEO, you’ve journeyed through various realms of keyword research, backlink analysis, and SERP positioning. The path is undeniably intricate yet richly rewarding. So here we are, at the end of our exploration of the “Best 8 SEO Report Templates”. We’ve navigated this dense digital terrain together, shedding light on the intrinsic values these templates bring to your SEO operations.

These templates simplify your SEO reports and make sense of complex data – turning numbers into narratives clients can comprehend and appreciate. From the good old Excel spreadsheets to branded dashboards, our template expedition led us through myriad formats – each delivering unique utility.

We touched upon:

  • The importance of custom weekly updates using analytics
  • How templates allow us to write and prepare concise project reports
  • Creating beautifully designed, brandable presentations, ideal for client meetings
  • The role of online generators and DIYSEO in shaping your SEO strategy

The heartening part is that we’re not alone in this journey. Tools like Plerdy are there to assist us. Plerdy, with its superior UX and SEO analysis features, ensures that your SEO strategy stays on the right track.

But remember, every SEO journey is unique, and these templates are a stepping stone – not the ultimate destination. I encourage you to experiment with these templates and discover what works best for you and your clients. Happy SEO reporting! ⚡

As we wind up, don’t forget to check out Plerdy’s tools to optimize your SEO efforts and get the best out of these templates. The road to SEO success is built one report at a time!  ⚡

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