How to Analyze a Scroll Depth?

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My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, we will talk about scroll depth.

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To know how long the people have read the content on your page, scroll depth analysis is very important. However, what we should also keep in mind is that the scroll depth report for desktop and the mobile are completely different things, and users scroll the same page completely different based on the device they use.

So why do we have to analyze the scroll depth?

  • It helps you a lot to formulate your marketing strategies.
  • It also helps you know where exactly people stopped scrolling your page and helps you analyze why they do so.
  • It gives you actionable strategies to improve your content structure, story-telling, and cliffhangers to keep people hooked and make them scroll more rather than bounce back.
  • It helps you determine where you need to include the CTA buttons in your content for maximum impressions and clicks.
  • It helps you develop the right scroll percentage for popup triggers.
  • Another big thing – it can help us realize whether we are showing too many categories. So when we see that the users don’t scroll a lot, but we have more products on the page, it is a sign that we better leave fewer products on the page and add pagination so users can open the next page.
  • Besides this, if you place some promotional banners, discounts, certificates, testimonials on your pages, with the scroll depth analysis, you will see how many people see those materials and if it makes sense to place them in those spaces or better move them to the sections with higher scroll rate.

Let me show it on a real example:

Open a page and turn on scroll depth

On this page, only 18% of users scrolled to the bottom, where we have a promo banner. It means that 82% of users were unaware that we have a promotion. But this could influence their behavior and bring us more sales!

So a conclusion we can make – placing a banner here makes no sense.

This is a common mistake that stores place forms, banners etc., closer to the footer, and many users don’t have a chance to see it.

Another thing to consider is that many users don’t scroll. Many elements are placed above the fold if they have a big monitor, so they don’t need to scroll. It’s not good or bad, but if you see that most of the users don’t scroll a lot – it is a sign that you need to organize your website in a way the most useful information is placed above the fold.

So this is it regarding the scroll depth. I hope you enjoyed this video and will stay with us to learn more!

Have a great one. Bye!

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