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Experienced marketers delighted us with lots of good and creative ads once more. Videos with world-renowned stars and animations were among the main trends. Such videos have managed to win the attention of millions of users and successfully promoted related brands. Almost all such content undergoes professional video post productions for a perfect look.

Award winning advertisement videos really worth your attention. Frequently asked questions from marketers:

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After checking our selection of ads, you will also see that videos with celebrities became the most popular. They featured singers, actors, athletes, and other influencers. Besides, our list includes many animated creative videos that are also impressed with their ideas and quality. Creatives in advertising don`t stop their imagination and do what they want.

It’s also worth noting that the trends have slightly shifted compared to the previous year. Whereas videos on social problems, such as ethnic, gender, and sociocultural diversity, immigration, health issues, etc., were viral before, in 2019, humor took the lead. Funny videos that make people laugh are crazy-popular. Yet, some inspirational and sentimental creative videos still withstood the competition for viewers. Read our article to look at the best advert videos production for the past year.

TOP 25 Creative Advertising Videos

Alexa Loses Her Voice — Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

Amazon does one of the best commercial video content. Amazon started actively promoting its voice assistant Alexa along with its smart speakers. In this promo video, Alexa seems to have lost its voice, but Amazon finds the solution. Now show business celebrities will voice it to help everyone. The add is really funny, which has brought it over 100 million views in just a few months. Most of their montage ads are great.

YouTube Music: Open the world of music. It’s all here

This video rightfully is among the best video advertising examples. In this unbelievably popular creative video ad, YouTube presented its new streaming service – YouTube Music. It will give you broad opportunities, including official audios and videos, top playlists, tons of music from across the globe, live concerts, remixes, and covers. The company has won more than 40 million views using popular videos and music excerpts. YouTube`s artistic ads are great.

OPPO F7 — Real Support Makes Real Hero

It is one of the best video adverts. It’s a promo of an Indian smartphone that makes perfect selfies thanks to a front camera with a 25 MP resolution. The idea of this creative video advertising is truly unique. It tells the story of a baseball team – from their childhood to the present day. Real Support Makes Real Hero is approaching 33 million views. OPPO made great video content advertising.

Nike — Dream Crazy

Nike creates excellent advertising videography. The slogan of this creative video should inspire everyone: It’s only crazy until you do it. Just do it. Nike encourages people to dream and be bold. Users liked such a message and viewed the video around 30 million times. The promo is very emotional, motivating, and deserves a word’s popularity. The best thing is that the slogan motivates anyone, not only athletes.

The LEGO Movie Characters present: Safety Video – Turkish Airlines

This is cool audio video advertising. This year witnessed several extremely cool commercials starring Lego Men. The video of Turkish Airlines became the most popular of them, with over 32 million views. The Lego characters tell about security control offered by the airlines and show why this company is so great. The video also features our beloved superheroes, such as Batman. There’s no doubt that this is a cool video ad.

Groupon 2018 Super Bowl Commercial | «Who Wouldn’t»

Groupon is one of the best video advertisers. The American service Groupon, which offers discount coupons, also decided to use humor and invited Tiffany Haddish to contribute. They created a great funny creative video advertising with the infectious laughter of the American actress that was viewed over 21 million times. In their promo, the company tells how to support small businesses with its service. Companies should pay attention to this video advertisement.

Samsung Galaxy: Moving On

It is maybe the best advertorial video by Samsung. In this video, Samsung decided to show the benefits of its new, upgraded Samsung Galaxy smartphone. They compare it with their main competitor, iPhone. Today there is a lot of debate about which brand is better. That’s probably the reason why this creative video boasts 17 million views and is named one of the best promos of 2019.

Gatorade – Heart of a Lio

The commercial of Gatorade’s beverages was shot as a fantastic animated short movie. It tells the life story of the popular Argentinian football player Lionel Messi. He had his ups and downs, but nothing stopped him from pursuing his dreams. Such a hymn to human resilience and power brought this video over 15 million views.

Rescue Blue the Dinosaur — LEGO Jurassic World — Pick Your Path

LEGO has always been one of the brands with the most interesting and creative videos. They carefully think every product line to make it self-selling. A new Jurassic World Lego, which shows a world full of dangers and dinosaurs, blew up the Internet with over 12 million views.

Home Alone Again with the Google Assistant

This promo created by Google became viral. They used Home Alone movie beloved all over the world and adult Kevin to promote Google Assistant. In just two days, the video was watched by 15 million users. Today, it has nearly 40 million views and definitely deserves a spot in the TOP of the most creative videos of 2019.

iPhone X — Memory — Apple

We will tell you right away that it’s not the first time you see Apple on our list. The truth is that their promotional campaigns are organized by the best of the best. This time, we want to praise Apple’s humorous video about memory. The company states that you no longer rely on your memory and remember complex passwords. With the new Face ID system on iPhone X, your face is your password. The video has over 7 million views.

