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The constant growth of the website’s relevance algorithms forces web developers to optimize their resources. Both technical parts and content should be regularly improved to reach the highest evaluation of a search engine. Before implementing any optimizing procedures, an analysis of essential website elements should be provided. Website SEO checker helps to do this in short terms and without leaving any key aspects unnoticed.

SEO website checker is a particularly essential tool. It represents the effectiveness of significant parameters of a website page’s relevancy. In other words, it finds what gives your resource objective advantages to stay higher in the list of search request results. Commonly, the functions of the tool are following:

  • Gathering SEO metrics and analysis of their effectiveness;
  • Defining the valuable traffic and the device, from which it is mainly given;
  • Checking for the website content and evaluating its relevance due to the latest search engine parameters;
  • Tracking what was changed to optimize your web resource.

It is impossible to understand all of Google’s targets and provide perfect optimization even with a website SEO checker tool. But a detailed analysis helps detect all of the invisible flaws related to a website’s structure and content and get rid of them quickly.

You should consider several tips about working with the most regular SEO aspects, to provide an elaborate optimization with website SEO checker online. Here you can find the most essential of them:

  1. Get rid of elements, which reduce your website’s speed.
  2. Create content primarily for people, not for searching engines.
  3. Write shortly and clearly.
  4. Create a semantic core of the most frequent keywords before adding them.
  5. Use subheadings to make the content separation logical.
  6. Add images for the text break.
  7. Use links to high trusted resources.

The implementation of the listed becomes possible if the analysis with website SEO rank checker is provided.

Website SEO Checker From Plerdy

Plerdy team has evaluated the latest search engine algorithms and created a custom website SEO checker tool, which provides a list of significant advantages:

  • Regular daily audit of the essential relevance characteristics, such as keywords, titles, H1-H3 headers, source code files (for instance, JavaScript or CSS files), descriptions, etc.
  • Automatic analysis of more than 1 million pages is provided with the Plerdy SEO website checker tool.
  • Analysis of the SEO mistakes made on mobile and desktop website versions; the mistakes are sorted due to the device and the type of SEO mistakes.
  • Google Search Console API integration analyzes the keywords added and missed on the specific pages; automatically detects the Cyrillic / Latin letters’ combination.
  • Plerdy SEO checker for websites uses the latest indexation model’s algorithm – «Mobile-First Index.» It is aimed at ranging of websites, which use the mobile version only.
  • Detecting the pages, which have low SEO indicators.
  • Comparing and representing the effectiveness of the optimizing procedures provided during the set period.
  • Plerdy website SEO score checker can be tested for free to confirm its objective effectiveness.

TemplateMonster Audit

The term for making an audit will be saved with the website SEO checker – it takes 30 hours/month. For instance, a Plerdy team provided a TemplateMonster audit, which was aimed to detect the SEO mistakes of the famous marketplace. As a result, more than 400 hundred pages of the mobile version and more than 300 hundred pages of the desktop version were considered «such to which you should pay attention.»


Customers highly evaluate Plerdy’s tools because:

  1. The analyzed data is provided clearly and logically and doesn’t take much time to figure it out.
  2. Excellent 24/7 support, which improves the user experience.
  3. A unique technical comparison with millions of other websites becomes possible with special Plerdy tools.

Website SEO Checker Chrome Extension

A particular extension helps to provide a quick SEO audit of the page and offers the following functions:

  • SEO errors detection: titles, heading, descriptions, style elements, and attributes, elements of JavaScript source code, etc.;
  • SEO text analysis: the total amount of the unique and stop words, water, text readability, sentences’ length;
  • Analysis of the uniqueness of the words;
  • Stop word and keyword analysis. 

The extension can be installed on Google Chrome for free. After making an analysis, a screenshot with data can be done and provided to employees and customers.

To Sum Up

As we see, a website SEO checker is an important tool that provides a detailed analysis of essential factors of the resource’s relevance. To make a quick and elaborate review of hidden flaws of the website development, choose Plerdy’s tool, which has already confirmed its effectiveness.

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CEO Andrew Chornyy

CEO Plerdy — expert in SEO&CRO with over 11 years of experience.

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