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The business analyst is a much-demanded modern profession that presupposes the versatility of a specialist. They are responsible for drawing up a development plan for the company, taking into account current problems and the effectiveness of subordinates. The business analyst develops a viable action plan and prepares technical documentation. This is all achieved through the use of special tools and the participation of a team.

Business analysts are indispensable in an organization of any size. They are responsible for improving internal business processes and following trends. It is upon them that the “roadmap” of the company’s development, tactics, and strategy depends.

Over the past five years, the demand for business analysts as a specialty has grown mainly in the countries of the Asian region. For example, the highest interest is in Singapore and China. In addition, the profession is relevant in India and Nepal, as well as the United States. The peak of interest was observed in February 2020; the minimum number of search queries was in December 2017.

Most often, with a question about business intelligence, they are looking for:

  • Study programs at the largest universities in the world.
  • Differences from data analytics.
  • Convenient tools for working with information.

Business analysts find work quickly – there is a great demand for this specialty in the labor market.

Entry-level Business Analytics salary

Traditionally, beginners are considered those who do not have at least a year of experience in this niche. They are good at theory, but in practice, they can make mistakes. Entry-level salaries are fairly low; the average is $53,000 per year. After that, the numbers vary depending on the characteristics of the employing company. Consider the following examples:

  • CGI – $65,816.
  • Verizon – $81,742.
  • IBM – $64,000
  • HelloFresh – $72,500.
  • Platinum Supplemental Insurance – $93,107.
  • Aflac – $57,935.
  • Allstate – $47,276.

Above, we have given the levels of annual salaries for aspiring business analysts. They directly depend on the size of the company, its location and competition in the job market. In megacities, salaries will be higher than in regional offices.

Hourly wages average $24.73. Earnings per week: $989, and in large companies, it will exceed $1,000. At the same time, 25% of all business analysts receive 42 thousand dollars a year at the entry level. 75% earn up to $58,500, and the record salary internationally is $65,500.

Entry-level professionals have little difference in income. And they must improve their qualifications to qualify for an increase.

The best-paid business analyst jobs are in California, Mountain View, Lakes, and San Francisco. There are also good offers in Washington and Jersey City, New Jersey – there is always a need for business analysts in these places.

Associate Business Analytics salary

Newbies usually start as trainees. The accumulated experience and skill level allow the junior specialist to perform a full-fledged job. Such a business analyst has the necessary experience (at least 12 months), and the acquired skills make them a strong link in the corporate machine. Many companies require an associate/bachelor’s degree in economics, finance, accounting, or another related field when hiring. Various technical skills may be required and good communication is essential. Most likely, the junior specialist will work as part of a team of analysts: hence the importance of communicating effectively.

The median salary for an associate in the United States is $61,305, but the numbers vary from company to company:

  • UST – $79,168.
  • REI Systems – $70,503.
  • JP Morgan – $93,949
  • Aramark – $52,331.
  •  Allscripts – $66,085.
  • Express Scripts – $49,085.
  • Valero Energy – $67,300.

The lowest wage is $30,000 per year, and the highest is $85,000. The $50,000 difference affects the labor market and results in an uneven distribution of vacancies.

Associate Business Analytics salary in the USA

The USA is the most profitable market for business analysts. The concentration of competitive companies in different directions makes it desirable for professionals and young analysts. At the same time, salaries vary in different states. Next, we’ll take a look at the top 10 cities with the best deals.

These are the average wages. These cities are constantly recruiting specialists who can improve the development of the business environment.

TownAverage annual salary, $Payment per hour, $Pay per week, $Payment per month, $
New York City, NY72 797351 4005 833
San Mateo, CA71 33634,31 3725 716
Juneau, AK69 39533,361 334,45 560
Boston, MA69 34933,341 333,65 556
Berkeley, CA68 61432,991 319,65 498,33
Santa Monica, CA68 51832,941 317,65 490
Daly City68 42132,891 315,65 481
Quincy, MA68 34332,861 314,45 476
Renton, WA68 22432,81 3125 466
Minneapolis, MN67 31632,361 294,45 393

Mid-level Business Analytics salary

Belonging to the average level of business intelligence means that the specialist has a fairly large amount of knowledge and practice. They can also work completely autonomously. The salaries of such specialists most often exceed the figure of $100,00.

