How to set up a popup form for a specific element?

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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will show you How to set up a popup form for a specific element?

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The process of setting up such a popup is pretty simple, while the impact and the usefulness of it are very, very big. You don’t need any plugins, any other software, just your Plerdy account and your website.

I will show it to you with one example. So here is the page from the Plerdy website. Let’s open up the page for SEO experts. Here we have a button Add new Top SEO expert. This button has its class. To check that, click Inspect, and here we will see a class of this button. We need to take this class, copy it and go back to the Plerdy account.

Click Form and Feedback, Build a form and choose the type of the form you need. I will take this one, for example. Inside the form, the creation window opens the second tab – Display rules. Here go to When to show? rules and find the “Click on the hot selector.”

We have instructions on adding it – Add a class or ID to the appropriate field. Recording format: for Class, this is .name, and for ID, this is #name.

We also add a name so we know what this button or element is.

When ready, this will work like this – show it on the website.

You see nothing complicated, just a few steps, and you have a pop-up form set on a specific element. This is quick. You don’t need developers’ involvement, don’t need plugins, so this is very useful and helpful for marketers.

That’s for watching till the end. I hope to see you in the next videos.

Take care, bye!

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