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The effectiveness of a promotion strategy increases when you use customer reviews. The impartiality of judgment and recognition of the situation in the examples below will allow you to attract potential consumers. Furthermore, including stories about cooperation with the company will not annoy readers; they increase trust in the brand.

Providing tangible proof of professionalism or quality is hard to come by, which is why more and more businesses are getting customers to write reviews. Another option for distributing a review is to create video interviews with regular consumers of goods or services. There are other possibilities; we will tell more about them in our article.

Quote Testimonial Examples

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Citing quotes from reviews is the oldest and most common option. The first samples appeared long before the Internet era, so the method’s effectiveness is beyond doubt. It is possible to prove your professionalism to potential customers by giving examples from the personal experience of consumers.

However, the results of using quotes from reviews are influenced by several factors, so you should pay attention to the following characteristics:

  1.   Persuasiveness. Add photos and names of customers who want to leave a response.
  2.   Availability. You should not “hide” reviews from potential buyers – make sure that the reviews are available from any site page.
  3.   Transformation. Show your target audience that your services or products will truly change their lives.

Add customer testimonial quotes in video format to save time researching information. In addition, quoting reviews helps to increase brand awareness.

Social Media Testimonial Examples

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Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social networks – and you can benefit from this habit. Placing reviews on the pages of the company’s website is just the beginning because customers can tell about their cooperation experience in their profile.

For reviews in social networks (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to be useful, you need to create a brand account. Reviews with company tags will increase the page and official website traffic. The main task is to post useful content, including customer feedback.

The advantage of using responses on the Web is their verified authenticity. Customers interested in ordering or buying can verify that a person left a positive review. Follow up the appearance of new reviews with social networks and share them on the site’s pages.

Video Testimonial Examples

Testimonial Examples-03

Those who already use video reviews to promote services and products will win the battle for clients – and here’s why: although text can be copied or composed, the video recording cannot be faked. This is the main benefit of using videos to tell the customer experience.

The following arguments allow you to verify the effectiveness of the video response:

  1.   The convenience of the format. Most users prefer to get information from videos.
  2.   Real emotions. Making people lie is difficult – especially when they know that the video will be on the network. Most people are imbued with confidence in the narrator and convince themselves of the veracity of what they hear.
  3.   Reliable facts. A client who talks about cooperation with a brand gives arguments that resonate with the target audience.

High-quality video shooting will emphasize your attitude to what you are doing. And if you shoot a video response with your audience’s influencer, it risks going viral.

Audio Testimonials Examples

The main advantage of this option is the ability to save money. However, to publish a review, you will need to record the client’s impressions and use it to voice the video sequence you need. Thus, sharing experiences and creating engaging content for a profile on social networks or a company website will be possible.

There are many ways to use the created audio:

  •    Video audio.
  •    Combining excerpts from several reviews into one.
  •    Bringing audio testimonials as podcast add-ons.

Add the customer’s photos, name, and other details to the audio review. Then, complete the entry with text in quotes and excerpts from the direct speech. Thus, each visitor to the page will obtain the necessary information.

Image Testimonials Examples

Testimonial Examples-04

Reviews can be presented in an attractive image using quotes from user reviews. It is not difficult to draw the attention of site visitors to this block – high-quality images always attract attention.

You can choose any of the proposed formats:

  •    Photos before and after.
  •    Completed project.
  •    Photo of the authors of the reviews.
  •    Photo of goods in an unusual perspective.
  •    The process of selecting goods or providing services.

Persuasive quotes will increase conversions and get a response from potential consumers. Add information about the client who left the review to the photos to indicate the position held. Leading niche experts will increase the level of trust in your product and brand.

It is much easier to convince of the correctness of the decision when evidence is placed in front of your eyes – the visitor will fall for your creative “hook.”

Case Studies Testimonials Examples

Testimonial Examples-05

Review-research performs several functions at once. First, readers get acquainted with the benefits of using the product and analyze how the offer meets their expectations. It is challenging to ignore feedback research since attracting attention brings real numbers and results.

Compiling a qualitative review-research reveals the following points:

  •    Problems of clients who are looking for ready-made solutions on your site.
  •    Availability of ways to solve the problem, considering the consumer’s requirements.
  •    Opportunity to choose an individual plan of action.
  •    The fears of potential customers that prevent you from moving forward.
  •    The results of using the product in detail.

The review’s credibility depends on the client’s status who talks about his experience. It is possible to prove the effectiveness of the proposed solution by bringing objections and studying various solutions. As an example – a story about the business experience: before signing the contract and after completing cooperation.

Interviews Testimonials Examples

Testimonial Examples-06

To acquaint new clients with the results of your work will allow you to record an individual interview. For the preparation of the video to highlight your strengths, it is worth compiling a list of simple but essential questions. Then, if necessary, you can combine excerpts from the interview into one review.

Ask your clients the following questions:

  •    What was the problem that prompted you to seek your services?
  •    Which objections were wrong?
  •    How would you describe your experience with the company?
  •    How effective was the solution?
  •    What changes have resulted from the collaboration?

The interview should also reflect the team’s help, the description of the work process, and the search for a suitable solution. The client’s story, corresponding to the problems and expectations of the target audience, will increase the conversion. Building a professional reputation depends on your efforts and customers’ evaluations.

Peer Reviews Examples

Testimonial Examples-07

The review of services and products, compiled by experts, is in demand for several reasons. First, specialists can conduct an expert analysis if clients evaluate rather superficially. Sharing reviews that experts have compiled is essential.

The opinion of professionals will increase the level of confidence of potential customers. They will be able to read a detailed review of your website. Post a short preview and then offer to study the whole story.

Endorsement from an unbiased outsider will add value and draw attention to the product. It is worth using this format of reviews in cases where a company chooses a narrow direction or masters innovative technologies.

Influencer Testimonials Examples

Testimonial Examples-08

Celebrities often talk on their pages about the experience of using services or products. This helps brands and companies to increase the level of trust in the offers. In addition, the endorsement expressed by an influencer allows you to expand your area of influence and get new buyers from among his followers or fans.

Cooperation with trendsetters is gradually gaining momentum. According to statistics, an increasing number of users prefer those brands that have won the heart of their famous favorites. Reviews written by an influencer are more credible than reviews from ordinary customers.

You can use this method without restrictions. Marks on photos and a short story about your impressions are the basis for action. Fans follow the recommendations of the idol – you should not miss such a chance.


Social approval of products or services has a significant impact on a company’s success. Getting testimonials and posting them on your website allows you to reassure visitors that the company is trustworthy. Brands become known through the spread of information, and customer feedback is the most common way.

It is possible to reveal the benefits of cooperation and emphasize the product’s value thanks to the story of real consumers. Choose the appropriate feedback format – success will not belong in coming.

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