How To Analyze Events Session Replay Videos?

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My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and today we will learn how to analyze events in video sessions.

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We might want to see the users who clicked on the button “Buy,” who added a product to the wishlist or those who have added some filters. Those events are also called micro conversions and can include adding to the cart, wishlist, subscription, search, comparison, etc.

To analyze them, we first need to set up the goals/events based on what we want to track. You have detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up the goals on this page. We will not stop on it, this process is not very complicated, so I believe there won’t be any problems.

For analyzing our events, we go to a list of the video sessions and check the stats.

The graphs help us understand how the users behave on our website. If we see that there is a high amount of sessions without events, there were no custom video events – this is a sign that sth is wrong. Most likely, the traffic you are getting is not relevant. You should then go and analyze traffic sources – if you are getting high volumes from Google Ads, maybe the campaigns are not set up correctly? Or Facebook ads? Or even SEO can bring us not relevant traffic, so the visitors don’t convert.

So, it is not always a problem with the website’s usability. In many cases, the traffic you bring to this website is not relevant itself, so you cannot expect any good results with bad traffic. Try to dig deeper and see the whole picture.

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