11 Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions

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Nowadays, gathering customer feedback is essential for online business. It’s necessary to know if customers are satisfied with your brand’s obligations and correct the detectable flaws if the clients point at them. The guest’s opinion should be acquired by a quick and straightforward algorithm that briefly provides the crucial facts. That’s a reason modern marketers consider customer satisfaction surveys the most relevant.

Customer satisfaction survey questions aim to convince if the company’s productivity is on a high level or if it should be optimized. It helps to improve the obligatory characteristics and reach the following outcome:

  • Receiving the objective feedback which shows what business elements should be upgraded;
  • Showing the purchaser wish to become niche experts and expressing your worry about his constructive experience;
  • Enhancing the promotion and determining the targeted audience correctly.
  • Expanding the marketing campaign considering the visible shortcomings identified by the surveys for buyers.

The survey’s template should suitably appear after the client’s final actions and shouldn’t be intrusive. Therefore, it’s recommended to make an accent only at the most critical moments that take no more than several minutes. Implementing the rating scales and asking for short critique is obligatory because the long-term questionnaire may confuse the client and worsen his experience.

Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer Satisfaction Survey-01

If you want to understand the client’s concerns and benefit from the feedback, it’s crucial to determine the shopper’s image and understand his preliminary inquiries. Therefore, the templates should have a smooth structure and be simple for interaction. There are four types that modern corporations imply for getting reviews.


The client usually perceives it positively because it doesn’t require a detailed response. The assessment value is gathered by giving the clients no more than 2-5 reactions to choose from, such as “Yes/No.” The popular element of the CSAT customer satisfaction survey questionnaire is the Likert scale, in which the interviewee uses a 1-5 grade to appraise this experience. The marketers may customize the questions and answers due to the specificity of the services.


The NPS customer satisfaction survey aims to know if the buyer suggests the services to the others. It frequently collects such data types:

  • if client base expands by getting the new ones by recommendations;
  • if the purchasers may continue the cooperation.

The typical method uses a 1-10 scale and then measures the NPS index with a mathematical formula: “NPS = % of positive reviews – % of negative reviews.” When using NPS, it’s obligatory to know the reason for the lousy evaluation and correct the mistakes promptly.


The primary purpose of CES is to reveal if it was trouble-free to cooperate with the institution and if the service structure generally fulfills the guest’s expectations. The business model should be detectable and intelligible and shouldn’t be detained to become familiar with. Therefore, the potential client should know what to do even after opening the main page. A customer satisfaction survey introduces opportunities for rebuilding the solution and correcting its inconveniences .

Milestone Surveys

The organization collects statistics with variable reviews left at diverse stages that increase the problem’s solving speed. For instance, the client gets an opportunity to criticize the registration process, donation and purchase, research of a necessary product, the good look of category pages, etc. The survey downloads the material immediately (succeeding the specific action) or after users’ time investigating the webpage.

10 Types of Customer Satisfaction Surveys Questions

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When creating a customer satisfaction survey, it’s always important to observe the consumer’s psychology. It is obligatory to determine the most impartial issues the client pays attention to and adequately create the questions. Nowadays, the survey’s structure entirely depends on what the marketers want to know, so many possible questions exist.

Customer Satisfaction Questions

It means that the buyer is directly asked about his experience in cooperation. The Likert scale is habitually the basis of such surveys and provides the most efficient data. Standard surveys include the following sections:

  • “Did the customer support help to solve the problem?”
  • “Were you satisfied by cooperating with us?”
  • “Rate the coaction with the 1-5 grade.”

Responses gather the emotional component of the purchaser’s experience and describe the general corporational image and how the audience perceives it.

Product Use Questions

The company’s solutions should be well-elaborated and suit consumers in all potential cases. However, in the beginning, it’s commonly hard to outline what people need more, which causes poor interaction. And asking each about the services or product’s work rate helps the organization enhance its reliability among the audience. Here are the samples of customer satisfaction survey questions:

  • “Did the solution meet your expectations?”
  • “Was it unchallenging to understand the principle of the product’s use?”
  • “Are there any flaws in using the product?”
  • “Do you have any ideas of how to boost the service?”

Such cross-examination can be provided after the purchase and allow the company to understand if everyone gets what they want with the solutions.

Semantic Differential Questions

It’s a quiz where the buyer gets different options and adequately describes his evaluations. Such questions help better express feelings about the services and provide a more detailed answer. An excellent poll may have 5-10 questions with the same satisfaction score from “awful” to “perfect.”

Likert Scale Questions

The popular model of gathering the reviews touches on the psychological component. The questions focus on establishing indirect dialogue, in which the user agrees or disagrees with the statements. There are traditionally 5 to select from, and each considers a specific service or a product. However, even the best survey questions for customer satisfaction can’t guarantee a 100% result because

  • users tend to respond moderately;
  • somebody may agree with the statement without thinking about the answer;
  • guests may answer insincerely to make an impression.

The Likert scale is indispensable for businesses with numerous services and helps better understand how to raise their further performance.

Ordinal Scale Questions

The questionnaire’s structure includes the replies, and the next one is bigger than the previous one. For instance, the website guests are commonly asked to pick the most suitable one that describes their satisfaction, from “it didn’t help me” to “it perfectly suits me.” The grading scale can include specific custom answers for gathering explicit facts and understanding if something should be optimized.

