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In real estate work, the expression that demand breeds supply is especially relevant. Lead generation for real estate is a service of attracting potential buyers to the activities of the real estate agency.

A real estate agency’s lead generation is to increase its sales conversion rate. Without customers, any business will cease to exist. It is essential to understand that not all calls to real estate agents turn into meetings and contracts. Most of them remain in the contact log, called leads. For the leads to turn into potential clients, it is necessary to find a specialist ready to professionally carry out not only the purchase of leads for real estate but also the generation of leads with the subsequent promotion of services.

For a client to give contact information to a real estate agency and start cooperating with it, it is necessary to get them interested in the services provided. Unfortunately, most business people make mistakes when generating leads. Often they do not succeed in getting potential clients interested in the services offered.

In this case, it is possible to buy leads for real estate, or you can use another way to generate leads. But to get leads, you need to study your competitors’ real estate, know the technical characteristics of the houses the agency sells, own the numbers, constantly deal with the real estate agency website, hand out flyers, and do a tremendous amount of manipulation to attract clients. This article will discuss the 20 best real estate lead generation ideas you can use to drive sales.

20 best real estate lead generation ideas

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To ensure that potential clients do not leave the real estate agency after receiving the information but choose it, specialists use different effective attraction tools, thereby generating leads. Leads at any time can become customers who will bring profit to the business. Lead generation also includes work on obtaining data about clients. So, to generate leads for real estate, you can use the ideas described below.

Build local connections for more referrals

An excellent referral network contains more than past customers. You should join = local communities where you can generate new connections while remaining connected with other people. These people can bring you new leads.

Join your local chamber of commerce

If you join your local chamber of commerce, you can get your name and company listed in newsletters and get referrals. Moreover, you can make valuable connections. This real estate lead generation idea will drive your sales.

Help buyers find an investment, not only a home.

Many people are buying a home not for living but for investments. They want to buy a house and sell it for a higher price. So your chances of selling a home are much higher if you approach the home as an investment.

Create an avatar of your client to target them on social media

An avatar of the client is a solid, collective type of the average user. It combines the main qualities, character traits, and behaviors that the targeted audience possesses. An avatar of the client will help you work with the most interested in your services audience on social media.

Use Facebook Ads

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Traffic from contextual advertising differs from traffic from targeting by the degree of human interest. In contextual advertising, the demand is hot: users turn to search engines when selecting suitable options. All advertisers want this traffic, so the auction is very high.

Traffic from social networks is colder, so conversion to a lead can be significantly lower. Advertising platforms provide extensive opportunities for selecting and segmenting the target audience, allowing for flexible settings and cheaper clicks and leads than contextual advertising.

Targeted Facebook advertising has undeniable advantages:

  • The variety of advertising formats. This can be a photo, video, animation, or landing page, which will convey the benefits of the object so that people can imagine their future home.
  • The cost of a lead is cheaper than the PPC. Of course, we cannot say that this happens all the time. However, in most cases, leads from targeting are half the price of those from PPC advertising.
  • The solution to two advertising goals simultaneously: increasing brand awareness and getting conversions. Targeted advertising can be shown to people at different stages of the decision-making funnel.

Therefore, it is better to plan the budgets for different purposes separately in media plans. Things that will work well for the brand, such as attracting traffic to the website, may not bring direct conversions at all. Campaigns that work only on the lead ads format help more to bring in clients who are actively looking for apartment offers.

Use Google ads

Google advertising involves paying per click. You set a budget in Google Ads, and when someone clicks on your link, a small amount is deducted from the budget. In other words, you pay for a specific result. For the fact that people visit your website and, as a result, contact you. By the way, Google advertising is among the top three tools for increasing website conversions. As a result, many users who click on your ad link will be ready to take action.

TikTok for real estate agents

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Short videos up to 60 seconds long with the ability to use the built-in video editor with stickers, masks, and other effects make TikTok an effective advertising tool for real estate agents. However, the real estate videos see only the audience interested in it. Therefore, it is advisable to connect paid promotions only after choosing the real estate TikTok account style and its original presentation. Free methods of advertising include the following:

  • Advertising by #hashtags. Hashtags are indicated following the subject of the account. In our case, this is real estate. But it would help if you did not forget the most popular hashtags.
  • Activity. It is vital to be an active user – write comments, give likes, and subscribe to the accounts of people engaged in similar activities. This will allow you to earn credibility and expand subscribers.
  • Feedback. Live broadcasts, communication with the audience, and conducting surveys on, for example, what real estate is more interesting attract potential clients.

