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Marketing strategies do not always allow you to achieve your desired result. It is possible to avoid unnecessary expenses and bypass useless actions thanks to a new marketing direction. Performance Marketing Agency is the ability to pay only for the real results of your advertising campaigns.

Raising brand awareness is a top priority for many businesses because consumers tend to trust familiar agencies over others. There are several effective ways for marketers of agencies to get closer to their audience:

  • Native advertising.
  • Promotion in search results.
  • Advertising campaigns on social networks.
  • Advertising in Google Ads.

One advantage of Performance Marketing is the ability to analyze the actions performed by consumers that lead to payment upon completion of a transaction. Stimulation and tracking user behaviors are two other ways of evaluating a chosen promotion strategy.

Performance Marketing Agencies: How to Choose

Finding a reliable partner requires a clear understanding of the goals and capabilities of the agency. Before signing a cooperation agreement, consider the answers to these important questions about marketing agency:

  1. How do you find the best performance marketing agency? Use the recommendations of other agencies that have gained the necessary cooperation experience that you are seeking.
  2. How do you evaluate the agency’s projects? Experts can use several approaches, so it is important to learn the basic strategies to meet your business needs.
  3. Why should you use Performance Marketing? Implementing a promotion strategy allows you to pay for real results.
  4. What is the optimal cost of leads? The price depends on the goals of the advertising campaign and the level of training – the services of agency specialists are always more expensive.
  5. Who will control the work of the agency? Please take the opportunity to keep control in your hands and attract contractors, don’t let them dictate your path.
  6. Are there ready-made solutions? Each strategy must be unique because you will not get the best results for your agency if you do not use a tailored approach.
  7. How do you ensure the safety of your work? The data used to implement the strategy must be protected when partnering with a performance marketing agency.

Working with a top agency is worth the time and effort, but many aspects of the work depend on the process management style you choose.

5 Performance Marketing Agency’s Case Studies

The use of a new approach to promotion has led to its growing popularity with hundreds of agencies. Performance Marketing is effective because service and product providers can optimize basic workflows. Lead generation is now completed with minimal effort, and analysis of the results allows you to get acquainted with the achievements of competitors and draw sound conclusions. Market research helps to identify leverage to increase the demand for services or products. Many agencies have succeeded in achieving this goal, but not every case deserves attention. We have selected five successful examples of the application of Performance Marketing.

Attract traffic using bids

The Honest Company offers a wide range of products for home and child care. Distribution of advertising on US websites was used to stimulate the growth of online sales. They decided to implement a Performance Marketing strategy through Google Ads.

Experiments with the advertising campaign increased the return on ROAS assets by 47%. In addition, significant time savings (about 50%) were achieved when analyzing the results of displaying new ads through Google Ads.

To increase the return on ROAS assets, research was conducted on the advertising campaign. The evaluation of efficiency was performed based on the results obtained by the following methods:

  • Assignment of bets.
  • Improvement of landing web pages.
  • Completion of advertising texts.

Testing new ads yielded comprehensive information on conversion rates – all decisions about relevant innovations were made based on actual information. The data allowed us to assess the effectiveness of the campaign and properly allocate the budget.

Brand health and profitability indicators: methods of improvement

Catalyst tested and evaluated the results of a new advertising campaign for a Fortune 500 corporation. Attracting potential customers was done by increasing the value of the products. Testing the new advertising campaign made it possible to improve ROAS and increase brand health by 20%.

Achieving this goal is carried out through a unique approach, which is divided into three main phases:

  • Collection of data and statistics from the media.
  • Quantitative assessment of major media channels.
  • Performing optimization for budget redistribution.

The successful implementation of modern cases to increase profitability guarantees a positive result. Stimulating growth and focusing on long-term cooperation with consumers both contribute to achieving this goal.

A global campaign to generate demand

In this example, the intent of implementing a performance marketing strategy was to generate demand for the services of a well-known agency. Matterport, which produces immersive business applications, has achieved the desired results. Improving the quality of attracted customers will stimulate increased demand for applications.

As a result of the work on major social Internet sites, it was possible to increase site traffic by 58% and conversion rate by 52%. The collaboration affected the SQL conversion rate (64%).

The choice of an integrated marketing campaign has combined the creation of demand and raising awareness. Implementing this new strategy has had a positive impact on the sales cycle, increasing the number of leads and updating the target web pages.

Blue Yarn Media has taken over the sales department and increased staff efficiency.

Increased coverage and increased sales of consumer electronics

Another global Fortune 500 consumer electronics brand has used Catalyst. Increasing the return on investment in advertising was chosen as the main goal. Working with potential buyers accelerated the purchasing process (by 63%), increased profitability (by 119%) and increased order volume (by 76%).

To increase the indicators, the following strategies were used:

  • Retargeting.
  • Cross-selling.
  • Sponsored advertising.

The campaign attracted the attention of ordinary buyers on the Amazon site, stimulated an increase in demand, and increased coverage (visits to promoted ads). This result was achieved through the use of the DSP strategy.

Advertising of the range and its impact on the number of visits

Apple, a German product vendor, has used a performance marketing strategy to increase offline sales using online tools, with positive results. Results: CTR growth of 81% (desktop computers) and 99% (mobile version). The appearance of advertisements about the available range increased the number of visits to the agency’s web pages. To achieve this goal, experts have relied on advertising for available products. The approach has paid off by combining the interests of online and offline shoppers. The goods were purchased at physical GRAVIS store locations.


Research results confirm the relevance of Performance Marketing strategies. To increase demand and increase trust, it is enough to change the approach to preparing advertisements. New ways of campaigning for promotion deserve attention because of the right result.

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