Companies form mutually beneficial offers for job seekers – with bonuses and other material motivations. Interview results often depend on the success of the business analyst in previous projects – it makes sense to stock up on letters of recommendation. Here’s an example of some vacancies:

  • Splunk – $80,000
  • Niantic – $140,000
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory – $100,000
  • Zillow – $300,000
  • Miro – $102,000
  • Google – $111,000
  • Bold Business – $83,000

The median salary is $82,903, ranging from $49,000 to $139,000. The latter figure is a rare exception. Experienced mid-level business analysts are often a key part of the team. Depending on the field of activity, quite polar requirements may be imposed on them.

Mid-level Business Analytics salary in the USA

Compared to entry-level and junior-level business analysts, the variation in pay for mid-level business analysts is small. The most significant amounts are paid in California. Due to the high concentration of businesses in this area, employers offer increased pay.

Along with high salaries, in these cities, increased demands are made on employees. The list of responsibilities often includes non-standard items that are relevant only for certain companies.

TownAverage annual salary, $Payment per hour, $Pay per week, $Payment per month, $
San Mateo, CA119 78457,592 3039 598
Berkeley, CA115 59655,582 2239 263
Daly City, CA115 27255,422 216,89 236,67
Richmond, CA112 51854,12 1649 016
Irvine, CA111 83453,772 150.88 961
Odessa, TX110 09052,932 117.28 821
Stamford, CT109 56452,672 106.88 778
Orange, CA109 25352,532 101.28 755
Bellevue, WA109 25352,532 101.28 755
San Francisco, CA109 04052,422 096.88 736

Senior Business Analytics Salary

The highest Senior status indicates that the specialist has perfectly mastered the theory and tools of business analysis. As a result, they can solve global problems and have real cases in their workload. For such qualifications, employers set the average salary at $101,277. But they also require much more – evidence-based preparation, dedication and creativity in decisions.

Typical rates of pay for professionals can be seen in the following employers:

  • Capital One – $110,798.
  • Kearney – $97,551.
  • McKinsey & Company – $119,990.
  • Fidelity Investments – $85,230.
  • Coforge – $104,624.
  • Saber – $98,538.
  • IBM – $101,662.

The average salary per hour is $50.15. At the same time, 25% of senior analysts earn about $87,000, 75% earn $117,000, and the rest earn around $135,000 per year. Naturally, working conditions and checklists differ in companies. The salary depends on the length of service and the level of skills of the employee.

Senior Business Analytics Salary in the USA

There are good conditions for senior business analysts in many of the United States, not only the notorious state of California. Other cities need professionals as well – they also pay good money for the participation of experts in the development of enterprises. Therefore, you should familiarize yourself with the list of locations in which employment conditions are above average.

TownAverage annual salary, $Payment per hour, $Pay per week, $Payment per month, $
Sunnyvale, CA124 53759,872 394.89 978
Santa Cruz, CA123 38659,322 3729 886
Santa Rosa, CA120 60557,982 319.29 663
Livermore, CA120 45757,912 316.49 651
Williston, ND118 17556,812 272.49 468
Manhattan, NY117 86556,672 266.89 445
Barnstable Town, MA116 95056,232 249,29 371,67
Cambridge, MA116 73556,122 244.89 353.33
San Mateo, CA115 84155,692 227.69 281
Arlington, VA115 74955,652 2269 275


A business analyst improves the company’s internal processes and prevents the development of crises – therefore, they receive a good salary. It depends on qualifications, experience, theoretical knowledge and practical experience in the business. To achieve the highest level and appropriate rewards, one must continually improve skills and engage in self-development. Of course, the scale of the company and its location are an indication of projected earnings. Traditionally, the best paying employers are in California, but promotions and decent pay are possible everywhere.

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