You should pay attention to TikTok as a prospective real estate lead generation idea.

Real estate websites for lead generation

Most real estate websites are similar to each other. They are ordinary. Your real estate website should be different to generate leads. However, it mandatorily should have the next features:

  • Simple and clear navigation
  • Selling content
  • Search for real estate option
  • Adaptive design

The website should provide a potential client with comprehensive information and attract his attention with all sorts of hacks.

Create Virtual Home Tour Videos

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A virtual home tour is ideal for directly advertising real estate or services, such as restaurants or hotels. Benefits and advantages of virtual home tour of real estate:

  • Presence effect
  • Viewer controls the experience
  • The entire room can be shown without restrictions – from floor to ceiling
  • Compared to video, it is possible to retouch imperfections
  • Substantially more informative as compared to photographs

When viewing the virtual home tour, the viewer sees the entire space around him, can zoom in and out, and move from room to room. Compared to video or photography of interiors, a virtual home tour shows the space around the viewer volumetrically and in much greater detail.

Start a Blog

Having a real estate website blog provides additional opportunities for targeting relevant keywords. You can publish the following:

  • Informational articles
  • Posts on the cost of living, social community, schools, cafes, and restaurants in the area
  • Pros and cons of the area, prospects of housing availability

It is important to dilute the blog texts on real estate with pictures and infographics.

Host a Q&A Event for First Time Home Buyers in Your Community

First-time homebuyers don’t know much about this process, while all the real estate agencies have answers to different questions. Hosting an online or offline Q&A event for first-time homebuyers is a wonderful way to show your real estate agent is reliable.

Use Zillow Premier Agent or Connections Plus is one of the most famous real estate websites and provides leads from homebuyers through its Connections Plus service. Zillow Premier Agent is an online ad platform allowing real estate to get ad leads. Zillow Premier Agent delivers the best tools and analytics.

Advertise through more traditional media

To generate real estate leads, you can use traditional media:

  • Radio
  • Television
  • Offline advertising
  • Press advertising
  • Telephone advertising

They still work, but the results greatly depend on the experience of the professional.

Generate leads on LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a social network for different experts that have money. You should allocate a budget for targeting advertising on Linkedin only if you have a working sales funnel, marketing strategy, and USP for your product. It is advisable not to experiment with self-adjustment but to contact a LinkedIn ads expert immediately. In such a way, you will not drain the budget.

Organize educational events

Educational events are a great way to promote real estate and get leads. These events can educate anything regarding real estate. But when creating educational events, consider the target audience you will be working with. Educational events will be a great lead-generation idea with the right approach.

Target “For Sale by Owner” listings

A lot of people are willing to buy real estate by owner. So they look for “For Sale by Owner” options, and you can target them. Unfortunately, not many real estate agencies use this lead generation idea. So you will have a great advantage over your competitors.

Learn to Scale Your Lead Generation With a Smart CRM

Most people believe getting started is the most challenging in real estate. But they have never tried to scale a thriving real estate business. Intelligent CRM can ease your real estate business by helping to correct the lead generation process. So if you still have not used CRM, try it as a prospective lead generation idea.

Send Sales Letters to Absentee Owners

Understanding that you must set up email campaigns to succeed with this real estate lead generation idea is essential. Writing absentee owner letters that bring a great reaction begins with consistency.

Sending out a full pack of letters on time or a couple of times is a waste of funds. On the other hand, sending sales letters to absentee owners is a long-term lead-generation idea.

Meet Your Top 50 Contacts in Person Once per Quarter

Suppose you have a database of 50 contacts rapidly coming to “know, like, and trust” you. These contacts include past customers, current prospects, the latest real estate leads, friends, and family. According to statistics, each of them knows at least three people going to move or buy an apartment. Together, they can bring you 150 referrals. And this is only a conservative estimate.


Without leads, a real estate agent cannot interact with clients. The experts in lead generation know how to increase customer loyalty and interest buyers. After reading these top 20 real estate lead generation ideas, you become as well as any real estate lead generation expert.

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