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The complexity of marketing for SaaS companies lies in the product. It is virtual. The software is difficult to try on, impossible to hold in your hands or provide open demo access. It isn’t easy to promote and advertise it. In addition, the SaaS niche is one of the fastest-growing. How do you get customers interested? How do you enter into long-term contracts to maximize the user experience? A SaaS marketing strategy aims to differentiate a product from an array of similar and competitive ones and can be done in two stages:

  1. Attract the maximum amount of targeted organic traffic to your site.
  2. Effectively promote the product to new customers, attract potential customers from other traffic channels. In both cases, provide high-level support.

In the first phase, marketing agencies use proven, actionable strategies and:

  • Inbound and outbound content marketing.
  • Internal SEO.
  • External SEO, building high-quality backlinks.
  • Referral Marketing.
  • Build brand awareness through qualified reviews and partnerships.
  • Setting up Google Ads.
  • PPC contextual advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social networks.
  • Сold email marketing.
  • Development of accounts on Quora or Reddit in case there is a target audience here.

Experienced marketers often take a holistic approach for SaaS companies by combining strategies. Much depends on the budget and the target country of the customer. To start an advertising campaign, you should choose 1-2 traffic channels to test hypotheses. After the first traffic, leads and payment, you can plan the next scaling step.

At the initial stage of choosing traffic channels and all subsequent ones, analyze your competitors. Information about which traffic channels users come from can significantly simplify the work in advertising campaigns.

If a potential customer is ready to buy, they need to be enticed to buy. The second stage is to keep paying customers. The following guidelines work here:

  • Limit the offered range to make it easier to choose (create pricing plans, service packages).
  • Post product prices. Don’t hide them behind a quote request.
  • After registering in the system, offer a demo of the product or provide free access to the software via the link.
  • Simplify registration as much as possible (for example, only using email – a password will be automatically generated and sent to a new user).
  • Improve user experience: add instructional videos, instructions. Onboarding is essential for new clients.
  • Offer discounts and bonuses when paying for three months, six months, or a year, 10%, 15%, 20%, respectively.
  • Use only clear calls to action (buy, find out, follow the link).

We’ll highlight nine of the best marketing agencies in the B2B SaaS niche and put all these strategies into practice.


The Directive agency has been engaged in performance marketing for SaaS since 2014. Clients include SaaS companies Betterment, Samsung SDS, Cisco, Sumo logic, Procare,, Tiger connect, etc. Directive is a partner of Google, Bing, Facebook, Unbounce, Sisense, and Moz. It works with B2B and B2C.

The price list is available by personal contact. In the reviews, clients write that the average cooperation budget costs $5,000 or more. They also note that the team pays great attention to creating customized strategies according to customer requirements.

The CEO of the company is its co-founder Garrett Mehrgut. A directive has offices in the USA (New York, Austin, Southern California, and Texas) and the UK (London), headquartered in Orange County (California, USA).

Bay Leaf Digital

The agency works exclusively in the B2B segment. The team describes the critical task as increasing the monthly recurring income (MRR) of each client.

Since 2013, the company has engaged in various tasks, from SaaS marketing analytics to SaaS CRM integration. Clients have the choice of three packages of different focus:

  • Early Stage SaaS – creating a positive image for the brand: creating large volumes on the site to demonstrate the customer’s expertise, working out and launching a marketing strategy, a growth plan, testing audiences, and conversions.
  • SaaS Seeking Rapid Growth offers startups already operating in the market but have not reached the desired target audience reach.
  • Transition into SaaS – for software developers who are preparing to switch to the SaaS model.

The price starts at $6,500.

Successful cases include collaboration with Travelocity, Angie’s List, and Citigroup. Smaller clients describe the company as an organized and operational performer. Bay Leaf Digital Managing Partner – Abhi Jadhav. Office – in Dallas / Fort Worth, Texas (USA).


Roketto offers B2B clients a set of full-cycle strategies and separate online promotion tools without intrusive advertising.


  • Spark is a basic package for managers and business owners who have not previously worked with inbound marketing. Blogging and promotion, SMM, SEO site, and keyword selection. $5,000/month.
  • Ignite – for medium enterprises. The same instruments, customized for high volumes. $8,000/month.
  • Ascend is an express tariff for businesses with significant needs, designed for fast results—$ 13,000/month.
  • Soar – for brands with individual characteristics. A set of analytical tools supplements the essential tools—$ 20,000/month.

Clients include:

  • The provider of automated AI solutions through the Rubikloud cloud platform.
  • The Keats School of Chinese and dialects.
  • The Align Ortho network of dental clinics.