Nominal Scale Options

Nominal customer satisfaction survey best practices facilitate the brand’s qualities, not connected with its functions or products. The reacting options don’t force the client to evaluate the performance and normally require the specific data:

  • language which the user speaks;
  • what page clients visited on the website;
  • what product seemed the most suitable.

It is easy to collect the details but routinely hard to analyze the experience because the customer is generally limited in replying.

Customer Demographics Questions

They help segment shoppers into specific groups and understand the primary factors which build up the audience. Therefore, the most regular data is age, gender, interests, hobbies, etc. The marketers inspect the information to make the services suitable for various client groups.

Future Actions Questions

These questions help the brand know if the client will agree to cooperate again and provide a more detailed point of view. The guest’s mark for the firm is formed with his wish to receive a reply again. The most frequent questions are:

  • “May we contact you in 2 days to get the report?”
  • “If we rework the solution, will you buy it again and describe its advantages?”

Such questions represent the company’s interest in possible future cooperation.

Multiple Choice Questions

They are simple to analyze and get the variable data from the assessment. The sense of each statement is different, which helps the client analyze each and reply. Online marketers and analysts suggest compound answering forms in customer service satisfaction surveys and create particular databases for building future brand optimization programs.

Open-Ended Questions

The responses to open-ended questions traditionally require proficiency because everybody speaks in his way. Such quizzes allow customers to express their minds by typing, writing, or talking about their experiences. They are asked to describe their interaction briefly and give some advice on improving its efficiency. Some companies even provide printable customer satisfaction survey templates for free after the cooperation, offering interviewees rate partnership later.

10 Customer Satisfaction Survey Examples

Respectful and influencing organizations are on the top because they repeatedly get commentary from millions of customers. They apply the information to improve their business qualities and be permanent retail leaders consistently.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-03

The app is used for taking screenshots and recording the sessions, and it always considers the client’s needs. A distinct customer satisfaction survey helps to know if the brand would be proposed to others and understand if there are any issues when signing up or using its primary functions.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-04

It is a famous online agency specializing in making logos. Looka provided a specific questionnaire to detect if the cooperation paused and the clients refused to obtain the logo after starting the purchase. The response offers were the following:

  • extremely high price;
  • impossibility of getting the perfect design;
  • long-lasting timings to detail the result;
  • understood that it wasn’t necessary;
  • cooperated with competitors.

When the firm discovered that most respondents spoke about the expensive services, it changed the purchase price, significantly impacting the business.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-05

The company faced the problem of low traffic, which severely damaged its income. Weex sent an email customer satisfaction survey template to know why the purchaser refused to cooperate. When the customers complained about poor network stability and improper positioning of the products, Weex corrected the mistakes fast.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-06

The famous corporation, which helps millions of tourists worldwide get an overnight stay and spend the weekend with pleasure, constantly worries about the customer’s experience. Therefore, customers receive a message in emails and decide if they want to take a survey. If yes, those who press a definite button appear on a page with a detailed poll helping to assemble all possible facts.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-07

The customer satisfaction survey of an enormous financial corporation is convenient because it allows customers to tell about the application’s flaws in the category of its menu. That’s why many users worldwide continuously get preferable functions after each update of Paytm.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-08

Everybody values Skype’s productiveness and indispensable video and audio call opportunities. When millions activate it every minute, it’s hard to detail each problem and give a suitable solution promptly. However, Skype found a method to get definite and independent technical observation – the users are asked 3 simple questions after each call (helping to understand the quality of the microphone’s work and video communication).


Customer Satisfaction Survey-09

A world-famous network allows each entrepreneur to use it for a firm’s promotion and gets detailed information about the consumer’s experience. Everyone can choose the “questionnaire” function to create a laconic quiz to stack up estimates from the subscribers and everybody who visits the brand’s network page.

H&R Block

Customer Satisfaction Survey-10

The tax structuring and optimization organization provides time-based regular surveys and connects the targeted people group. H&R block asks advisors and financial consultants at the end of the taxation season and gets precise responses. Moreover, the organization provides double-answer quizzes right after the companies give the tax declarations to understand the amount of the cooperation requests.


Customer Satisfaction Survey-11

Qualtrics helps its users assemble the data about the clients, and that’s why its customer satisfaction surveys are interactive and efficient. The Qualtrics surveys have a beautiful design and a menu with several reply options making customers spend no more than 5 minutes leaving a review.

Zonka Feedback

Customer Satisfaction Survey-120

Zonka Feedback is a powerful customer satisfaction survey tool that enables businesses to gather valuable customer feedback. With its intuitive interface, customizable surveys, and real-time analytics, Zonka Feedback makes it easy for businesses to understand their customers’ needs and improve their overall experience. Whether collecting feedback through email, SMS, QR codes, or in-person kiosks, Zonka Feedback offers a flexible and comprehensive solution for gathering customer insights.

To Sum Up

Overall, there are different methods to get information about the user experience, and customer satisfaction surveys are one of the best. It’s essential to determine the primary aspects that the customer may regard when leaving a review and make him answer briefly, spending no more than 5 minutes for interviewing.

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