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Companies that neglect their branding strategy are more likely to fail. They often miss a clear message to engage and keep consumers.

Hence, if you are launching a new brand or have trouble promoting your existing products, you may need a brand development agency. It’s a professional team that develops, implements, and tracks branding strategies for customers. It also does rebranding to increase the visibility of goods or services. Every decision of a branding agency relies on market research, which makes it data-driven and reliable.

This article tells more about the tasks of a branding agency and shares a list of the top 7 agencies with valuable details about them.

What is a Brand Development Agency?

A brand development agency is a service provider that guides other companies on making their brands more visible. It builds custom branding strategies to help them attract a specific target audience and reach more people.

The work of brand development agencies is more than creating a stylish design and a flashy logo design. Consider checking out logo maker tools to come up with more inspirational ideas for creating a flashy logo. These are professional marketers, advertisers, and designers who formulate a unique message for your brand and make everyone hear it. To ensure the adopted brand development strategy yields the expected result, branding agencies research the market beforehand. The main goals of a successful strategy are to build business recognition, generate new leads, increase business value and trust.

If you are about to contract a brand development agency, mind two things:

  • Who can win from cooperation with a brand development agency? This kind of service is suitable for startups or companies that want to rebrand. It can also benefit brands that suffer from low sales but cannot understand why.
  • How to get the most out of hiring branding specialists? Spend some time to research the market and see what options are out there. Analyze the case studies focusing on exact numbers and achievements. Don’t forget about the budget, of course. Besides, be sure to collect your current sales and marketing metrics to tell agencies more about your brand from the start.

Best 7 Brand Development Agencies

This list includes the top agencies featured on Clutch and is not a ranking. You can learn what services they offer, what customers they serve, and reviews.

#1. WANT Branding

WANT Branding is a New York-based agency founded in 1999. Brand strategy development, naming, identity creation, and market research are their key areas of expertise. WANT has cooperated with renowned companies like Google, Uber, Apple, Gillette, and Samsung. For example, they helped Uber launch Uber Vouchers (enables companies to provide ride and meal vouchers) and Uber Central (enables companies to order rides for their guests, clients, etc.)

“WANT Branding is agile, reliable, and have delivered everything with quick turnaround time (VP of Financial Operations, Retail Organization).”

2. Catchword

Catchword is a #1 branding and naming Oakland agency proud of its creative approach. They worked for Asana, Starbucks, Intel, Upwork, Aetna, and others. With Catchword, Starbucks started a line of sparkling cold beverages called Refreshers, the perfect name that combines energy and freshness.

“The name they offered was fun to market, and the outcome was very positive (Sr. Brand Marketing Manager, Auto Refinancing Company).”


Tungsten creates product names and offers to brand. Their portfolio features the services provided to OmniSci, AO Smith, PODS, Rally House, and TradingBlock. Trading Block, for example, requested web-based branding services, including name, visual identity, and tagline development.

“They have a flexible yet personable approach, which ensures both high quality and agreeable partnership (Founder & CEO, Car Competition Platform).”

4. Jacob Tyler

Jacob Tyler’s team does advertising, brand development, digital marketing, print and logo design. Dexcom, Helix Electric, Navigate BioPharma, SeaSpine, San Diego International Airport are among their customers. Helix Electric hired them for full rebranding and brand story development to get brand messaging/positioning, website design, and SMM.

“This team tailors their approach to every customer and makes work enjoyable (Acting CMO, Greenerways Organic).”

5. NameStormers 

The name of this agency tells for itself, so they must be pretty good. NameStormers generate ideas on how to call a brand based on its products and market niche. Their portfolio lists Boston Beer, Cardiac Science, American Heart Association, Hilton, and Michelin. For example, Michelin asked this agency to create a name for a line of premium passenger tires, and NameStormers offered them ‘Symmetry.’

“They offered relevant name suggestions that matched our brand (Marketing Project Manager, Premium Paint Manufacturer).”

6. River + Wolf

It’s another agency renowned for naming brands. They worked for Capgemini, Munchkin, Formlogic, Vertical Blue, and many other companies. In particular, Calvin Klein asked River + Wolf to name their new products.

“External stakeholders called the selected name fresh and intriguing (CEO, Yazara).”

7. Social Driver

Social Driver is a digital agency that provides social media marketing, develops strategies, creates content and video, designs websites and branding. They have many healthcare and social projects, like Public Welfare Foundation, The National Health Law Program, American Council on Education, City Parks Alliance, and Johns Hopkins Medicine. Johns Hopkins offered brand alignment and engagement services to unify fragmented digital presence.

“They helped us better understand the target audience, find optimum communication channels and ways to reach out (Director of Revenue Innovation, Share Our Strength).”


Now, you are ready to hire a brand development agency and know your options. Even though you can try to promote services on your own, sometimes it’s better to outsource. Like when you need a name for a new product or don’t know what your target audience is looking for.

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