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When providing business activities online, it is always important to consider the specific marketing peculiarities. Generating potentially profitable customers may become possible only after improving the company’s awareness and aiming at customer interaction. Therefore, online marketers introduce the strategy of direct and indirect conversation with clients to increase their interest in the company’s services. The process is named lead generation, and nowadays, there are many companies specializing in such a specific niche.

Leads are the potential clients acquired after the marketing procedures, which positively influenced the interest. The process is usually supplemented by customers leaving their contacts (email, phone, etc.). Modern entrepreneurs say that lead generation is mainly based on the following aspects:

  • Awareness: clients get information about the company from social networks, websites, blogs, etc.
  • Idea: when customers learn the primary facts of the company, they think about cooperation and probably hiring the services.
  • Action: after choosing the required products, clients search for ways of buying them.

It is crucial to offer exciting and interesting products, which helps endear clients and make them know about the entire service’s list. The customer should understand the efficiency of the deal, and only then he’ll provide the contacts. Let’s discover what instruments lead generation companies use and why they are efficient for online marketing.

How Do Lead Generation Companies Get Leads?

If marketers choose a proper marketing strategy to generate leads, the business acquires many advantages. The primary one is that the brand becomes more familiar, reliable, and ready to cooperate. As a result, the marketing possibilities extend, and the targeted audience reaches the website easily. Nowadays, the primary methods of lead generation companies are the following:

  • Message funnel.
  • Emails.
  • Quizzes.
  • Magnets.
  • Ads.
  • Online chat.

Generating leads, expanding the client base, and improving brand awareness are the essential aspects of a profitable business. Therefore, hiring only the best lead generation companies experienced in working with various marketing instruments is crucial.

Top 12 Best Lead Generation Companies

The list of the best lead generation companies was created due to their high efficiency and unique approaches to the specific lead type. The brands worked with the different high-trusted companies and developed beneficial strategies for their promotion.


Lead Generation Companies -12

The company was founded in 2017 by Michael Maximoff and Vladislav Podolyako. The services are based on a transparent approach and creative strategies. Belkins works with European, North American, Asian and Australian brands. The clients are ITG Software Engineering, Arize, Born&Bred, and other organizations. The lead generation agency uses email deliverability, appointment setting, and lead research as the primary approaches for getting leads.

“They solved our problem and consulted about solving the possible mistakes” – Oleg Bolotnov, Founder of Gradual.

CIENCE Technologies

Lead Generation Companies - 13

It is a b2b lead generation company that has worked with more than 2,000 clients since its foundation in 2015. It has a PasS approach and an experienced staff, helping many clients worldwide. The most famous of them are Rocketrip, Dataweave, etc. Cience uses the specific instrument to get leads:

  • Outbound and inbound campaigns (with demographic, firmographic, and technographic data).
  • CRM integration services.
  • Email and message lead.

Positive reviews confirm the high quality of the company’s services.

“They have a strong methodology and provide services perfectly” – Mitch Bishop, CMO at Cloud Cover Music.

Strategic Sales & Marketing

Lead Generation Companies -01

The company’s statistics show that it provided more than 7 million sales leads for the customers. Its founder, Al Davidson, is considered one of the most influential persons in such a specific niche. Gerber Scientific, Fellow PRSA, CT Technology council are the clients of the lead generation company. The services include database marketing, telemarketing, social media advertising, email lead programs, etc.

“They pay attention to each client considering the specific requirements” – Dave Foster, VP Business Developer at NASC.

Martal Group 

Lead Generation Companies -08

It is one of the b2b lead generation companies, creating more than a thousand lead lists for 1 client each month. Getting leads is usually supplemented with the KPI analysis to make the process more effective. The Martal Group services include the following:

  • Messaging templates.
  • Email outreach and calls.
  • Appointment setting and attending conferences.

Spirit Al, Forerunner, Clickworker, Umbo, and others are high-trusted companies improved with Martal Group services.

