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Conversion rate optimization (CRO) aims to increase the percentage of website users who perform the desired action (purchase) by methodically testing alternative versions of the webpage or the process of performing this action. You should think about CRO as early as possible because:

  • It brings more conversions. Traffic is still the same, but there are more purchases. Costs are still the same, but there’s more revenue.
  • It helps with scaling. When you reach more revenue with the same number of customers, you can increase the number of customers. This helps you to invest in advertising or other traffic channels.
  • It brings customer loyalty. Essentially during CRO, you make life easier for the customer, make the web pages more attractive, and the purchase easier. The easier and more comfortable it is for the customer with you, the happier they are. They will be ready to come back for a new purchase and recommend your website to friends.
  • It helps with competitiveness. By improving the functionality, interface, and processes of working with the customer, you work to increase the website’s value. This means you keep your audience and do not let them go to your competitors.
  • It attracts word of mouth. If it’s good with your website, the number of recommendations will grow unequivocally. And customized CRO processes will turn new traffic into revenue.

CRO is not a quick fix at all. Of course, small point solutions can affect the conversion rate, but conversion rate optimization is primarily aimed at achieving the maximum conversion rate of the website. CRO focuses on a detailed analysis that shows what needs to be changed to maximize the page and convert.

Types of Conversion Rate Optimization Services

The full optimization of conversion rates is built on testing. But you can’t run a test from an empty place. First, you need to assess the state of the website, set up detailed data collection and collect this data, then make a hypothesis, understand and decide what exactly needs to be tested. There are two popular approaches to CRO:

  • Human-driven.
  • Data-driven.

Using both methods, you can get as close as possible to the full picture of how your website and product are perceived. With both methods, you can answer the questions of what, how, and why your customers are doing on your website.

Human-driven CRO services help to understand people`s motivation. You won’t be able to please all users, but you can optimize your website for the ideal user, potentially bringing profit to the company. With human-driven CRO, you can understand:

  • Why do people come to your website? Why did they decide to choose you, this webpage, this product?
  • What, in their opinion, makes your website stand out from the competition? What makes a purchase on your website more profitable (price, service, shipping charges, speed of delivery, etc.)
  • How would they describe your product to their friends? What words would they use to describe it?

Data-driven CRO services are based on the analysis of data from analytical systems like Google Analytics. With data-driven CRO, you can understand:

  • Where people come to your website from: from what ads, search engine, social network, what page they go to.
  • What they use and how they spend time on the website, what they read, what they click on, where they scroll.
  • What devices and browsers do they use.
  • Who these people are: gender, age, geography, interests, and other parameters.
  • At what stages do they go out of the conversion funnel, at what stage or webpage do they decide to leave the website.

When analyzing data, you can find growth points where it’s best to implement changes to bring as many users as possible to the desired conversion rate. At Plerdy, we have special tools that can help you optimize your CRO.

Conversion Rate Optimization with Plerdy

Dmitry Chervonyi, CMO at Belkins:

“There are a lot of tools for increasing UX and CRO. With their help, I improved different sides of my website and got more sales. Heatmaps, SEO checker, and Popups have greatly helped me to improve conversion rates on my website.”

Alexandro Lacadena Gomez, marketing specialist at Ortopedia Farmacia Lacadena:

“Conversion rate optimization with Plerdy is perfect. It has a lot of options to dive into conversion rate optimization. Most of all I liked the session replay software. It has most of all influenced my conversion rate optimization process.”

Website Click Heatmap Tools

Website click heatmap tool is an all-in-one platform. Here you can find a summary of click statistics for each page of the website. You can analyze user behavior when filling out forms and count conversion rates. Website click heatmap tool from Plerdy has a beautiful and user-friendly interface as well as a lot of tools for click analytics.

Session Replay Software

Website visitor tracking allows you to see what people are doing on your website almost in real-time. With this program, you can find out what content is most popular on your website, what attracts visitors to your website, examine the customer journey map in more detail, and find poorly optimized pages on your website. Session replay software from Plerdy can greatly affect your CRO process.