John Lewis&Partners Christmas Ad 2018

A Christmas ad from John Lewis & Partners became a powerful inspiration thanks to the contribution of talented Elton John. The video starts in current times and shows the entire musical life of the artist. It allowed peeking into the very beginning when Elton received a special Christmas gift that changed all his life. No wonder this creative video advertising was viewed 14 million times.

Make It With Keanu Reeves

Squarespace, a popular website building service, launched a cool commercial with Keanu Reeves. It’s quite inspirational and shows that the power to do everything you want lies only inside you. People always appreciate such videos. Keanu Reeves has deserved millions of views and a place in our TOP.

Game of Thrones X Bud Light | Official Super Bowl LIII Ad | Extended Version | HBO

Bud shot a commercial related to the sensational last season of the legendary Game of Thrones. The creative video with a commentary “The Bud Knight’s watch has ended.  What will you do #ForTheThrone?” has over 7 million views. Apparently, not all fans of Games of Thrones and Bud beer have viewed it.

NFL The 100-Year Game

This commercial was directed by Peter Berg to celebrate The 100-Year Game of NFL. It brought together 44 greatest NFL athletes that arrived at the official meeting, but something went wrong. As a result, over 7 million people have decided to see how the world’s sports leaders compete.

Depth Control – Bokeh’d – Apple

We warned you that Apple is a guru of commercials. Here is another of their masterpieces with great humor. This time, they played on the feelings of mothers and their hyper love for their children, which sometimes goes beyond the normal. In just a couple of months, the video was viewed over 20 million times.

VIVA LA VULVA Libresse Sverige

The Swedish company Libresse already shocked many with its #BloodNormal campaign. In 2019, they continued educating people about women’s bodies. The innovative video celebrates the female anatomy with the light melody of Camilla Yarbro’s “Take Yo’ Praise” playing in the background. The video raises a very important and sensitive topic, which attracted the attention of over 1 million users.

MJ Hegar – Doors

This exciting advertising campaign launched to collect donations at is very moving and inspiring. In this video, Megan Hegar talks about the numerous doors she had to go through on her way. Some of them were an obstacle, but others stimulated her growth. The innovative video has over 3 million views.

Christian Dior’s J’adore – The film

Unbelievably beautiful Charlize Theron in a swimming pool that sparkles like gold looks straight into your soul. This commercial has over 75 million views for a reason – it’s extremely classy and elegant. The slowly moving star and gorgeous women in shiny golden dresses hypnotize. It probably doesn’t matter what they promote since this video can sell anything.

KENZO World – The new fragrance

KENZO World is a new perfume created by Carol Lim&Humberto Leon and KENZO Parfums. It was presented with an original commercial directed by Spike Jonze. A girl dances to the rhythms of Mutant Brain by Sam Spiegel & Ape Drums feat. Assassin. This video has over 28 million views.

The xx – I Dare You for Calvin Klein

Raf Simons, a new creative director of Calvin Klein, realized a successful project for the fashion brand. Of course, we mean the video I Dare You by The XX starring Millie Bobby Brown, Ashton Sanders, and Paris Jackson. These budding stars appear in Calvin Klein apparel in spine-chilling places that look very stylish. The video deserves its 34 million views.

McDonald’s Ramadan – Full Length

McDonald’s is a master of localizing their products. They shot a video on how to share Ramadan spirit that promotes their food delivery service. Although this brand has lots of great commercials, this one is special with over a million views. That’s why we decided to include it in our list.

Mr Lim’s Reunion Dinner — Singtel

Singtel, an Asian telecommunications company, has shot this touching commercial about the importance of family ties. It shows Mr. Lim cooking a festive dinner to meet his children but they aren’t coming. The sincerity of this video helped it to get over 1 million views right after its publication.

Magic for MOE Singapore

Singapore Ministry of Education created a wonderful motivational creative video for students. It shows how a teacher does real magic to inspire his students to new achievements that they thought were impossible. We can do everything when we work hard. In this case, Mr. Edwin Wan provokes love for reading.

LEGO City – Mountain Police Madness

LEGO commercials are almost always very successful. This creative video isn’t an exception. It depicts three criminals trying to escape from the police when they meet a bear, a skunk, and other animals. LEGO animations are so vivid and engaging that they can be used to create any storyline. This creative video advertising was viewed 14 million times.

After watching all the best commercials, you’ll understand that marketing is an extremely exciting field. And you haven’t seen the video clip advertising, it’s even cooler. Marketers speak directly to our emotions. They can create funny or sometimes even sarcastic things and bring up timeless and serious questions in iconic videos that remain in our memory for a long time.

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