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The profession of a marketing manager is rapidly gaining popularity. Today it is impossible to imagine a successful company or brand without a marketing specialist who performs a wide range of tasks. For example, the marketing manager researches the market and target audience, develops company selling strategies, creates online and offline advertising campaigns, etc. All of this is in the pursuit of attracting more customers and increasing the company’s profits.

According to Google Trends statistics, marketing manager specialists are in demand in Singapore, the United States of America, Ireland, South Africa, and Canada. People in these countries are interested in the size of the salary of a marketing manager – especially in the last five years.

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Internet users’ interest in the profession is growing as they begin to explore the various options and offshoots of the marketing manager profession.

Note that the demand for this profession began to grow rapidly in 2016 and, as a result, the marketing manager salary reached its peak in 2019, after which the indicator decreased slightly. Despite this, it maintains a high and relatively stable position in terms of average salary.

Entry-level Marketing Manager Salary

In September 2021, the median annual salary for a US marketing manager was $43,200, equivalent to $21 an hour. This is particularly motivating for aspiring niche professionals. Service ZipRecruiter reports the annual earnings of a beginner specialist anywhere in the world range from $20,500 to $59,000. Let us compare the numbers: in the USA, the rate will be higher than in Southeast Asia. Even at the entry-level, an American marketing manager can earn more than peers on other continents. You can also increase the price of your services depending on the experience, skills, and qualifications you bring to the job.

Are you a beginner specialist? You don’t have to settle for a tiny salary. Companies offer potential marketing managers different payment terms to choose both the brand you want to work with and the salary you want.

Our analysis of various company vacancies showed that the minimum a starting marketing manager is offered $40K-50K per year (e.g., 99-EXPOSURE located in Seattle, WA). However, keep in mind that the starting position in this company is the assistant manager. Therefore, it’s not a problem if you don’t have any experience, but it is much better if a junior marketing manager has these skills in their portfolio:

  • Experience in sales and customer service
  • Knowledge of WordPress
  • Marketing planning
  • Communication skills
  • Public performance

The average salary that companies are willing to pay aspiring marketing professionals can even be as high as $80-100K per year. For example, Orbit Water Solutions in Tenafly, NJ, promised to pay employees this amount.

The highest bid for aspiring marketing managers is $140K annually. This is the maximum offer from Sedona Staffing San Diego, based in Buena Park, CA. Unfortunately, this is more of an exception than the rule.

Junior Marketing Manager Salary

A junior marketing manager in the US can count on $52,500 a year, roughly $23 an hour. However, the minimum annual rate on job sites is $35-40K for the Junior level. For example, SuperAce in Braintree, MA, offers $30K annually for junior marketing managers.

Compared with the previous level of marketing managers, the payment offers for job seekers are not much higher. For example, Promotional Solutions Inc. in Portsmouth, VA, proposes an annual salary of $34,500 to $55,000 for junior marketing managers.

The salaries of managers, even in the same company, differ depending on the state where the branch is located. For example, take Promotional Solutions Inc, based in Colorado Springs, CO, and Walnut Creek, CA. In the first case, the manager’s annual salary is $47K, and in the second, it’s $55K.

Junior Marketing Manager Salary in the USA

Let’s compare the average salary for junior-level marketing manager positions that are available in different U.S. cities.

The table demonstrates that the salary of a junior marketing manager can vary by a large amount! At the same time, specialists of the same level can receive different fees even within the boundaries of the same state.

Town Payment per hour Pay per week Payment per month Payment per year
Bayonne, NJ $26 $1 025 $4 100 $50 000
Ocoee, FL $29 $1 150 $4 600 $55 000
Indianapolis $21 $844 $3 375 $40 500
Nampa, ID $27 $1 083 $4 333 $52 000
Braintree, MA $25 $1 000 $4 000 $48 000
Fort Wayne $20 $791 $3 166 $38 000
Castle Rock, CO $27 $1 089 $4 358 $52 300
San Antonio, TX $28 $1 125 $4 500 $54 000
Carrollton $21 $833 $3 333 $40 000
Evansville $22 $854 $3 417 $41 000

Mid-level Marketing Manager Salary

In the United States, a mid-level marketing manager is paid $70,000 a year. This is how they pay a person who has been in the profession for 5-10 years.

