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Search engine trends have been changing for more than 20 years. Web marketers started introducing essential internal and external website characteristics to reach the best positions in Google request ranking. The increased dependence on SEO rules appeared when 2 historical updates were implemented. Panda, in 2011, introduced the keyword anti-spam machine, which ranked the spammed pages low. The second one, the Penguin, was provided in 2012 and aimed at filtering websites with improperly built links.

Therefore, the regular update of the primary SEO rules formed the best practices obligatory for each modern website. Following them helps companies get the specific benefits:

  • Profitable marketing. The keyword practice aims to get potential customers after clicking on search results. Nowadays, the equal number of unique words and low spamming percentage results in a high search ranking.
  • Performance monitoring. Many paid and free instruments represent the critical performance parameters and quickly detect flows. Online marketers get essential data such as clicks number, session records, conversion rates, etc.
  • Reliability improvement. People usually visit only the best highly-ranked websites and consider them reliable. Therefore, the optimized pages may bring more potential customers.
  • Defining target audience. Sometimes, the website brings no profit even after adding keywords or internal links. The problem may be choosing the wrong target unique words, resulting in the increased exit rate. Modern SEO instruments allow choosing the necessary keywords and implementing them.
  • Competitiveness improvement. SEO practices in 2022 implement the crucial qualities into marketing strategies, making websites digital marketing leaders and attracting more leads.

Overall, SEO best practices are based on various Google search rules, and most are still unknown. So, corresponding to the obligatory conditions brings in the website’s good performance and a better strategy to attract the targeted audience.

SEO Trends of 2022

The listed rules are formed due to the significant experience of modern marketers and their durable work in digital promotion. Best practices for SEO help improve the parameters of content, link building, landing page structure, etc. Let’s define what is important while creating the marketing strategy or website optimization.

First-Party Data Collection

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One of the primary marketing aspects is reliability between the customer and the company. Gathering the user’s first-party data brings the most valuable information (both sides confirm the procedure). The standard methods are emails, feedback, cookies, CRM, etc. This SEO best practice includes the following data types:

  • Demography.
  • Behavior and customer needs.
  • History of website visits.
  • Time spent on websites.
  • Purchases and transactions.
  • Interests and popular requests.

The practice allows the marketers to build up unique segments and profiles depending on the data. The information enables companies to represent suitable ads to the targeted audience. As a rule, providing first-party data makes users convinced in the website’s verification according to GDPR rules. The SEO best practice allows monetizing the attended user groups and understanding what the targeted audience mainly requires.

“It is visible that the most relevant and exciting content has more chances to become the search leader. Therefore, it is important to send it to data stores for further optimization.” – Michael King, Founder & Managing Director of iPullRank.

Improved Page Speed

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Experienced SEO specialists know that the primary search engine trends include high loading speed. For instance, a typical mobile page’s loading speed is no more than 4 seconds, and Google created AMP (a specific project provided to optimize the regular mobile web loading) to reach such an indicator. And nowadays, each user looks at this factor when building the first impression about the company. The best SEO practice for loading provides the following benefits:

  • The best experience. The users will enjoy the quick performance enabling them to find the necessary content.
  • Get statistics. Fast websites track more visitors with the help of analytics tags.
  • Suit Google. Since 2010 the loading speed has become the crucial relevance parameter.

The web developers should think about optimization of the essential parameters:

  • LCP: time for content loaded appropriately.
  • FIP: time from the user makes the first action and to the browser’s response.
  • CLS: shows if there are any abnormal page visual changes.

The experts share their point of view of page loading speed practice being one of the most obligatory SEO parameters nowadays.

“The Google requirements include updated characteristics, which makes marketers consider web page loading speed, UX integration, experience update, etc.” – Alexis Sanders, Director of Merkle.

Expanded User Experience

SEO Best Practices-03

The interaction functions should always be convenient and make users understand the website’s specificity entirely. Therefore, online marketers pay attention to the UX design practice, which influences user behavior at the primary stages of interaction. In other words, it is the method to show that they can easily find what they want. To represent the product perfectly, the designer should consider various factors such as its external qualities, integration, architecture, etc. Here you can find the tips for best design SEO practices:

  • Customize the interface. It will help include specific elements to interact with users, such as support messages, chatting, special offers, etc.
  • Make it simple. The complicated design with improper structure usually negatively influences the user’s impression. Every page should have its unique aim visible to different users to correspond to the expectations.
  • Ask for feedback. It is always important to connect with the user and know about his experience. The customer’s response will represent the best characteristics and flaws of the website.

SEO specialists outline UX as one of the most critical factors in improving the website’s relevance.