“They are always ready to implement new ideas to make work better” – Egor Korneev, CEO at Ordinal Science.


Lead Generation Companies -02

The company’s methods include phone conversations as the best way to get feedback and overcome objections. “Adaptive, direct, and dynamic” are the primary principles of the approach. Kuebix, Clean Energy, Parker are the clients of Sales Roads. The lead generation mechanisms of the company are phone-verified leads and appointment settings.

“Our business started growing every month with the help of SalesRoads” – Ron Cohen, Manager at R&Y Group.


Lead Generation Companies -04

It is a b2b lead generation company specializing in appointment setting. The specialists provide a unique proposition to potential customers by getting leads with social media, podcasts, webinars, press releases, etc. Healthcare and medical equipment companies, cyber security providers and different niches get new leads with the Intelemark services.

“Their team and we are more like friends” – Jay Bloxsom, Founder of NationsClassroom.


Lead Generation Companies -03

The company’s primary specialization is the provision of efficient outbound strategies. “Discover – design – deploy” characterizes the working process of the lead generation company. Therefore, the approach for getting leads includes the following elements:

  • Contact verification (first name, job’s title).
  • Data gathering (email, physical addresses, phone numbers).
  • Account mapping.

OutboundView works with Econic, Beehive, mySidewalk, and other companies. The clients regularly leave good reviews about their experience.

“Their attention to details sets them apart” – Mike Leising, Owner of GMB Corporation.

Atlantic Growth Solutions 

Lead Generation Companies -05

It is considered an expert in process sales in North America. As a rule, the team asks for 21 days to get information for the lead generation campaign. First, the specialists learn the solution, determine the correct approach, develop a target list before getting leads. Then, they use calls, emails, and social networks to provide the services. Masitek, C-Therm technologies, CarteNav solutions trust Atlantic Growth Solutions.

“Their cooperative skills are impressive” – Paul Ward, COO at East Coast International Trucks Inc.

Lead Generations International 

Lead Generation Companies -06

The lead generation company mainly specializes in telephone appointment setting to create new potential clients. The team created efficient scripts and prospects databases, bringing more than $1,000,000 of the potential revenue. SAP, Ascension Benefits, Blueline Safety, improved their marketing strategy with the specific services. The main methods are webinar and event registrations, calling and email list procurement, etc.

“They exhibit the highest integrity” – David Christie, CEO at Pyng Medical.


Lead Generation Companies -09

The company uses email, text, and social media marketing as the typical strategies for lead generation. The business profit is more than $700,000 with the help of SocialBloom methods. The professionals know how to create a digital presence and get maximum profit from newly created leads. One of the latest cases of email marketing resulted in 5% CTA conversion and 60% OPR.

“They have exciting email marketing skills” – Wendy Oke, CEO at Teach Cloud.


Lead Generation Companies -07

The lead generation company determines the prospects with hand research and gets potential clients with LinkedIn and outbound email campaigns. They aim at a specific formula, “40 leads x 15% conversion = 6 sales,” to provide services to their clients. Under Armour, Walmart, Matalan, and other companies trust Gravitas and get their efficient promotion.

“They deliver good leads and have excellent organizational abilities” – Claire Williams, Director at The SME Partners Ltd.

Valerie Schlitt founded the lead generation company in 2001, and since that time, it has provided various custom strategies for getting leads. The firm’s direct approach is getting potential clients by content marketing:

  • Blogs.
  • Articles.
  • Webinars.
  • Infographics.

The clients are companies from various niches such as healthcare, education, technologies, manufacturing, etc. The reviews confirm the high efficiency of the services.

“We are satisfied with their solutions” – Daniel Rahn, Account Executive at Charge.

To Sum Up

Overall, lead generation companies provide different approaches to attract potential clients and increase the brand’s business possibilities. Online marketers may use such services to improve awareness about the company and reach a high-reliability cooperation level with the customer.

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