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One of the essential business goals is client satisfaction. Modern online brands use various methods to provide the best cooperation experience and make a positive impression. Therefore, marketers focus on optimizing the general brand’s structure and interaction model to improve customer experience. This crucial factor influences the company’s authority and determines the level of its performance.

Customer experience includes all feelings and emotions the client gets after passing the way from familiarizing with the company’s website to purchasing or hiring services. It’s a subjective indicator that each organization wants to improve to acquire the particular benefits:

  • Improve sales: due to the statistics, the economy grows by 15% when clients contact the company again after successful primary cooperation.
  • Expand client base: it acquires exponential growth by permanent purchasers recommending the brand’s services to friends.
  • Enrich authority: companies with the best customer service experience are always preferable to those having poor optimization.
  • Implement resources better: using automated functions to simplify the user’s journey through the site will help emphasize service and efficiency.
  • Get fewer complaints: leaving negative feedback is unnecessary if each interaction stage was convenient and finally provided a satisfying result.

Customer experience management includes complex operations aiming to improve the user perception of the company and provide what was primarily expected before cooperation. So, let’s determine the critical features of such a marketing approach and study examples that helped businesses improve their performance.

Customer Service Management (CRM and CXM)

It’s a complicated procedure aiming to deepen the user’s psychology to understand what he wants the most. Customer experience specialists predict all the possible clients’ interactions and provide various optimization procedures. As a rule, there are three standard steps for success in the management:

  1. First, make profile creation easy and convenient.
  2. Second, personalize the user actions considering the provided information.
  3. Third, understand possible flaws by studying customer experience surveys.
  4. Finally, analyze the behavior and act quickly.

The maximum management efficiency is reached by combining the detailed analytics with the client’s life cycle. Therefore, it is necessary to understand what should be provided at different phases. Therefore, CRM and CXM are the standard technologies used for revenue boost and improving the general user’s perceptions. And because these technologies are often confused, the comparison table will help define their primary difference.

Analyzing general user’s data considering the statistics and market tendencies (influences the entire audience, not single users).Emphasizing individual customer experience by maintaining each cooperation stage.
Improvement of services and business operations to increase sales.The goal is to evoke positive emotions and satisfaction to increase engagement.
Working through various promotion channels.Impacting user’s investigation in real-time (typically on the website).

Using particular strategies to make their investigation perfect is necessary for keeping old and getting new ones. Inspiring advocacy and churn reduction are indicators of the appropriate implementation of customer experience management.
9 Best Customer Experience Examples

9 Ways to Improve the Customer Experience

Here, you can find the common methods to make the acquaintance with the brand’s functions and service’s organization model perfect. They help clearly understand how you can provide a positive customer experience.

Create a Clear Customer Experience Vision

The best way to implement this is by determining and standardizing the client-oriented principles that build your company’s behavior. In other words, it’s when each employee understands how to lead users to wow-effect and works considering similar algorithms. So, it’s time to start when it becomes obvious how to influence the experience.

Understand Who Customers Are

Only a detailed audience analysis shows a correct approach for improving the customer service experience. Distributing users into specific segments considering their data (age, country, job, interests, etc.) is necessary. For instance, when for somebody it’s easy to follow video instructions because of proficient knowledge in web technologies, the others may require a step-by-step guide due to poor skills in working with computers.

Use a Quality Framework for the Development of the Team

It’s obligatory to provide customer experience consulting to each organization’s members. The primary goal is to force the team to try to reach the best result. So, many firms use coaching, solo, and group studying to strengthen the cooperative work in serving clients.

Measure the ROI from Delivering a Great Customer Experience

Rob Markey and Fred Reichheld generated a system for measuring ROI that helps discover if the investments bring benefits. It’s a 1-10 scale asking for estimating the wish to recommend the brand to others after six months of cooperation. The survey represents the company’s concern about the experience and helps measure the general satisfaction with studying it and correcting the mistakes quickly.

Embrace an Omnichannel Mindset

Society prefers using different platforms for researching data, such as applications, sites, social media, etc. And considering that more than 50% of traffic comes from mobile devices, companies should optimize interaction not only for PC use.

Adopt a Top-Down Approach

It’s based on the leaders demonstrating to the employees the importance of a user-centric approach to successful cooperation. For instance, Walt Disney visited Disneyland to see how his business works and what inconveniences it has. It helped control the quality of the activities and set a “good leadership” example.