To qualify for a salary increase, you must have certain skills. The PayScale platform’s top five skills include SQL, product management, forecasting, e-commerce, and product development.

However, even if you have enough experience in the above areas, your pay will still vary from company to company, so choosing what suits you best and in which region is important.

For example, a mid-level marketing manager earns:

  • At Syntellis Performance Solutions located Portland, OR, about $71,000 per year – working eight hours a day, five days a week.
  • At Solomon Page in San Francisco, CA, about $75,000 for similar requirements.

Always focus on the location of the company in addition to the list of requirements for applicants.

Mid-level Marketing Manager Salary in USA

In the United States, the salary of a middle-level marketing manager can vary dramatically. If you are in the process of looking for alternatives, the city summary is helpful.

When choosing a company and estimating a salary, you should also consider the number of working hours expected and the ability to work remotely.

Town Payment per hour Pay per week Payment per month Payment per year
Burlingame, CA $55 $2 200 $8 800 $105 600
Phoenix, AZ $38 $1 510 $6 041 $72 500
Germantown, MD $43 $1 708 $6 833 $82 000
San Mateo, CA $51 $2 029 $8 117 $97 400
Seattle, WA $38 $1 521 $6 083 $73 000
Portland, OR $36 $1 452 $5 808 $69 700
Menlo Park, CA $39 $1 563 $6 250 $75 000
Redwood City, CA $46 $1 833 $7 333 $88 000
Scottsdale, AZ $42 $1 694 $6 775 $81 300
Oakland, CA $41 $1 625 $6 500 $78 000

Senior Marketing Manager Salary

Senior Marketing Manager’s fees start at $100K per year and assume the individual has the appropriate training and work experience of ten years or more. In addition, such experience predetermines the potential for receiving an additional bonus, which is equal to 10% of the annual salary. Most large companies practice the policy of providing additional payments to specialists. This encourages marketing managers to engage in long-term partnerships and motivates them to develop professionally further.

Depending on various factors, global brands in the U.S. offer different salaries for senior marketing managers. For comparison:

  • $200K – Illumina
  • $168K – eBay
  • $175K – Santander

It always makes sense to consider several options for partnerships, especially if you are an experienced marketing professional.

Senior Marketing Manager Salary in the USA

Let’s analyze the information regarding the salaries of senior marketing managers in different cities of the United States.

This level basically offers “full immersion with a link” to the office of a particular company. Typically, senior marketing managers have a whole team of employees reporting to them, which requires their constant presence.

Town Payment per hour Pay per week Payment per month Payment per year
New York City, NY $60 $2 386 $9 542 $114 500
Minneapolis, MN $61 $2 417 $9 667 $116 000
San Jose, CA $89 $3 562 $14 250 $171 000
Atlanta, GA $52 $ 2062 $8 250 $99 000
Chicago, IL $57 $2 260 $9 042 $108 500
Dallas, TX $55 $2 188 $8 750 $105 000
Indianapolis, IN $55 $2 204 $8 817 $105 800
Houston, TX $45 $1 813 $7 250 $87 000
San Francisco, CA $69 $2 770 $11 083 $133 000
Tucson, AZ $63 $2 512 $10 050 $120 600


If you have dreams of becoming a professional marketing manager, you can count on an annual income of $200K, which is not the limit. However, keep in mind – you will have to work hard and put in a lot of effort to develop and improve in the profession over a long period.

What qualities are required to qualify for high fees? Take a closer look at the vacancies and check out the list of conditions and characteristics – it will become your checklist for obtaining the necessary knowledge and skills. Here’s a hint: having positive references from a previous job increases the chances of getting an interview invitation.

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