Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2024)

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Ready to catapult your brand visibility with unrivaled SEO prowess? Dive into this comprehensive guide showcasing the top 12 SEO companies dominating the digital landscape in Orlando, 2023. From meticulous keyword analysis and expert site optimization to engaging content strategy – these companies set the benchmark high. Each brings a unique blend of innovation, strategy, and results that supersede expectations. They’ve served diverse niches, from e-commerce to tech startups, each revealing an unwavering commitment to digital growth. Marvel at Plerdy’s intelligent tool that bridges the gap between your brand and the customer. Each company in our lineup has mastery over SEO and the optimization world, which they use to propel businesses into the limelight. Explore this curation, and take that vital step towards robust digital dominance. Harness the power of these SEO stalwarts and let your brand radiate unrivaled digital success. Discover the Plerdy tool and start your journey today!


Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 01

UPQODE, a premier SEO and digital marketing company, drives businesses in Orlando to flourish by optimizing their online presence with effective SEO strategies. The company’s skilled consultants blend local SEO, web design, and content creation expertise to maximize search engine visibility, engaging the right customers and generating leads.

Take a glance at UPQODE’s multi-faceted SEO services:

  • Local SEO Solutions: UPQODE specialists stay current with market and algorithm changes, ensuring your business adjusts seamlessly and ranks high in local search marketing results.
  • Technical SEO: With attention to site structure and code optimization, UPQODE eases the path for search engine robots, resulting in higher rankings.
  • Long-Term Data Analysis: UPQODE utilizes Google Search Console and Analytics to track landing page performance and keywords, informing adjustments and improvements to the ongoing marketing campaigns.
  • SEO Audit and Market Analysis: UPQODE commences each project by understanding the client’s business and the online competition, laying a solid foundation for success.
  • Keyword Research and Strategy: Comprehensive research into the most relevant keywords for your business helps boost search visibility.
  • On-Page SEO: Through compelling, SEO-optimized content, UPQODE increases your website’s traffic and reduces bounce rates.
  • Link Building: Targeting quality links on relevant high-domain authority sites boosts rankings.
  • SEO Web Design: Not just optimizing your current website, UPQODE can provide a refreshed, SEO-friendly web design to enhance your online visibility.

UPQODE’s SEO company hands-on approach and commitment to marketing results have made it a top choice for businesses in Orlando seeking a reliable partner for online growth.


Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 02

Orlando’s SEO frontrunner, Boldist SEO company, is revolutionizing the field of website optimization. As an adept e-commerce SEO enterprise, they strategically drive traffic through your funnel, putting your website at the forefront of Google’s billions of daily searches. They’ve honed their focus on enhancing the e-commerce experience, merging technical expertise with targeted content marketing.

Here are the reasons why Boldist stands out:

  • They’re well-versed in search engine updates, keeping your business afloat in an ever-evolving digital landscape.
  • They mold their approach to fit your unique business model, providing tailor-made solutions for optimization.
  • They analyze, report, and follow up on your SEO efforts, ensuring they effectively impact revenue.

Moreover, Boldist presents an all-inclusive, 5-step SEO process designed to foster growth and increase conversions:

  1. Audit – A thorough analysis of your SEO processes and performance.
  2. Strategize – Building a bespoke strategy that aligns with your industry and business needs.
  3. Plan – Prioritizing and scheduling SEO updates to optimize marketing results.
  4. Implement – Guiding you through implementation or handling it themselves.
  5. Report and Repeat – Regular reports on KPIs and continued strategic planning.

Their marketing team is proficient in technical SEO, content creation, and keyword research, making Boldist the one-stop solution for e-commerce businesses seeking a dependable partner in SEO optimization. Boldist SEO company – redefining SEO for e-commerce.

Dark Matter Digital

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 03

Dark Matter Digital (SEO company), the Orlando-based digital juggernaut, is passionate about constructing unforgettable brand experiences through strategic SEO solutions. With a foundation rooted in a profound love for impactful marketing strategies, they’ve been transforming brands into legends.

Dark Matter Digital’s commitment to delivering industry-leading results stems from its belief in forging lifelong alliances with the brands they serve. With a deep understanding of digital landscapes backed by collected data, they masterfully sculpt SEO strategies, design compelling brands, build responsive websites, create applications, and launch persuasive SEO campaigns – all aimed at achieving enduring growth and partnerships.

Their sterling record is reflected in a testimonial from Chris Newlon, CTO of Team Democracy: “Dark Matter Digital went above and beyond to deliver what we needed, on time and within budget.”

