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A customer journey map (CJM) is a spreadsheet or infographic with specific data. The diagram shows the points of contact with the product or brand. In other words, it displays the client’s engagement when it comes to the brand, products, or services.

A customer journey map is a tool that helps improve the user experience. The companies that have implemented it can:

  • increase loyalty and conversion;
  • shorten the sales cycle;
  • become more customer-oriented;
  • reduce the risk of new product failure;
  • find growth points for existing ones.

If you want to achieve maximum growth – use customer journey maps. A CJM is a unique scenario for a customer’s interaction, focusing on the potential buyer’s lifespan in the sales funnel.

The user’s route is non-linear and has a lot of branches from the point of site entry to the order. It is important not to lose a client at every journey stage. To develop a strategy, everyone needs specialized software.

20 Best Customer Journey Mapping Tools

If you want to create a successful e-commerce project or increase the conversion of an existing online store, put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. Special tools will help you determine all the touchpoints with your audience.


PowerPoint is one of the Microsoft 365 cluster applications built for presentation and diagram design. Microsoft’s offices are located around the world. Headquarter is in Redmond, Washington, USA.

The CEO Satya Nadella has also been working here since 2014. Clients are both individuals and large businesses, including Bosch, Cersanit, Siemens, London School of Business & Finance, BAASS Business Solutions Inc.

Microsoft Visio

This is another special program of Microsoft – one of the top software developers, co-founded by Bill Gates with Paul Allen. This widget allows you to work on visualization and create diagrams and customer journey maps regardless of the location, including remotely.

Tools like Microsoft Visio make creating and sharing maps easy. Such international companies as HP, Campari, UNICEF, Northrop & Johnson, and ACTUM Digital use it for their purposes.


InDesign is a layout and visualization tool from Adobe for creating beautiful graphic designs and customer journey maps with templates, preset images, and typography. Save content in PDF format and share it with other specialists.

John Warnock and Charles Geschke founded the brand in 1982. The developer specializes in design programs, so the maps are colorful and informative. Offices are located worldwide, with headquarters in San Jose, CA. Among users are Dior, Dell, Mastercard, Mercedes-Benz, Motorola.


This is a console rendering utility from IBM. The creator of the program is a team from Innsbruck. Their goal is to help organizations successfully do service design. Some partners (Bayer, Toyota, Deloitte, LinkedIn, Ford) improved their customer focus with this tool.


It is a platform created by Andrey Khusid for making customer journey maps and interactions when creating projects and interface design. You can configure integration with other collaboration tools, third-party services, and applications.

Miro’s offices are all across the world: in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Perm, Sydney, and New York. The platform is used by over 15 million users, including Cisco, Twitter, Pivotal, Netflix, Skyscanner.


It is the eponymous tool, from the Australian graphic design service, founded by Melanie Perkins and Cliff Obrecht for creating images based on ready-made elements and templates. It can also be used for creating informative customer journey maps.

According to Cameron Adams, the third co-founder, their service registered 55 million users, including Intel, PayPal, Gucci, Danone, American Airlines. The company’s offices are located in Sydney, Milan, and Beijing.


This tool for creating complete maps and diagrams of business processes, buyer-seller interaction was created by XMind Ltd. It was founded in 2006 by Brian Sun, who is still the CEO. The software can be useful to absolutely everyone, from schoolchildren to large companies.


This tool is not software, but a full-fledged online service from a company with the same name, founded in 2012 by Dylan Field. The web tool was created for collaborative interface development and prototyping. And all this is possible in real-time.

Headquartered in San Francisco, CA, US. There are also offices in New York and London. The main global users are Twitter, The New York Times, Kimberly-Clark, Zoom, and Deliveroo.


Lucid has developed this virtual whiteboard for creating and visualizing ideas, group brainstorming, and remote collaboration. The brand was co-founded by Ben Dilts and Karl Sun.

Offices can now be found in South Jordan (United States), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Melbourne (Australia). And among the customers, we would like to highlight Amazon, Land Rover, HubSpot, Jaguar, and even Google.


The product was developed by Canvanizer specifically and almost exclusively for creating models using the Business Model Canvas methodology by Alexander Osterwalder. Now, this method is also used for creating customer journey maps.

Founder of the Canvanizer – Stefan Peter Roos, one of the organizers of the Nuremberg Startup Weekend, 2011. Their office is located in the Coworking Space Nuremberg, Germany. The software can be downloaded in the public domain, so companies and people worldwide use it.


It is a cloud-based online service for creating flowcharts, organizational, UML, and network diagrams, wireframes, maps, and more. It was created and continues to improve by developers from Gliffy. Two friends and former colleagues Chris Colhardt and Clint Dixon opened this IT company in 2005.

Now it has offices in the United States of America, EU countries, Israel, Japan, India, and Australia. Among the clients are such top brands as Nike, Harvard University, Pixar, Xerox, Apple, Nasa.


Another program from the Lucid company, which was mentioned above. This tool for making diagrams for creative teams and analytical departments allows you to jointly conduct brainstorms, diagram workflows and ideas, create customer journey maps, schemes, sales funnels, and so on. TMobile, Microsoft, Okta, NBC, and Asana use LucidChart.


This is a diagramming and digital illustration app for macOS and iOS created by Omni Group. The American software company was founded in 1989 by Will Shiple, Ken Keyes, and Tim Wood.

The Omni Group is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Key customers – MSLGROUP, QA Limited, Lorven Technologies, Capital One, American Express.


With the Touchpoint Dashboard, you can create a journey mapping template and organize any maps. The founder of this IT company is Anne Cramer, who headquartered in the Midwestern US in 2011. Now Act, the University of Sydney, TNS, KBM Group use Touchpoint.


It is a tool for designing customer journey maps in a standard linear form. There are persona and card templates that can also be downloaded in PDF. In the free version, you can create 1 card and 1 person. Founder of UXPressia – Yuri Vedenin. Its software users include Michelin, StepChange, Freeman Capital, HorizonCX, UrSpectr.


This platform aggregates all VoC data, customer interactions, and feedback into a single widget. Its developer is the SaaS company of the same name, created in 2006 in Reston, Virginia by Sid Banerjee. Now, Clarabridge has outposts all over the globe. Among its clients are the world market leaders Electrolux, Lloyds Banking Group, Frontier Airlines.

IBM Journey Designer

Journey Designer is part of the Marketing Cloud from IBM, one of the largest American IT companies headquartered in Armonk, New York. This tool is used for storyboards for their programs or customer-service cycles.

The corporation is represented in almost all countries worldwide. Key users are also from different countries: Coca-Cola, Fuga Technologies, Mears Group, Kristalytics, Iowa State University.

Visual Paradigm

This software is a suite of business process and database modeling tools. The creator of the program is a well-known software developer, founded by Curtis Tsang. The company is headquartered in Hong Kong. Widget users – more than 100 large companies, incl. ASUSTeK Computer, EMC Corporation, Financial Times, US Army, Starbucks.


The developer of this product for customer journey maps is a young, but recognized company in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Volvo, Tesco, Hawaiian Airlines, Castlight, Hootsuite use InMoment’s developments.


SuiteCX has developed a customizable and secure platform for customer service, mapping, and travel analytics. The founder and CEO of this company is a young and ambitious Valerie Peck, who made his way to the international market. Now PRG Brasil, Gallatin Consulting, Ellipsis, Harte Hanks, Lodestar use his products.

Final Word

We looked at what a customer journey map is and what tools exist for creating CJM. All you have to do is choose the right program, collect statistics, develop an approach and visualize the results. And before you have time to look back, the sales funnel expands, the company becomes customer-oriented, and profits are maximized.

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