10 Ecommerce Trends for 2023

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Online services are a leading type of commercial relationship nowadays, and people use them for financial operations, shopping, insurance, etc. Each essential process is provided with the help of eCommerce, which is the basis of the modern lifestyle. The primary elements of electronic commerce include trading, data exchange, marketing, and banking. Therefore, such a niche is divided into many categories depending on the targeted consumer groups.

If we refer to the statistics, we reveal that many eCommerce growth trends make online services more critical each day. The COVID-19 pandemic proved that modern society could get anything needed with the help of the Internet. The specific statistics in 2022 shows how electronic commerce expands each day:

  • The pandemic increased the retail sales industry from 16% to 19%, and the number of ordered goods online increased by approximately 60%.
  • In 2040, 95% of purchases will be provided online due to the significantly changing trends in ecommerce.
  • Debit and credit cards are the traditional elements obligatory for each online operation.
  • In the case of shopping, free delivery is necessary because people avoid buying products with paid shipping.
  • More than 30% of consumers compare the prices in offline and online shops.

As we see, creating an efficient online company depends on implementing new eCommerce trends. Therefore, let’s outline what factors mainly influence digital business performance and introduce them with the maximum profit.

10 Ecommerce Trends 2022

Each online company may use the listed top trends in eCommerce to reach a high level of interaction with the clients, define the targeted audience, and improve the product presentation.


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They are essential nowadays because the consumer’s experience is the central aspect of successful commercial relationships. Online marketers usually aim at making them act more like people with the help of artificial intelligence technologies. Therefore, it is expected that chatbot eCommerce marketing trends in 2022 will include:

  • Payment optimization: eCommerce chatbots will help customers provide transactions without leaving the chat.
  • Voice help: the bots become more integrated with artificial intelligence and help website visitors with voice commands.
  • Emotions: the bots’ actions and phrases will depend on how the customer interacts.
  • Analytics: automatic data analysis helps customers find what they need, bringing more potential profit to the company.

Chatbots are necessary elements of each business, and their good performance considering eCommerce trends may result in sales increase and conversion rate optimization.

“For those, who are not familiar with technics, chatbots are a necessary function, and in future, they will be working with such a client group” – Joachim Jonkers, Chief Product Officer of Chatlayer by Sinch.

Voice Shopping

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Such an eCommerce retail trend will grow by more than 1900% due to the high popularity of smart technologies such as Amazon Echo or Siri on Apple devices. Nowadays, 52% of voice search users use it at least once a day, which confirms the efficiency of the function. The accurate statistics represent the following:

  • 70% of online entrepreneurs think that voice shopping improves the user experience and may result in a better conversion rate.
  • 68% of consumers believe that voice commands help them solve everyday problems.
  • The customers, who used voice shopping, spent approximately $130 more than those who didn’t use it.
  • More than 50% of US citizens will be ready to purchase intelligent speakers in 2022.

The experts also prove that the new eCommerce trend will become an indispensable part of online marketing.

“The impressive statistics show that voice shopping will grow in popularity because it is easier to speak with an assistant than type” – Georgi Todorov, Founder of ThriveMyWay.com.

Payment Methods

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Customers usually doubt what features should have a convenient payment method. During the COVID-19 pandemic, everybody who used online shopping met with different purchase algorithms, including credit cards, digital wallets, etc. Therefore, eCommerce payment trends are expected to become more significant in 2022. Several essential facts tell about the following:

  • Digital transformation will be available in many new industries – it will be optimized in telecommunications, insurance, and other niches.
  • Social media will include in-feed shopping functions to make the creators get a share of advertising income.
  • Digital companies will use embedded payments, card issuing, and payout options to simplify serving small and medium business clients.

When optimizing the payment methods, it is always important to consider the customer’s requirements and his convenient approach while interacting with the company.

“It is essential to introduce innovative payment technologies to reach a high competitiveness level” – Neil Smullian, Vice President of Business Development at DataArt.

Video Marketing

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It is known that video content is what users mainly watch to get information about the products and the services. The statistics show that since 2019 users have watched more than 100 minutes of videos per day and 93% of them consider it the primary element of marketing strategy. Therefore, let’s discover some video trends to revolutionize eCommerce:

  • Use video content in social media stories: it is the most regularly viewed content, so users pay much attention to short marketing videos on YouTube, Instagram, etc.
  • Vlogging becomes more important: when a person from the company speaks with the customer, it creates an effect of personalization, which engages more profitable users.
  • AR and VR content: the latest video-making innovations show the company’s advancement and readiness to work with high technologies.

The experts also find the Ecommerce video trends important in modern commercial relationships.

“YouTube has increased in content watching from 20% to 30%, which shows that customers view more video content” – Jack Shepherd, Co-Founder at The Social Shepherd.

Virtual Reality

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It is always important to improve the customer’s perception of the product with the help of haptic, visual, auditory, sensory modalities. Such a specific eCommerce trend increases the average time customers spend on the product page and improves the general interaction experience. The latest characteristics for the trend are the following:

  • Virtual try-on: it will help customers visualize how the new clothes will look on their bodies (with the help of a digital mannequin).
  • Previews: the clients usually want to review the product in detail before buying it.
  • Social media filters: when using stories as a marketing strategy element, use VR and AR in filters to attract customers.

The VR eCommerce design trend is an essential element that significantly influences the user experience.

“It is a powerful technology that continues to develop, and it doesn’t seem to be a distant future” – Julia Troian, Business Developer at Visartech.

Loyalty Programs

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Each customer wants the company to take care of his experience and make specific offers. This aspect is essential in repeat business, expanding the permanent customer base and meeting the clients’ expectations. The latest loyalty eCommerce retail trends are the following:

  • Use gamification: it will help if the loyalty program includes point-scoring, leader tables, etc.
  • Mobile optimization: tracking the customer’s behavior and rewarding him becomes more accessible with mobile-optimized applications.
  • Customize different programs: create specific offers which distinguish VIP and standard permanent clients.

Loyalty programs are the elements that may severely increase the company’s conversion rate.

“Many people I speak with understand the importance of loyalty programs and make progress in their development” – Tom Caporaso, CEO at Clarus Commerce.

Omnichannel Customer Experience

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Nowadays, the customers work with different marketing channels, including websites, SMS, mobile applications, etc. Therefore, it is essential to follow the innovative eCommerce trends to improve the general customer experience:

  • Avoid personalized advertising: it makes the company highly dependent on ads and increases the financial expenses.
  • Don’t forget about brick-and-mortar stores: the store’s physical presence brings the possibility to add one more marketing channel.
  • Real-time marketing: active communication and updates significantly increase the company’s competitiveness.

Omnichannel marketing is essential in giving the customers more possibilities to interact.

“Try different methods to connect with your customers and improve their experience” – Katherine Calvert, Forbes Councils Member.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Ecommerce Trends-08

The business should always be oriented toward making clients return and interact with the company again. The company’s efficiency indicator depends on each stage of interaction with the client and his impression of the company. It is essential to follow the latest conversion rate eCommerce retail trends:

  • User experience is the primary thing you should consider.
  • Build up a custom CRO framework.
  • Don’t waste the customer’s time on your website.

An efficient online company should be easy to interact with and loyal with each client to improve the conversion rate.

“Optimize your landing pages and ad campaigns to improve the result” – Abtin Bahramian, SEO specialist at WatchThemLive.

Social Commerce

Ecommerce Trends-09

The statistics of China and Russia show that approximately 50% of customers make purchases directly on social media pages. The social commerce volume in the US is prognosed to be $79.5 billion in 2025. Therefore, the latest social media eCommerce trends build up the following statistics:

  • Facebook is the biggest social commerce platform with more than 50 million customers.
  • Instagram shop tab icon increased the sales and improved the marketing possibilities of the social media.
  • TikTok’s engaged user base may significantly influence the selling possibilities of the platform.

Experts also find social media a powerful way to increase sales and improve the company’s marketing structure.

“To succeed in social commerce, the marketers should choose the correct strategy to connect with the target audience” – Gavin Llewellyn, Senior Marketing Professional.

B2B Ecommerce Trends

Ecommerce Trends-10

Each business must consider staying competitive and gaining more potential customers in 2022. Due to the statistics, the sales on B2B websites increased to more than $1.63 trillion. The B2B eCommerce trends are:

  • Improve the online store’s work with the help of data analytics.
  • Create personalized content and marketing.
  • Consider the latest aspects of real-time pricing.

The listed eCommerce trends supplemented with the correct marketing strategy may significantly improve online business performance.

“Remember about the importance of B2B Ecommerce trends to start introducing them at the beginning of the next year” – Michael Keenan, Co-Founder of Peak Freelance.

To Sum Up

Overall, each of the listed trends in eCommerce is the basis of successful activities in 2022. The entrepreneurs should implement them to keep user experience high, be competitive, and reach the top of marketing innovations.

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