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A digital marketing manager is a relatively new profession. However, the demand for specialists is growing, especially in a pandemic, when most companies go online and spend a lot of energy optimizing sites and attracting a new audience.

Google Trends on the query “Digital Marketing Manager” gives interesting statistics: the top five are the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Great Britain, Ireland, and Hong Kong. Of course, developing countries coexist with economic giants – digital marketing managers are required everywhere. However, the conditions put forward in vacancies are similar:

  • Conducting successful advertising campaigns.
  • Analyst skills.
  • Experience in attracting the target audience.
  • Creativity.
  • Knowledge of professional tools.

During the past five years, the frequency of the introduction of a request has noticeably increased: the minimum level of interest in a specialty – from 13 (2016) to 43 (2021) points. In addition, a jump in the profession’s popularity took place in 2017, after which it remains approximately at the same level with minor fluctuations.

Entry-level Digital Marketing Manager salary

An aspiring digital marketing manager’s salary is significantly different from that of a professional. According to the website ZipRecruiter, the average annual income of a newcomer in the fall of 2021 was $43.2k. ZipRecruiter estimated an hour of work at $20 for a month – $3,600.

In the United States, aspiring digital marketing managers’ pay varies by state. In California, the best of all is $20-25 per hour, which gives an annual income of up to $52,000.

On the site, the top vacancies for beginners, in addition to offers with average annual earnings of $30-40k, also include highly paid ones:

  • The Irish company Johnson Controls is looking for a specialist ready to pay $78k a year.
  • The American corporation Sysco Corp offers from $79k a year.
  • The Sazerac Company, an alcoholic beverage maker, also provides an annual salary of $59,000.

A separate group of vacancies – offers from companies that provide marketing services. These include Rightpoint or the shark of the Dentsu Aegis Network advertising business (the promised annual income of the digital marketing manager is from $68,000). They are ready to invest in employee training and professional development. But there are few such proposals, and it is not easy to keep up with their level.

Usually, a bachelor’s degree and several years of work with projects are required. In addition, much attention is paid to soft skills: communication skills, the ability to resolve conflicts. Takeaway: Even a post-college student will find an excellent job if willing to develop and generate ideas.

Junior Digital Marketing Manager salary

The average junior digital marketer’s pay per hour is $23 – just a dollar more than a novice digital marketer. The qualifications and responsibilities of the Junior Digital Marketing Manager differ slightly. Both small companies and giant corporations need such employees:

  • TEAM LEWIS – a well-known PR agency offers a “competitive salary that depends on the manager’s experience” plus 20 vacation days. Here they take care of insurance and continuous personal and professional growth. The list of requirements and responsibilities provides for full involvement in the work.
  • Fox Dealer (Pasadena) – work experience is not required as the company provides training. They promise a competitive salary but pay more attention to the responsibilities and necessary skills.
  • Springs Window Fashions (Middleton) – invite young professionals for internships. The company promises competitive hourly wages and a summer housing scholarship. Practice will be a sound basis for gaining experience.

The requirements indicate work experience or internship, relevant education. Developed skills are an obligatory feature – they are often more critical than a diploma.

Junior Digital Marketing Manager salary in the USA

In the United States, the salary of an Associate Digital Marketing Specialist varies by state. Therefore, we provide a list of cities in which managers with little experience are most valued.

TownAnnual salary, $Salary per hour, $Salary per week, $Salary per month, $
New York55,90026.881,0754,659
San Mateo55,10026.491,0594,592
Daly City52,80025.381,0154,400
Santa Monica52,70025.341,0134,392

Getting started is always tricky, but we see many opportunities to build a career as a digital marketing manager.

Mid-level Digital Marketing Manager salary

Mid-level digital marketing managers with solid work experience developed skills, and successful portfolio projects significantly improve their financial position. The salary starts from $65k, reaching $120k:

  • In Arcules offered a job with an annual income of $68k. To $134k. There is also a four-week vacation and three additional weeks (for example, due to illness). Bonuses – a gym and a gaming pavilion. Coffee, tea, biscuits – by default. The minimum applicant experience must be four years.
  • Company Extend raises the stakes – the annual salary is in the range of $74-133k. Here, too, “goodies” are offered in the form of an unlimited vacation policy, medical benefits, and a system of pension savings. But the requirements for a future employee are also higher here: at least five years of experience, knowledge of professional tools, practical skills, in particular, writing texts.
  • Mercy, a nonprofit organization, offers income from $61,000 to $106,000 per year, as well as a set of social benefits and guarantees.

Companies prefer to indicate “from” and “to” salaries in job descriptions – the difference depends on education, experience, additional skills, and interview results.

Mid-level Digital Marketing Manager salary in the USA

In the United States, a middle manager gets almost twice as much as an aspiring specialist:

TownAnnual salary, $Salary per hour, $Salary per week, $Salary per month, $
Santa Rosa82,94639.881,5956,912
San Mateo78,46037.721,5086,538

This is more than the average annual income – the search for vacancies in different cities positively affects the manager’s salary.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager salary

A senior digital marketing manager is a professional with impressive experience and the baggage of successful projects and campaigns. Work experience sometimes does not matter, but achievements and skills need to be proven:

  • The Siemens Corporation only requires 4-6 years of work experience. The proposed salary starts from $77,000 to 125,000 – depending on knowledge and skills.
  • The Great American Insurance Group, on the other hand, expects 8-10 years of experience, including several years in a management position. But they also provide an annual income in the range of $86 – 139k and a complete social package.
  • EY is looking for a senior manager who will be paid between $85,000 and $137,000. The company promises solid corporate support, flexible vacation systems, and training opportunities. In return, he expects professionalism and efficiency.

So, the average salary is $45 per hour, which will give $93,000 a year.

Senior Digital Marketing Manager salary in the USA

According to ZipRecruiter, the top 10 cities in the US with a high average annual salary looks like this:

TownAverage annual salaryHourly paymentPay per weekPayment per month
San Mateo, CA$109,119$52.46$2,098$9,093
Juneau, AK$106,746$51.32$2,053$8,896
Boston, MA$106,587$51.24$2,050$8,882
Newton, MA$105,788$50.86$2,034$8,816
Santa Monica, CA$105,267$50.61$2,024$8,772
Quincy, MA$105,176$50.57$2,023$8,765
Berkeley, CA$105,048$50.50$2,020$8,754
Renton, WA$104,857$50.41$2,016$8,738
Daly City, CA$104,752$50.36$2,014$8,729
Minneapolis, MN$103,661$49.84$1,993$8,638

Between an aspiring digital marketing manager and a professional – several years of continuous, intense, and fruitful work can increase your annual income by more than two times.


There are many career opportunities in digital marketing management – and people are always needed there. The pandemic has only increased digitalization, and the transition to online – the demand for digital marketers continues to grow.

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