  • Their success lies in thinking big, leaving no room for narrow-mindedness.
  • They build work they believe in, setting your brand apart.
  • Trust is established through absolute transparency.
  • Authenticity is their mantra, each brand’s unique story is creatively unveiled.
  • They believe in swift communication and efficiency.
  • Their SEO marketing strategies are results-driven, aiming for the highest possible growth.

In the SEO arena, they devise strategic, tailor-made SEO campaigns to increase quality traffic to your website. They expertly manage technical SEO, keyword research, content strategy, analytics optimization, SEO audits, and more, ensuring that your brand outshines competitors in organic search results. Dark Matter Digital SEO company – where brands transform, and legends are born.

ThinkPod Agency

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 04

Redefining digital presence, ThinkPod Agency, an Orlando-based SEO company, illuminates the path to superior online visibility. Fueled by over two decades of expertise, ThinkPod bridges the gap between a static web presence and a dynamic magnet for high-quality, targeted leads. Anchored in a robust understanding of search engine optimization, their work sends businesses rocketing up in search rankings.

ThinkPod Agency’s SEO prowess extends across niches, from health care and fintech to education and e-commerce.

Just consider these key highlights of their process:

  • Unleashing optimization strategies that transform websites into revenue-generating machines.
  • Shifting gears to harness organic traffic, escalating brand visibility, and attracting potential customers.
  • Creating an unrivaled user experience that meets Google’s exacting standards and keeps visitors hooked.
  • Navigating the complex landscape of the marketing funnel with strategic content, addressing pain points at each stage, and sparking valuable conversions.

Recognized as the top SEO agency in Orlando by Clutch Review in 2023, ThinkPod Agency drives clients to the forefront of their industries. Their accolades stretch from Orlando to Chicago and Fort Wayne, cementing their reputation as a leading SEO expert company.

Brands such as Goshen Health, Paypal, and Anthem have experienced their commitment to delivering high ROI and ushering in a steady stream of organic traffic firsthand. Trust ThinkPod Agency to activate your SEO journey – empowering your business to thrive in a digital-first era.

Romain Berg

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 05

Romain Berg — the SEO marketing agency that’s not about just hype but results. Based in Minneapolis, the company drives more qualified traffic, increases conversions, and generates revenue. They demonstrate 20 years of combined experience and a deep understanding of different industries — from agriculture to manufacturing and e-commerce.

Romain Berg’s SEO company services include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • PPC Advertising
  • Website Design
  • E-commerce Optimization

Their approach leverages data-driven strategies and platform-agnostic solutions, focusing on industry-specific tactics that yield results. Their prowess in SEO marketing spans multiple sectors. In agriculture, they combine experience with creativity; in manufacturing, they link B2B channels with powerful SEO; and in E-commerce, they marry insightful content with customers’ needs.

Romain Berg SEO company embodies a philosophy of elevating your business to the next level, fostering a continuous flow of trust by working directly with you. When you partner with them, all the work is yours, promising 100% transparency.

Their clients vouch for their responsiveness, realistic goals, and delivery of measurable SEO marketing results. With Romain Berg’s digital marketing expertise, companies in Orlando and beyond achieve sustainable growth through strategic online optimization. This isn’t just another SEO company — it’s your trusted partner for digital growth.

Web Daytona 

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 06

Web Daytona, an SEO marketing agency located in the bustling city of Orlando, stakes its reputation on providing holistic solutions for businesses aiming to enhance their online presence. They have cut their teeth in the industry, specializing in an array of services that cater to the unique needs of their clients.

With an emphasis on SEO, the marketing team at Web Daytona utilizes search optimization to the fullest. They fuel brands with carefully tailored strategies that go beyond the ordinary. Web Daytona’s offerings can be categorized into:

  • Individual SEO strategies that power organic growth and build sustainable marketing plans.
  • Web design and branding to breathe life into your ideas.
  • Social media and advertising campaigns that utilize PPC for sales acceleration.
  • eCommerce development and website security solutions.
  • Training and consulting services that provide one-on-one guidance.

Web Daytona values knowledge, commitment, innovation, and transparency. With a well-rounded portfolio, they demonstrate the potential of ROI-driven campaigns in various industries. They’ve brought alive unique web development ideas, led robust Google Local Ads campaigns, and managed PPC to drive maximum ROI. Celebrating two decades of service, Web Daytona is more than just a company—it’s a partner in your journey to business growth.

