14 Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software in 2024

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Understanding and maximizing marketing efforts require marketing analytics tools. They support performance measurement, consumer behavior tracking, and strategy improvement for companies. The best fifteen software and solutions for marketing analytics are highlighted in this post. The functionality, usability, and cost of these tools determined their selection.

Marketing analytics allows businesses to make decisions based on data. Greater ROI and more successful campaigns follow from this. Every instrument mentioned has special benefits. While some shine in social media management or tracking client journeys, others are excellent at SEO.

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10001Find out which marketing analytics tools are ideal for your requirements by reading on. There is something here for firms of all sizes.

Tips for Selecting the Optimal Marketing Analytics Tool

Several considerations influence the selection of the best marketing analytics tool. Go first to the size of your company. While big companies could need all-inclusive solutions, small firms could just need basic, affordable tools. An other important consideration is the budget. Find out what you can afford and search for the most value in tools.
Important as well are certain needs. Find out what a marketing analytics tool can do for you. Are sophisticated client journey tracking or powerful SEO features what you need? Jot down your top priorities.
A must is integration with current systems. Make sure the program interfaces well with the email marketing, CRM, and other programs you now use. Errors will be fewer and time saved.
Take use of demonstrations and trial periods last but not least. These are the choices provided by the majority of tools. Use them to verify before committing the usefulness and functionality of the tool. You will be able to decide with knowledge thanks to this practical experience.

Factors to Think About

  • Size of business: Needs of small or large businesses.
  • Budget: Rationale and value.
  • Needs particular to you: tracking consumer journeys, SEO.
  • Integration is the ability to interface with current systems.
  • Try before you buy with demos and trial periods.

Carefully weighing your company size, budget, particular requirements, integration capabilities, and availability of trial periods and demos is how you choose the best marketing analytics solution. Make the best choice for your marketing plan using these considerations.

The Must-Have Marketing Analytics Tool: Google Analytics

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10002

Tracking website traffic and user behaviour is made easy with Google Analytics. Reports on visitors, traffic sources, and conversions are provided in great depth. As the platform is free, novices and small to medium-sized organizations will find it perfect.

Crucial Elements

  • Data monitoring in real time
  • Segmentation of the audiences
  • Individualised reports
  • Connection with Google Ads


  • Free to use
  • Whole data insights
  • Simple Google services integration


  • Curve of steep learning
  • Restricted free user customer service

Google Analytics works well for novices and small to medium-sized companies trying to better understand their website traffic and marketing plans. See Google Analytics official guide for additional details.

Plerdy: Flexible Website Optimization Marketing Analytics Tool

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10003

Plerdy is an extensive solution for optimisation of conversion rates and marketing statistics. It provides functions including user activity monitoring, SEO analysis, and heatmaps.

Principal Elements

  • Heatmaps and the recordings of sessions
  • SEO Verifier
  • Analyse of conversion funnel
  • Pop-up forms and NPS polls


  • Interface that is user friendly
  • Reasonably priced schemes
  • Broad feature set


  • Restricted connections
  • Setting up takes time.

Plerdy works well for companies trying to raise conversion rates and enhance user experience on their website. By use of heatmaps and SEO analysis, it offers insightful information. Plerdy’s official page has further details.

Marketing Analytics Tool Comprehensive: HubSpot

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10004

A complete marketing solution, HubSpot Marketing Hub helps companies draw in, interact with, and delight clients. It provides tools for social media management, email marketing, writing, and search engine optimization. With its CRM, HubSpot combines smoothly to give a single view of client interactions.

Essential Elements

  • Automation of emails marketing
  • Social networking administration
  • Webmaster resources
  • CMS, or content management system
  • Professional HubSpot CRM Integration


  • Simple interface
  • Full toolkit
  • Outstanding client service Drawbacks


  • More expensive for features of premium
  • Advance tool learning curve

Best for companies who need robust CRM connectivity and are inbound marketing oriented is HubSpot Marketing Hub. Visit the official Marketing Hub guide from HubSpot for additional details.

SEMrush: Potent Marketing Analytics and SEO Tool

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10005

Leading SEO and online visibility management platform is SEMrush. It provides instruments for rank tracking, competitor analysis, site audits, and keyword research. With the help of this all-inclusive package, marketers may track their digital marketing success and raise their search engine ranks.

Principal Elements

  • Recherche et analyse de mots
  • SEO advice and site assessment
  • Analyzing competitors
  • Reports and tracking of ranks
  • Analyse of links


  • Great database and precise information
  • Simple interface
  • Specific competitor insights


  • High price for upscale functions
  • For newcomers, may seem overwhelming

Best for companies who concentrate on SEO and competitor research is SEMrush. It gives comprehensive analysis and useful information to improve web exposure. Visit the official SEMrush guide for further details.

Enterprises’ Advanced Marketing Analytics Tool: Adobe Analytics

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10006

Robust for sophisticated marketing analytics is Adobe Analytics. It offers profound understanding of how customers behave across different channels. Large companies in need of thorough data analysis are intended users of this platform.

Principal Elements

  • Analytical real time
  • Multichannel data integration
  • Forecasting and machine learning
  • