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Growth hacking is different from traditional marketing, as most business owners assume 🧐 For example, while the former depends on data, the latter is based on long-winded production. Also, growth hacking relies on hypotheses. Traditional marketing, on the other hand, is centered on theories. Furthermore, conventional marketing has always involved the media, radio, social media, TV, and more. Growth hacking is vast since it explores all the available channels.

Growth hacking entails innovation and creativity, which can catapult any business to the next level. This post will reveal 🔝 growth hacking tools. The goal is to explain which tools companies can start using to leave their competitors behind via the power of automation.

The problem most companies or businesses are facing today is finding the right tool for growth. They need more growth tools to bring about more leads and customers. The growth tools revealed in this post have been tested and proven to deliver desired results by business owners. In other words, they have helped to put businesses on steroids.

List of Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools

The section will list the tools for business growth. The growth tools that every business needs are:


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 01

Plerdy remains one of the best growth tools that optimizes a business for maximum profit. However, a company can only work when tracking is accurately done. This is because it is difficult to interpret visitors’ actions on its website. Also, they lack knowledge or awareness about the pages visitors are checking out the most.

Plerdy is a growth hacking tool that can solve the issues as it helps track website visitors’ behavior, including scroll depth. There is no better way of turning visitors into lifetime customers. This growth tool does not just track but also analyzes their overall behavior. Some benefits of this growth software:

  • It can analyze user groups.
  • It helps business owners know the right pages to tweak.
  • Its heatmap analyses can improve UX.
  • Its video tracking feature is helpful.
  • It makes essential SEO suggestions to help websites rank higher on search engine results.

Plerdy is a perfect tool since it generates data for companies to make the right decisions. Just click a few buttons, and that’s it! Some of Plerdy’s top clients are,,,, and

I have been very impressed seeing how people interact with my website pages. It makes it easier for me to know what they are looking for. Also, its tracking is very accurate and insightful. We have achieved 3% growth with this tool. – Sofia A.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 02

This growth hacking software remains one of the best tools for business expansion. It helps business owners create unique content online for their customers. Most business owners aim to create high-converting content for customers to get the ultimate shopping experience. This tool can make such become a reality.

The benefits of this tool are overwhelming as it has attracted different categories of businesses/clients over the years. They are Spotify, Uber, Udemy, Accenture, and New York Times. Some benefits that this growth software provides are:

  • Users can test different campaigns.
  • You get the ability to create seamless content.
  • People can create ideal campaigns for their business needs.

Since I started using Optimizely, my business has grown immensely, but I only learned about them through recommendations. This growth tool has helped a lot. – Anita Bella.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 03

Hubspot is another powerful growth hacking tool for every business. Apart from attracting people to a website, it can also help convert them into loyal customers using its unified codebase. Without Hubspot, marketing efforts may end up not yielding the expected results. Some popular companies using its platform are Walmart, Royal Dutch Shell, Mitsubishi, PhRMA, and Talk Space.

The benefits of this growth hacking tool include the following:

  • Boosting of lead tracking/conversion rates.
  • It can help to attract and retain customers.
  • It makes search engine optimization very easy.
  • It supports social media marketing.

When starting my eCommerce business, I tried out a lot of software. Some worked, but I had to pay for them individually. Hubspot is truly a growth tool because it gives me a platform to do lots of things to improve my business. – Anthony Clark.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 04

This growth hacking tool has numerous reputable and successful clients like,,, and This proves its 100% efficiency as a growth hacking tool. Nimble remains one of the best CRM tools for successful business campaigns today. One of its significant benefits is that it helps businesses close deals quickly.

Besides, this growth software helps businesses interact with their customers more effectively. When building relationships with potential and existing customers, this growth tool can help sales reps become very effective. Regardless of the market or industry, this growth hacking tool is indispensable.

I found it difficult to close sales on my website. However, this changed when I found Nimble through Google search. Today, my conversion rate has improved by almost 314%. My business has experienced tremendous growth. – Wilson Charlton.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 05

With the correct email and SMS strategies, competing favorably with other successful companies is easy. This is what the growth hacking tool Klaviyo is all about. It helps businesses reach out to their target audiences through emails and SMS. Its marketing automation is one of the best around. For example, there are different pre-built templates to take advantage of. This growth tool is unique in many ways.

Also, this growth hacking tool has sign-up forms for getting subscribers. Getting started is easy, given its intuitive drag-and-drop editor. BJ’s Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc, The WB Shop, Decathlon France, Puma, and ABM Industries Incorporated are some of its clients.

Managing my SMS and email marketing campaigns has always been difficult and stressful. This is because I was using different platforms. However, Klaviyo has made it easier for me. It is an all-in-one messaging software. It is solely responsible for our growth as a company. – Uchenna Wilfred.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 06

There is so much to achieve by using this potent growth tool. For businesses using Google Analytics that want more capabilities, switching to Mixpanel is a good option. This is because it offers extra opportunities. For example, it can analyze how people interact with their products.