PNC Logos

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 07

PNC Logos, an esteemed SEO company based in Orlando, offers business-transforming optimization services that push brands to the forefront of SEO visibility. Striking a balance between affordability and top-tier service, the company’s SEO packages start at just $1,699 and promise unlimited revisions.

PNC Logos SEO company is defined by:

  • High-level expertise in keywords research, producing the most relevant search terms to skyrocket brand visibility
  • Unmatched technical audits with comprehensive suggestions for fixes, ensuring seamless website performance
  • Mastery of on-page SEO and implementation, optimizing every part of your site for maximum visibility
  • Aptitude for analytics implementation and call tracking, monitoring the success of their strategies in real-time

What sets PNC Logos apart is its method of pairing market intelligence with strategic milestones. This unique blend of elements facilitates unchallenged growth in traffic and sales leads, positioning your brand at the peak of search results.

Take Anderson Lake Dental and Sophie & Trey, two brands that experienced phenomenal growth thanks to PNC Logos. The former witnessed a 128% boost in web traffic and a 130% increase in new users. In comparison, the latter observed an impressive 200% increase in revenue and a 181% surge in web traffic over two years.

Your brand identity is key, and with PNC Logos’ professional logo design, your brand’s core values will be effortlessly encapsulated. Beyond SEO and logo design, they’re a one-stop-shop for all your digital needs—from social media marketing and web development to animation—empowering you to build, innovate, and grow.


Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 08

Step into the space of SEO elevation with Growception – the unmatched SEO company in Orlando that sails you through the cyber waves of optimization. A haven for businesses aiming to amplify their online footprint, Growception takes the helm, navigating your brand to the harbor of your dream customers.

Strategically positioning your website at the forefront, their bespoke approach involves:

  • Serving awe-inspiring content seasoned with tailored keywords
  • Orchestrating organic traffic that catalyzes sales
  • Erecting a robust link-building strategy
  • Crafting content that magnetizes, resonates, and compels action

We’re more than just an SEO agency – we are a wholehearted partner in your SEO journey. Their expert crew, armed with cutting-edge tools, conducts a meticulous SEO audit, analyzes backlinks, and scours through your website content to identify areas of optimization.

To top it all off, Growception delves into extensive keyword research and competitor analysis, designing a custom-built SEO strategy for your business. Their performance monitoring and reporting ensure you’re always aware of the strides your brand is making in the digital landscape.

Your success story begins in Orlando with Growception SEO company – shaping narratives and scaling businesses, one keyword at a time.


Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 09

Orlando-based Designzillas, a distinguished SEO marketing agency, excels at driving traffic and boosting rankings for businesses operating in diverse niches. Abandoning cookie-cutter approaches, Designzillas delivers tailored SEO services anchored in optimization best practices:

  • Organic Traffic Data Analysis: Utilizing key metrics to understand your site traffic and formulate steps to drive more qualified users.
  • Topic Cluster Keyword Selection: Employing HubSpot’s topic cluster approach, crafting content groups around carefully selected keywords to elevate rankings.
  • SEO Competitor Analysis: Comprehensive assessments of your industry’s landscape and competition to uncover opportunities for SERP ascendance.
  • On-Page Content Optimizations: Implementing crucial on-page modifications such as internal links, website hierarchy, and appropriate use of canonical tags to improve specific search term rankings.
  • SEO Content Marketing: Strategically created content focusing on your target audience and search engines, ensuring meaningful results.
  • Google Business Profile Optimization: Enhancing your business’s profile for better visibility and improved site rankings.
  • Technical SEO Improvements: Addressing complex issues linked with crawling, canonical tags, sitemaps, indexed pages, and more.
  • Local Citation Building: Prioritizing the maintenance of your business’s local citations, ensuring search engines verify your business’s authenticity.
  • Core Vitals Performance: Evaluating sites’ Core Web Vitals, a metric indicative of a user’s experience on your webpage.

As evidenced in testimonials from partners like Orlando Repertory Theatre and Advent Health Nicholson Center, Designzillas consistently delivers top-tier results, transforming website performance and driving sustainable growth. A partnership with Designzillas promises strategic, user-focused marketing that slashes through your goals and secures the return on investment your brand merits.

Alchemy Marketing

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 10

Alchemy Marketing thrives as a leading force in the SEO optimization sector in the heart of Orlando. This Florida-based enterprise optimizes your online visibility, channeling 93% of all web traffic from search engines to your doorstep. They strive to elevate your business to the top tiers of search results, crafting an online beacon to attract your potential customers every day.