“The main target of SEO industries is user experience, not the keywords” – Kristina Azarenko, SEO Consultant & Founder of MarketingSyrup Digital Inc.

Better Focus on User Intent

SEO Best Practices-04

Such a practice usually considers technical SEO and should include a comprehensive promotion strategy. The approach should show that the website has the best strategy and may correspond to the unique request. Companies of high levels provide the user intent best SEO practices to help find their needs instantly. As a rule, giving potential customers the information they want to get results in improved conversion and better sales. The most important aspects of the practice are the following:

  • Customize the best content due to the targeted keywords and semantic core.
  • Analyze the website performance and determine the possible flaws.
  • Improve user experience by adding more interactive elements.

Online marketers also speak about the importance of focusing on the modern user’s intent during the implementation of the practice.

“If you empathize with the users of different niches, it means that you severely took their intent” – Mordy Oberstein, Head of Communications at Semrush.

Refresh Existing Content

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The website content is an essential indicator of its relevance. The users usually aim at finding the best and the most relevant information, helping them solve their problems considering modern methods. Therefore, changing the information and data placed on the website is a necessary SEO aspect. One more critical aspect is that keywords and links are rated low after some time. The audience may change their needs and create various requests, which the actual content may not have. The tips for best SEO practice are the following:

  • Changing content shows the website’s search engine aims at relevance improvement and makes it rank higher.
  • Create new unique meta tags due to the latest keyword requests.
  • Update images with the relevant ones.
  • Check if the website’s content is mobile-friendly and performs well.

The experts say that regularly updated content builds the basis of the website’s relevance.

“It is essential to cover specific topics with the content, which the others don’t do” – Motoko Hunt, President of International Search Marketing Consulting.

More Evergreen Content

SEO Best Practices-06

One of the latest SEO practices tells that the content, which stays relevant through time, is ranked high by Google. For instance, the pages of news agencies, annual statistics and reports, and fashion trends are short-termed. The evergreen content helps get more potential customers, connect the audience with social media and represent the company’s leadership. The important rule for the SEO best practice is that the content should be placed on the main pages and be free of technical language.

“Evergreen content is a good method to get leads and improve the company’s reputation” – Keith Kakadia, CEO of Sociallyin.

Omnichannel Digital Campaigns

SEO Best Practices-07

It is important to attract potential customers with various marketing procedures. Aiming at one may bring no objective profit and result in low conversions and poor sales. Therefore, it is crucial to create omnichannel campaigns that connect the user. The most regular are online (websites, social media, messengers) and offline (stores, service centers, etc.). The result of such campaigns is a positive impression of a customer and high competitiveness on the global market. The most relevant tips for the SEO best practices are the following:

  • Consider the customer experience while choosing the primary campaign.
  • Determine the targeted audience and approach to encouraging their interest with each campaign.
  • Use a customer-only method to reach a high-reliability level.

The experts doubt that an omnichannel approach results in a highly appreciated status of the company and well-optimized SEO structure.

“It helps to connect users at different points, and if the brand seems familiar, they are more likely to work with him” – Ezra Firestone, CEO of Smart Market.

Interactive Experiences

SEO Best Practices-08

The users usually aim at visiting interactive websites, which have a design structure for an exciting experience. It is essential because the modern digital rules allow to avoid passive surfing the Internet. The customers usually demand the company’s interest in their wishes and want it to interact. Therefore, modern web developers implement guides, quizzes, chats, free loaded content, and other elements to encourage interest and acquire potential customers. Follow the specific SEO rules to provide the best experience for users:

  • Use Costello’s framework to understand the primary interests of users.
  • Create the guided experience as visual storytelling.
  • Implement extra content (VR, 3D) to show the high service level.

The specialist’s opinion tells about the importance of the best SEO practice for online marketing.

“Improving user experience by using the dynamic layouts is one of the latest Google trends” – Jamie Indigo, Senior Technical SEO Lead of DeepCrawl.

Google Discover Optimization

SEO Best Practices-09

This SEO best practice includes website optimization due to the customer’s search history and previous activities. It mainly considers the following aspects:

  • Locations.
  • Search history.
  • Application and contacts.

The use of the specific information becomes available only after the provision of several practices. Firstly, it is important to be indexed in Google and don’t break the policy laws. It is also essential to use high-quality images which supplement the content.

“Google Discover is mainly based on placing unique images and results in the increased click rate” – Jamie Indigo.

To Sum Up

Overall, modern SEO rules have various peculiarities that make online marketers appropriately provide the promotion strategy. Best SEO practices include the crucial information, which helps the websites rank higher, corresponding to the primary customer’s requirements, and become a niche’s leader.

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