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Product Marketing Manager is one of the most in-demand professions in the United States. As proof – the growing requests on the Internet. People are interested in everything that concerns this niche: working conditions, necessary competence, knowledge, etc. Wages are no exception.

Over the past five years, the need for staff in this specialization has grown. Data from the Google Trends service provides evidence supporting this conclusion. The search for salary information for specialists in this marketing segment reached its climax in 2019 (90 appraisal units). The COVID-19 pandemic, when people began to master modern digital specialties, further spurred user interest. October 2020 saw a new surge of interest in the Product Marketing Manager specialization: a record 100 points. Users from Singapore, the United States of America, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates are especially actively looking for this information.

In addition to salary, the most common user searches related to the product marketing manager profession are:

According to statistics, the average annual salary for a product marketing manager is $112K. The range of specialist fees ranges between $97K and $130K per year. Salary depends on many factors, including practical experience, skills, additional qualifications, education and certificates, location, etc.

Entry-level Product Marketing Manager Salary

Let’s start with the basics: What should a product marketing manager be able to do? In addition to impeccable understanding and knowledge of all the nuances of the company’s products, he must develop selling strategies. The goal of the job is to maximize profit. His area of ​​responsibility is advertising campaigns, press releases, and marketing communications. This kind of work comes at a price: the average salary for a beginner product marketing manager starts at $43-45K per year. Assistants of more experienced specialists receive approximately this amount during their first months in the profession. Depending on the basic knowledge and the speed of mastering the necessary techniques, assistants can receive between $50K and $75K per year at the initial stage of career advancement.

Product marketing managers are in the highest demand in technology centers such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York City. It is in these megalopolises that salaries are significantly higher than in other cities. For example:

  • Yugabyte, San Francisco, CA, offers $80K per year for aspiring professionals.
  • In Once, Oakland, product marketing managers can look forward to a salary of $55-60K.

The lowest wages (6.4% below average) are in Chicago, Illinois.

Junior Product Marketing Manager Salary

Let’s dive into finance. The Junior rank assumes one to five years of work experience. More often than not, specialists already have time to gain work experience in several companies – this significantly aids their claims for a higher fee. For example, the salary of a junior product marketing manager in the United States is approximately $84K per year. At the same time, the indices differ geographically – specialists can receive anywhere from $64K to $98K. For example:

  • Twik in San Francisco offers junior manager salaries starting at $79K per year.
  • At Trinchero Family Estates in Moraga, the estimated Junior Product Marketing Manager salary is $68K.

Note, these positions are in the same state and performing the same functions! So don’t call for justice – geolocation is everything.

Junior Product Marketing Manager Salary in the USA

Let’s conduct a comparative analysis of the salary of a junior product marketing manager in different cities and states of the United States.

The table gives an orientation: how much you can earn in each of the cities. Next, choose if you plan to work remotely.

TownPayment per hourPay per weekPayment per monthPayment per year
Oakland, CA$42$1 700$6 800$82K
Portland, OR$35$1 416$5 666$68K
Irvine, CA$41$1 666$6 666$80K
San Francisco, CA$44$1 770$7 083$85K
Seattle, WA$48$1 917$7 666$92K
Mountain View, CA$34$1 364$5 458$65K
Santa Clara, CA$35$1 402$5 608$67K
San Jose, CA$46$1 875$7 500$90K
Chicago, IL$39$1 563$6 250$75K
Wasilla, AK$41$1 646$6 583$79K

Mid-level Product Marketing Manager Salary

An average product marketing manager can expect a salary of around $97K. Specialists of this level have been practicing in the profession for five to nine years.

However, giant global companies can sometimes pay mid-level managers salaries that are generally associated with senior product marketing managers in the United States. As an example:

  •     LinkedIn offers employees a salary of $171K.
  •     Cisco – $183K
  •     Tenable – $203K.

Already packing your bags? You are doing the right thing – moving to the right state can positively affect your bank account.

Mid-level Product Marketing Manager Salary in the USA

Let’s take a closer look at the average earnings of mid-level managers in different American cities.

It’s worth noting that the same company may pay different salaries to the average product marketing managers. Everything varies depending on the location of the branch and the estimated income of managers with other specializations.

TownPayment per hourPay per weekPayment per monthPayment per year
New York, NY$49$1 979$7 917$95K
Portland, OR$46$1 833$7 333$88K
Redmond, WA$47$1 896$7 583$91K
Austin, TX$47$1 885$7 542$90K
Overland Park, KS$46$1 854$7 417$89K
Seattle, WA$48$1 944$7 775$93K
San Francisco, CA$50$2 020$8 083$97K
Irvine, CA$48$1 917$7 667$92K
Oakland, CA$46$1 848$7 391$88K
Dallas, TX$47$1 875$7 500$90K

Senior Product Marketing Manager Salary

A Senior Product Marketing Manager has at least ten years of working experience and makes an average of $120K to $160K per year. As a rule, these privileged individuals oversee a large team of managers and representatives with other specializations, so their position has unlimited potential.

Senior managers receive pleasant benefits and bonuses, which is an attractive motivation for young professionals. Sometimes companies also pay a certain reward for the success of each subordinate from the team. See for yourself:

  •     Othello, Boston, MA, pays senior marketing managers about $150K per year in addition to various development bonuses.
  •     Under a contract offered by Veracode, Burlington, a specialist can qualify for a salary of up to $200K plus interest.

Not bad at all! And there is room for further growth.

Senior Product Marketing Manager Salary in the USA

What salaries can senior product marketing managers expect? Please note that the amounts shown are the average.

These numbers are far from the limit for top-level professional managers. In addition to their main activity, they often provide separate services for other companies – as freelance specialists. This greatly expands their experience and increases their dividend.

TownPayment per hourPay per weekPayment per monthPayment per year
San Francisco, CA$60$2 396$9 583$115K
Fremont, CA$57$2 292$9 167$110K
Norwalk, CT$54$2 167$8 667$104K
Jackson, WY$54$2 160$8 642$103K
Seattle, WA$57$2 271$9 083$109K
San Jose, CA$69$2 770$11 083$133K
Tanaina, AK$65$2 604$10 417$125K
Phoenix, AZ$62$2 479$9 917$119K
San Diego, CA$75$3 000$12 000$144K
Chicago, IL$79$3 177$12 708$152K


Are you a qualified product marketing manager looking to achieve a salary of around $200K per year? Oh, even more? Get ready for the overall development and detailed mastering of specialized knowledge in addition to constantly updating your skills. A highly professional specialist in this area should have competencies in aspects such as:

  • Lead generation
  • Business strategy development
  • Engineering design
  • Production management
  • Strategic marketing

In addition, he must be sociable and have a talent for product presentation.

Suppose you want to join the profession and develop your skills, we recommend checking the job sites regularly. There you can understand the requirements that companies put forward to job seekers and analyze the criteria of a particular employer. This will help you assess your current level and identify points for further growth.

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