At Alchemy Marketing SEO company, their approach involves:

  • On-site optimization: This involves massaging your website content and code, enhancing visibility, speeding up load times, and fine-tuning meta-data.
  • Off-site optimization: Their well-versed team secures high-value backlinks through strategic outreach, improving your presence across the web and managing your online reputation.
  • Detailed SEO audits: With over 50+ points of analysis, they provide in-depth insights into your site’s performance and areas for potential improvement.

Their first-class analytics provide insights into web traffic volume, keyword rankings, user behavior, and key performance indicators. You can track the growth of your SEO rankings and visualize where users click on your website through heatmaps. This helps to optimize user experience, design, and, ultimately, lead and sales generation.

The testimonies of their satisfied clients, such as Tom Tilaro and David Anderson, witness the effectiveness of Alchemy Marketing’s strategies in driving online traffic and growth. With its innovative, customer-focused approach, Alchemy Marketing continues to set the benchmark in SEO optimization.

Southern Cross Media LLC

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 11

Founded in 2016, Southern Cross Media LLC, an Orlando-based company, commits itself to optimizing the SEO growth of your business. Unlike sprawling corporate structures, Southern Cross is a tight-knit, locally-owned entity prioritizing quality products, attentive detail, and standout customer service.

With a skilled SEO marketing team amassing 30 years of collective experience, the company excels in:

  • Website development, injecting a fresh surge of visibility into your brand.
  • Branding and strategy, mapping out the trajectory of your business with precision.
  • Internet marketing, stirring a whirlwind of engagement and revenue.

In the SEO space, Southern Cross Media LLC is not just a company but an optimization powerhouse. Our founder, Tom Fritchek, understands that SEO is the backbone of digital marketing, emphasizing the role of on-page and off-page optimization in making your business user-friendly and search engine-ready.

Southern Cross SEO company is armed to conquer the digital battlefield, backed by a crew of experts, including a Search Engine Optimization specialist, content writers, web admins, social media guru, and a Director of Creative Content and Design. This isn’t about ushering in a revolutionary approach; it’s about honing the craft of SEO and brand amplification to drive an unbeatable business model.

Operating from 37 N. Orange Ave., Ste. 500, Orlando, FL 32801, Southern Cross Media LLC is set to ignite your digital dreams with relentless perseverance. With the marketing team at your service, expect at least the optimal rise of your brand’s digital footprint.

Core Mobile App Development

Top 12 SEO Companies in Orlando (2023) 12

Based in Orlando, Core Mobile App Development reigns supreme as an innovative mobile and web design agency specializing in SEO marketing, taking the digital landscape by storm. Their extensive experience—from 1999—has seen clients across many industries achieve tremendous success through web and mobile app optimization.

Core Mobile App Development stands out for its broad range of services:

  • Refined iPhone and iPad app development, capitalizing on the high user affinity in the iOS market.
  • Custom Android app development, leveraging the dominance of this platform in the smartphone OS sector.
  • Progressive, responsive web design, delivering app-like experiences on a spectrum of devices—desktops, smartphones, tablets, and e-readers.

A testament to their expertise, the company’s collaboration with “Up Your Performance Basketball Academy” saw the creation of a remarkable app catering to athletes at every level. It was built on both iOS and Android platforms and offers instructional resources to enhance player skills.

Core Mobile App Development implements a streamlined process for each project, from a meticulous information-gathering phase to delivering a fully functional app. Their SEO prowess empowers their clients’ businesses to achieve a significant online presence and increased mobile conversion rates, ensuring they optimize every opportunity in the digital landscape.

Bottom Line

We’ve taken you on a journey through the 2023 digital landscape of Orlando, highlighting 12 standout SEO companies that power impressive online brand visibility ?. Each company with superior optimization techniques is primed to elevate your business above the competition. From engaging content strategies to in-depth keyword analysis, they’re the dream team propelling your digital presence skyward. ? If the idea of amplified brand exposure thrills you, don’t hesitate to tap into their unparalleled SEO expertise. Before you embark, remember the invaluable tool Plerdy offers – an in-depth SEO & UX analysis. This tool serves as your compass, guiding your brand through the labyrinth of digital success. Make Plerdy your trusted ally in your SEO quest and witness a remarkable boost in your online presence. ? So, gear up, choose your SEO partner, and prepare to bask in the spotlight of digital dominance. Enjoy the ride! ?

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