The Roketto team analyzed prospective students’ requests and created individual proposals and landing pages. The focus has shifted to building leads through bottom-of-funnel content creation (BOFU). Segmented contacts, launched email marketing.

The brand has directors – Ulf Lonegren and Chris Onyett. Office – in Canada, Kelowna, British Columbia.

Krafted Digital

Krafted Digital uses Pay-Per-Click tools, retargeting, social media customer community management, eCommerce, and affiliate marketing.

Successful cases include a startup Zod Charger, an innovative charger, and software for electronic cigarettes. The task was complicated by legislative restrictions on the advertising of tobacco products and their derivatives.

The agency develops digital strategies for Lufthansa, Chase, Bombas, and Citrix.

Cooperation costs between $500 and $10,000.

The central office is located in Miami, New Jersey, Boston, and Atlanta (USA).


The principal concept is Product-led growth (PLG) and Data-driven marketing.

The agency’s website has a calculator for calculating the cost of services. Clients can get discounts within the framework of the loyalty program.

Top case studies for successful clients include the Hellopeter brand, a provider of diverse reviews for small businesses in South Africa. HubSpot, Intercom, InnerTrends, DataBox tools helped optimize user adoption, increase sales and make precise forecasts for the company based on analytics. The number of connected users has grown by 77%.

Founded by Trevor Hatfield, he leads the company’s digital strategy department. The main office – Houston, Texas (USA).

Koala Rank

B2B customers are offered to scale, get a free demo and $300 discounts for the first month. SaaS companies reap many benefits from collaboration, including faster sales cycles.

The offerings are divided into three thoughtful packages:

Basic – up to 100 leads per month, three publications per block, recommendations for content authors. $399 per month.

Standard – posts in social networks and blog posts, lead magnets, lead generation. The price is $649 per month.

Premium – campaign relaunch, branded links. $999 per month.

The agency gives discounts between 5 and 15% when paying the package upfront for the quarter.

SaaS clients include Brevity care soft, Full Fabric. The Ubidots platform deals with the Internet of Things (IoT) analytics. The result showed good numbers – the average time spent on the page increased by 25%, the mailing audience rose from 0 to 510+ in three months, and the click-through rate rose to 7%.

Koala Rank is a young agency. Arrigo Lupori founded Koala Rank in 2019. There is an office in Florence, Italy (for clients from Europe, the Middle East, and Africa). For US customers, there is an office in Cincinnati, Ohio.


It is a working marketing funnel for setting up and maintaining a steady stream of leads. It has an integrated mechanism for converting leads into sales. Use tools from Unbounce, Leadpages, Hubspot, WordPress, Adobe, and Hotjar platforms.

The monthly cost starts at $5,000. Price clarification – through the form on the website.

An illustrative case is working with Indexic, a software provider for e-commerce companies. They optimized marketing funnels and increased the volume of incoming leads by 200%. The client’s revenue increased by 2488%.

Office – Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (USA). The reviews note that the performers practice video conferencing, which creates the effect of the personal presence of specialists. Zack Hanebrink and Allen Bayless founded HookLead in 2011.


The agency’s specialists handle PPC campaign management, inbound marketing, SEO. Successful cases include collaboration with Imperva Incapsula, Sealskin Covers, Revecent, Landpoint, CWPS, etc.

There is no price list, and clients report that the base campaign budget costs $2,000 or more.

An outstanding experience – working for the cloud service Imperva Incapsula, a cybersecurity solutions provider. The volume of real customers increased by 1012%, the number of qualified leads (MQL) – by 610%, the number of potential buyers – by 585%.

The SevenAtoms team operates from two offices. Central in San Francisco (USA), second in Dublin (Ireland). Managing Partner Andy Beohar and VP of Marketing Tina Bahadur lead the company.


NoGood specializes in audit, optimize and build stable conversion paths. The latter is increased by optimizing the entire funnel and using existing traffic. They are actively testing several strategies and choosing the one that will retain quality leads and increase customer lifetime value (LTV).

The company has successfully promoted a subscription startup Tesla Steer, the Fratelli Carli gastro brand, a Fortune 500 company, and an undisclosed international SaaS brand.

The agency does not indicate prices. Clients don’t mention their budget.

Moderators: Queenie Leung and Dan Mills. Headquarters – in New York(USA). Team members work in London and Dubai.


The digital services vertical growth rate does not allow SaaS companies to settle for a single option for promoting the Web. Strategies that work for other companies will not bring the desired effect in the Software as a service, even with high customer productivity.

In 2021, SaaS companies need to focus on the future state of their ideal customer. How convenient and effective a particular SaaS platform solves user problems will help differentiate the brand from the competition. This is the right strategy for turning a cold contact into a long-term customer.

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