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Hi everyone!

Welcome to the Plerdy channel. My name is Marta, I am a Marketing Manager, and in this video, I will show you some ideas for website surveys.

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Creating a survey is an easy thing – you need to open the Forms and Feedback tab in our Plerdy account. Then scroll down, and you will see a Survey form.

As it is written here with this form, you can ask your potential customers and buyers the essential questions that will help improve your site, services, products or more.

The beauty of this form is in its versatility. It can survey many different things, as it is fully customized. Let’s look inside.

So the description, answers, questions – everything can be adjusted.

I will give you a couple of ideas for surveys on your website (created in advance):

  1. How did you hear about us? – even though you have Analytics, you see the traffic sources, but for example for the direct enters you won’t know how did those people find out about you. So such a survey might be a great chance to understand traffic sources deeper.
    And by the way in display rules you can set up this pop up survey to show up for people who came to your website through a specific traffic source – e.g. direct.
    • Instagram or Facebook
    • Email or newsletter
    • Search engine
    • Word of mouth
    • Podcast
    • Other
  2. Why are you leaving? – In Plerdy, you can trigger a pop-up by exit intent (I have explained it in one of the previous videos). This is a great way to figure out what’s causing your website’s visitors to leave.
    • I need time to think
    • No worrie, I will be back
    • I need more information
    • The item is too expensive
    • I was just browsing
  3. What should we write about next? – If you have an active blog, this is a great question to help you shape your content strategy. It lets you know which topics visitors would like to see more of, which helps you create content to resonate with your visitors’ needs.
    • Running your first 5k
    • How to protect your knees
    • Choosing running shoes
    • Other topic (please propose below)

I hope those ideas and examples inspire you, and now everything you have to do is create one of those forms for your website.

I wish you luck and see you in the next videos!

Take care, bye!

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