How to Improve Sales Performance?


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Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will show you how we can get to know what elements are clicking before buying, so to say what elements bring us the most value – buttons, banners, CTAs, etc.

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Online sellers are doing their best to improve conversion rates and make more visitors buy sth on their website. There are numerous techniques to reach this goal – using different banners, pop-ups, calls to action, and testing different websites’ colors, shapes, and placements.

But how do we track it and know what is working?

In Plerdy, we have a report that provides valuable insights about the elements that were clicked before the purchase – the elements that brought us conversions. It is available under Conversion – Sales performance.

The first thing we see here is a chat and filters based on which we can get to see the information we are most interested in.

Also, you can see data about revenue, conversion rate, transaction, and average order value.

And right below, there is a table with the specific pages of your website and data about each of them. This gives an understanding of the sales performance on specific pages.

So you see that this information is very valuable and insightful, but to see this report, you will have to run a short setup before.

To set up this tracking, we need to go to the right corner under “How to use” we will find the detailed step-by-step instructions for the setup.

But basically, you have to take this script and install it on the page that informs the user about the ordering success. The variables in red must be edited dynamically based on the item that was ordered.

When the setup is successful, you will see this report in your Plerdy account, but besides this, you can also view the data about revenue directly on the website.

Let’s see how it works.

Let’s go back to the website URLs and open one of them. On the Plerdy panel, we have the Revenue enabled, so we see the data about the amount we earned from each specific element of the website. Another metric related to sales is product quantity. We can also check it directly from the website.

This report and information on the website give us a quick understanding of what elements are not working and what we should change, improve, or delete. Based on this information, we can build the hypothesis to improve our website conversion rate and grow the revenue.

For example, we see that this banner hasn’t brought us any revenue, so its need and impact are zero, and we can safely delete it or move somewhere else to check if it will perform better.

That’s all for now. Hope the video was helpful!

Wish you a great day! Bye.

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