Include Open-Text Feedback in Surveys

The feedback is better to analyze if users can express their minds in free text form. Let them write as much as they want and tell them about everything they’re satisfied and disappointed about. It describes the customer service experience perfectly and helps detect the invisible flaws that should be instantly corrected.

Establish a Baseline for Content

Each company should have working standards when creating the site’s content and representing it to people. Informativeness, clarity, relevance, and uniqueness are necessary features to endow it.

Connect Content Management Engine

Manual maintenance of each user’s step takes a lot of time and requires non-stop human work. So, it’s helpful to set up a centralized and automated interaction model with the website elements to maximize the client’s impressions.

Customer Experience Specialist

The primary role of the professional is to control the work of web developers and marketers to provide a straightforward and step-by-step experience. Customer experience jobs usually require the following skills:

  • A bachelor’s degree in communication, management, advertising, etc.
  • No less than 2-3 years of experience in online promotion.
  • Abilities in working with the engagement platforms and systems.
  • MS Office, CRM, and CXM advanced knowledge.

Empathy and listening, project management, and analytics skills are the required qualities of each manager. They are necessary for completing the following tasks:

  • Analyzing the behavior through online and offline channels.
  • Working together with IT developers and advising about implementing this or that feature.
  • Introducing methods to inform customers about new product/service characteristics.
  • Understanding the client’s inquiries and implementing strategies to satisfy them.
  • Helping support services respond to calls and chat messages.
  • Documentary support of technical procedures and customer feedback.
  • Monitoring the marketing trends and discovering their peculiarities.

The customer experience specialist salary depends on the agency’s work volume and rules and conditions. In the US, it’s approximately $30,000-40,000 per year.

9 Best Customer Experience Service Examples

Here, you can find the companies that implemented successful customer experience programs. Their experienced specialists implemented efficient approaches that helped organizations grow their businesses.

Magic Mind

9 Best Customer Experience Examples-01

The popular manufacturer of productivity drinks implemented a unique approach that evoked positive emotions in purchasers. Everyone who ordered products received a personalized welcome video in which the team member spoke. It showed the brand’s concern about the clients and helped reach a high trust level.


9 Best Customer Experience Examples-02

The food delivery service found a method to compensate for the issues in bringing the order in time. When the delay is predicted, the company sends an apology email that offers a $10 discount for the next order. The method improved customer experience and reduced the bounce rate.


9 Best Customer Experience Examples-03

The famous brand helps customers solve issues with their vehicles. For example, if the client claims to fix the car, the expert comes to the client’s home with the complete instrumentary set and provides high-level repair services.


9 Best Customer Experience Examples-04

The company tries to respond to negative reviews before they happen. For example, if the Adobe programs issue occurs, the company tells that the services are down on social media and supplement it with funny content to focus on the positives.


9 Best Customer Experience Examples-05

The company aims to help the young generation provide activities and reach their aims through funding. Coca-Cola donates $100,000 annually and, since 1984, has given more than $1 billion through charity organizations.


9 Best Customer Experience Examples-06

Even if the clients send an email to Zappos chairman, the brand will respond and try to give the customer what he asked. In addition, the responses are usually humoristic and cheer users up, which improves customer experience.

American Express

9 Best Customer Experience Examples-07

Complex benefits provided by the famous credit card organization help increase the client’s engagement and keep authority at a high level. The brand offers free flight credits, insurance, and access to specific airport halls to satisfy customers and represent a perfect client-oriented approach.


9 Best Customer Experience Examples-08

The organization improves customer experience by showing an excellent attitude to the employees. Once, when the worker turned 101 years old, the brand provided a Facebook post congratulating the man and invited people to celebrate a birthday together.

The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company

9 Best Customer Experience Examples-09

The brand’s employees can spend up to $2,000 to solve customer problems. For instance, when a guest forgot a charger in the hotel’s room, he received a new one with a personalized covering letter.

To Sum Up

Overall, the interaction with clients is necessary to optimize because everybody wants the brand to be concerned about people getting qualitative services. However, if a specific and professional approach is required and the brand’s imagination and teamwork are not enough to reach the aim, customer experience consulting companies are the best decision for such a case.

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