How to Get Blog Subscribers?

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Hi there!

My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and today we will get to know how to boost the blog subscribers using pop-up forms.

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I am sure that you have seen subscription forms in the footer of the website and maybe even have such a form on your website. I’ll share with you one big secret, those forms in the footer don’t work. Honestly, they are just useless 🙂

What works and can help you in enlarging your list of subscribers are popups.

To create a pop-up, we need to go to the Forms&Feedback tab and press the “Build form” button. We are going to use the email collection form.

To get a high CTR, you need to provide some value for your future subscriber. Try to come up with a really powerful message. For example:

1. Offer a discount for the subscription

2. Offer to download the e-book, which will be sent via email. This will then require integration with mailing services such as MailChimp or others. Plerdy has an opportunity to integrate such services

2.1. After subscribing, you can automatically set up to send an email with the book.

So, you need to give some incentive that will motivate the user to subscribe. Of course, you should not expect 100% subscriptions, but you can try to get 10-20%.

Another big thing is nurturing your subscribers. Send them updates, info about promotions, special offers regularly, and the results can surprise you.

When you have created the form, added a message, set up the rules for showing the pop-up – test it for your IP, test in the incognito window, and click ” Save ” when you are ready. The form will be saved in your Plerdy account and enabled on your website!

My congratulations!

We created the first form using Plerdy. If you like this video and want to know more about Plerdy and popups – subscribe to the channel and stay tuned.

Thanks for watching till the end!

Have a good one! Bye!

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