Google Analytics is a limited growth hacking tool since it only focuses on page views. However, Mixpanel is not all about tracking. It is also excellent for boosting product engagement rates, and it can help retain customers. Stripe, Airbnb, Twitch, LaunchDarkly, and Cred are some of its clients.

Mixpanel analytics is accurate and helpful in my business. It has improved my decision for minimizing loss and maximizing profits. This is indeed a growth tool that is worth recommending. – Cinthia Ruth.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 07

Finding the right growth hacking tool to maximize time is crucial in business. Anything short of this can mean disaster since productivity will be low. Calendly is an automation tool that greatly simplifies this process. With the click of a few buttons, people can schedule their activities. This growth hacking tool for companies conducting lots of meetings can prove helpful.

The Calendly growth hacking tool can help scale any business to an unimaginable level. Some of its clients are Dropbox, eBay, Twilio, Compass, and Zenefits. In addition, it can make business owners focus more on selling since other tasks will be handled.

This growth hacking tool has managed to increase the rate at which we meet with customers by over 150% at Vonage. – Chris Williams.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 08

It is one thing to send messages to customers. However, it is something entirely different to get the expected replies. Many businesses and companies struggle to achieve the second due to a lack of a growth hacking tool. With Lemlist, such a nightmare won’t exist. This growth software ensures personalizing of cold emails, automating follow-ups and even engaging with leads.

For businesses that want to get the best from cold mailing, this growth hacking tool is the right option to explore. Its most popular clients are ambitious businesses like Zappier and Aircall.

Getting results from cold mailing takes work. I had to deal with lots of technicalities. However, coming across Lemlist has helped simplify the entire process. I can’t stop using it. This growth hacking tool is the real deal. – Samuel Walters.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 09

Without the right growth hacking tool, you can kill your business with poor graphics. This is why many successful companies budget thousands of dollars to create stunning graphics that can help them to sell. There is a perfect solution – VistaCreate. This growth tool remains one of the best platforms where companies can create high-converting logos, business cards, and stunning images.

There are high-quality templates to take advantage of without paying a dime while using this growth tool. In addition, Internet marketers use its platform to make their offers unique.

I used to find graphic creation quite complicated without the right growth tool. However, everything is different with VistaCreate because I now do such with few clicks. –  Lisbon Konja.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 10

Buzzsumo is a growth hacking tool that does a lot to assist businesses in creating content. Also, it automates the entire process to ensure no one is lifting a finger. This is a must-have growth tool regardless of what a company sells or offers. Besides, it can analyze the backlinks of articles and posts.

Buzzsumo is a valuable growth hacking tool that helps businesses get the most from content creation. Some of its clients are Buzzfeed UK, TechTarget, Glass Digital, Blueclaw, and AGY47.

The thing I love about Buzzsumo is how it helps me get article writing ideas for my target audience without breaking a sweat in minutes. It is indeed a revolutionary tool. – Ubani Akanji.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 11

One of the major problems most businesses are facing online is the need for customizable and personalized solutions. This is what a growth tool like Clearbit manages to solve. Potential customers can visit customized web pages based on accurate demographic data. When used correctly, this growth hack tool is capable of boosting sales.

With Clearbit, businesses can use data to achieve their set goals and objectives. Some of its clients are Pantheon, Outreach, Tealium, Mention and Radar. It is truly a growth hacking tool that can bring positive change.

This growth hacking tool has been helpful in our company. Since we started using Clearbit, the conversion rate on our homepage has increased by over 30%. Its personalization strategy is much better and more effective. – Livestorm.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 12

Typeform is a powerful growth tool that has helped many businesses over the years. However, creating forms that are capable of converting website visitors to customers takes a lot of work. This is because there are lots of technicalities involved. However, Typeform is a reliable growth tool to solve this issue. It automatically creates quizzes, forms, and surveys for customers to answer. They are usually engaging and interactive.

This is a much better way of keeping any target audience engaged. In addition, the surveys look professional and enjoyable. Answers Corporation, Cottage Life Media Inc., M Booth, and Meta Platforms Inc are active users of this software. This growth tool can help businesses to achieve the desired results.

Typeform has been a lifesaver as it helps us create lots of surveys and quizzes for clients. In addition, the entire process is automated which saves time. – Isaac Thompson.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 13

Qualaroo is a growth tool that exists for one reason – to help businesses boost their conversions. It is a potent growth tool that many companies are using today. For instance, this tool helps business owners know what their customers think. The goal is to enable website owners to make smart decisions without any guesswork.

In record time, digital product teams can access helpful insight and data about their websites. Proof of its relevance is how companies like The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Blackboard Inc., Enterprise Fleet Management Inc., Palgrave Macmillan Ltd., and Nitro use it on a monthly basis.

Qualaroo is a growth tool which has made it super easy for us to make decisions about areas of our business which need improvement. Best of all, our conversions have improved since we started using it. – Grace Wilberforce.

Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 14

LinkedIn is a platform where businesses connect and interact. People make thousands of dollars by connecting and rendering services to other companies. However, having to contact potential clients consistently can be very boring. This is what, a popular growth tool, has been created to handle.

This growth hack tool can help people send automated emails to potential clients within a few minutes. What could have taken hours will be automated. It can also help any company get leads once used effectively. Some of its clients are BAMF, ROIplan, Docsify, Predictable Revenue, and Hyperise.

I have been using LinkedIn for my business without any tangible result as my profile remained inactive for months. However, has proven this platform has great potentials with the right tools. I love this growth hack tool. – Samson Gloria.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 15

GrowthBar is a growth hacking tool that keeps on gaining popularity among various businesses on the Internet. This growth tool has been responsible for helping many bloggers succeed. This has been achieved by assisting them in creating engaging content for their target audiences. There are many AI writing tools on the web, but GrowthBar stands out.

The content of this growth software is accurate and readable. Also, it can be optimized for SEO purposes. Some of its customers are, Minted, Codeless, TeePublic, and MagicJack.

What I appreciate the most about GrowthBar is its keyword suggestion tools. This has helped me to generate targeted articles which get lots of views. – Martha Asiwaju.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 16

With this growth hacking tool, email marketing can help businesses to overtake their competitors. For instance, it enables the creation of newsletters that can be automated. Furthermore, it is possible to create mailing lists. Moosend is a tool that has been designed to provide the ultimate email marketing solution for different categories of businesses.

Also, this growth tool has tracking features that make it easy for Internet marketers to get the best from their campaigns. Some of its trusted customers are Ogilvy, OIVOS, ISOBAR, SAP, and TEDx. This growth hacking software can take any business to the next level.

With Moosend features, I found automation of my email campaigns to be very easy. Also, I don’t have to bother about stats for my emails. Moosend does everything for me. It remains my most favorite growth hacking tool. – Sarah Winter.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 17

This growth hacking software has helped many sales teams worldwide to become more proactive and effective. For instance, it allows sending personalized cold emails. These will surely bring about the best responses from potential customers and clients.

Also, this growth hacking tool offers lots of integrations for easy marketing and can be used alongside other tools like Facebook, Hubspot, Drift, SaleMate, and more. Mailshake’s clients are Pangolia, Leadable, ClickUp, Virtuance, and Multirisco.

I have always struggled with cold mailing in my business. However, using Mailshake has improved my fortune. My conversion rates have increased significantly by using this incredible growth tool. – George Tyson.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 18

Noisli is a growth hacking tool with lots of benefits business owners can experience while using it. For instance, it can help boost their focus and productivity. This growth hacking software creates an ambient soundscape. Through such, distracting background noise can be easily blocked out. Every business person has daily goals. In the end, very few of them achieve tangible results.

Noisli is a growth hacking software that helps to boost productivity by ensuring people remain focused while carrying out their activities. Its playlists are quite inspiring. Plus, its “timer” feature helps to ensure effective time management.

Noisli is a simple but powerful growth tool which many people need to start using. I just couldn’t believe its potentials until I started using it. – Michael Gray.

Keap Max Classic

Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 19

Keap is a great growth hacking tool for automation and winning over potential customers in any business. This growth tool doesn’t just help to generate leads. It can also play a crucial role in converting them into loyal fans for years to come. Such is done by automating most parts of a business. Email marketing is a typical example.

Keap Max Classic is the perfect growth hacking software for automation to grow any company. It also has some high-converting landing page templates for subscribers to take advantage of. The best part about this tool is its highly personalized automation. Some of its happy clients are Walter Bergeron LLC, Built to Build Academy and Prime Vibe Music.

Keap has unbelievable potential as a growth hacking tool to make any business stand out from the crowd. It has helped us generate more leads and conversions. – Jeffery Hansen.


Top 20 Growth Hacking Tools 20

Zapier is a fascinating growth hacking software every business needs to have. Apart from providing a platform where apps can be connected, it can do lots of work for business owners. This refers to automation. For example, after the apps are connected, all the work will be fully automated based on some set rules.

In a nutshell, this growth tool can automate work across thousands of apps. This encourages maximum productivity since IT roles can be performed easier and faster. Some companies using this growth hacking software are Typeform, Gravity Forms, Elementor, Accenture, and Graphy.

Zapier has made tasks in our workplace very easy to execute. My workers are now more productive since we signed up for this app. – Gregory Wilcox.

These are the best software that can put your business on steroids. They have all the necessary potentials to make any company compete favorably with its competitors.


Based on the above, I recommend that you carefully approach the issue of choosing a growth tool for your business. With these options, a company has a much better chance of overcoming its competitors without hassle. It is all about business owners understanding the ideal tools for their projects which can bring maximum results. Choose the preferred growth hacking tool and start using it for the good of your business 😉

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