Event and Goal Tracking

The event and goal tracking tool from Plerdy is one of the best web page monitoring tools available, offering intuitive features suitable for beginners and advanced users alike. Our tool can record user behavior on the website to discover every important interaction. Moreover, you can send recorded events to Google Analytics without any problems with the website.

E-commerce Sales Performance

E-commerce sales performance tool from Plerdy analyzes website sales data and helps improve business performance. Our E-commerce sales performance tool focuses on website analytics. It shows how products are selling and what positions are the most selling. With our tool, you’ll understand what element on the website page has the most impact on sales and effectively optimize conversion rates on other pages.

Top 5 Conversion Rate Optimization Services

There are agencies whose core service is conversion rate optimization. Of course, their services will cost much more than an independent analysis with Plerdy tools, but they have helped hundreds of websites to improve their conversion rates.


  • Agency office: Montreal (Canada)
  • Customers: Kettlebell Kings, Fixer, EuNatural, Fox Pest, Marinellis

ConversionAdvocates provides qualitative conversion rate optimization services. Delegating the CRO process to this company, you will accelerate growth with clear insights, get new data-backed test ideas, increase your revenue and identify new website conversion leaks.

Billy Petrovski, Co-Owner at The Paint People:

“ConversionAdvocates has my best interest in mind. They treat us like a partner rather than a customer.”

97th Floor 

  • Agency office: San Francisco (USA)
  • Customers: Adobe, LinkedIn, Salesforce, Udemy, Zocdoc

97th Floor is another award-winning CRO agency. Except for CRO services, you can ask this agency for SEO, Paid Media, Email Marketing, and creative services. This is one of the most famous CRO agencies in San Francisco.

Mustafa Abou-Taleb, Global Marketing Manager at Proponent:

“97th Floor is a highly professional and transparent team. They help their clients hit their project goals.”

Conversion Rate Store 

  • Agency office: Kyiv (Ukraine)
  • Customers: Prom, MacPaw, Preply, Depositphotos, Cooksmarts

Conversion Rate Store is a specialized CRO agency that works performance-based. It has helped some clients to improve their conversion rate up to 86%. Its pragmatic approach completely removes the guesswork from conversion rates and delivers results to the clients.

Markus Bange, COO at Moon Magic:

“Conversion Rate Store is extremely data-driven. Their communication and cost-effective services ensured a successful partnership.”

Schaefer Digital  

  • Agency office: Henderson (USA)
  • Customers: Englander, Family Works, Yoga Pod, Meat Works, Handled.

Schaefer Digital is a famous agency that combines conversion-focused design with data-driven marketing. Their average ROAS is 5x. They provide strategic consulting, performance-driven marketing, and conversion-focused design services.

Michael King, Founder & CEO at Family Works:

“We’ve saved time and money as well as look better to the external world. Schaefer Digital has perfectly done its work.”

Conversion Fanatics

  • Agency office: Austin (USA)
  • Customers: Magnolia, Renew Life, Vital Choice, Ministry of Supply, Burt`s Bees

Conversion Fanatics can help you with your conversion rate as well as make more money. Asking this agency for CRO services, you put a creative team of fanatical split-testers to work on your site. Cooperation with this agency cannot be unfruitful.

Jared Atchison, Co-Founder at WPForms:

“Communication was always proactive and productive, which was very much appreciated. The team is efficient, hard-working, and knowledgeable.”


Do not delay in starting the CRO work and start with minor changes. There is no need to set yourself up for global changes to the website, start with the simplest options. The more global goals you set yourself, the later you will start to implement them, and during this time, you could have already implemented 300 small but worthwhile changes.

Build CRO processes into your daily life with tools from Plerdy. Have a couple of small tests running at all times. You won’t need a big team of designers, programmers, and CRO people for small tests – you can run them yourself.

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