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Nowadays, the websites should be suitable for modern algorithms considering the peculiarities of online marketing. Interaction with the potential customer is essential because it determines if the website is ideal for his requirements. If the strategy is provided with a correct algorithm, there will be a high chance of purchasing or hiring the services. Therefore, marketers pay attention to conversion funnel optimization, which defines the pass from investigation to buy. The funnel is an abstract term consisting of several elements which determine the stage of the client’s interest in the product:

  • The upper part. It is when the user has an idea of buying a specific product and wants to get enough information about it. He looks through different websites to know if all the product qualities correspond to his expectations and convinces them of the necessity of the purchase.
  • The middle part. After choosing the product and determining the most popular companies, users may subscribe to e-mails or other lead magnets. The primary purpose is to know what brand may give the most qualitative product and is ready to cooperate with the client until his decision.
  • The lower part. The users choose the best brands for partnership and look for reviews and feedback to decide. The most traditional way is asking the customers from the review page about their experience to outline positive and negative aspects.

Conversion funnel optimization includes specific levels, which stir up the customer’s interest at each stage by different methods. There are 4 of them:

  • Awareness. It means that your company’s recognition plays a decisive role in forming the customer’s interest. Advertising and targeted traffic attraction build more than a half of success in this stage.
  • Interest. Suppose your company is recognizable, and your potential clients may get interested in the services. In that case, you need to build a strategy for getting the maximum profit from customers’ wishes to cooperate.
  • Desire. This level determines the website visitor’s interest in the products, and the primary purpose is to give as much information as possible. Use different user interaction campaigns to make users entirely aware of the services.
  • Action. When this level is achieved, the main goal is to persuade the customers to make the final actions for purchase.

The listed aspects play an essential role in conversion funnel optimization and should be learned by each online business. The customers should become entirely aware that the company gives valuable products which suit the primary requirements.

9 Conversion Funnel Optimization Ways

Different methods are used to attract customers on the stages of his investigation and make them choose suitable services. Here, you can find many online companies' modern conversion funnel optimization methods.

Attract Customers through Social Media

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Experienced marketers say that social media is the best opportunity to reveal the company's nature and create loyalty to its services. Various platforms are used for conversion funnel optimization, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. The main advantage is that the targeted traffic pays more attention to the company's social media pages. Therefore, it is easier to build a suitable strategy and increase its rating with the social networks than use promotional methods beyond them.

Offer Free and Engaging Content on Your Landing Page

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Forming up the primary impression about the company determines if the client becomes ready for further actions. The most common free landing page elements for conversion funnel optimization are the following:

  • The interactive questionnaire with a step-by-step algorithm to determine the necessary product.
  • Tables and diagrams show what the customers usually choose in the shop.
  • Video from the owner with a detailed explanation of the existing services.
  • User-generated content with different structures.

It depends on your imagination what will be placed to attract the customers and provide the conversion rate optimization. The content should be creative to endear customers entirely.

Use Social Proof on Your Product Pages

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The best way to convince customers of the service’s efficiency and necessity to purchase them is to place reviews on the product page. It will help to see the previous clients' objective opinion and make further steps for cooperation with the company. The products will become more desired, and the company’s authority will grow.

Optimize Your Product Pages

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Information about the products should contain the essential facts, representing all its advantages. It would help if you made a list of its characteristics with a detailed description of each parameter. In the case of a physical item, you may also attach the video guide of its working principle. When the customer learns enough information about the products, it will become easier to buy them. Marketing marketers should consider improving product pages an essential element of conversion funnel optimization.

Optimize Your Checkouts System

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Even if the client visits the products page and the description is made correctly, the checkout aspects may disappoint him. Therefore, it is necessary to correspond the required rules to build up a suitable checkouts system:

  • Use the local currencies (create additional price conversion if the client base includes foreign customers).
  • Adding the free shipping and the return may positively influence the conversion funnel optimization.
  • Avoid making customers sign up for purchase.

You should test the purchase process to be convinced of each element’s good work and the absence of possible inconveniences.

Offer a Loyalty Program and Promote It

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The strategy for loyalty programs is a crucial element of conversion funnel optimization. It would be best to benefit those who regularly use your services and suitably represent them. Use e-mail or other communication methods to build loyal relations with the clients.

Use an Omnichannel Approach

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Such an algorithm helps expand the customer base, reach a high level of authority, and make the services more diverse. Therefore, it is necessary to use mobile marketing, and social media targeted advertising, offline services, etc. All of this will attract more customers and help provide conversion funnel optimization.

Create Great Content

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It means that the customer can cope with his primary needs without purchasing or hiring service at your company. The best methods in such a case are the creation of YouTube videos, interactive tasks, free checklists, and other tools, which may be helpful for conversion funnel optimization.

Shift the Focus from Transactions to Relationships

It would help if you always remembered that keeping good relationships with customers is a basis for further cooperation. The aim shouldn’t be to sell – it is necessary to endear the client and make him feel reliability when passing from interest to actions. Therefore, you should be creative in making targeted content to correspond with the primary customer’s interests.

Plerdy Conversion Funnel Analysis

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The use of specific tools helps determine the most necessary elements, which influence the conversion rate and represent the detailed statistical analysis. Plerdy’s conversion funnel analysis tool helps provide optimization by showing the user experience on the website. Its main advantages are the following:

  • Detection of the elements, which users regularly avoid.
  • Defining the most efficient marketing channels.
  • Advanced URL settings.
  • Understand the user experience and his way of investigating the website.

Using Plerdy’s tools, conversion funnel optimization is simplified and helps analyze the sales funnel, the conversion rate, and other essential parameters.

To Sum Up

Overall, conversion funnel optimization is a procedure that each modern company should provide. It helps improve the user’s experience during each product's investigation step and allows him to pass the necessary steps for making a final purchase.

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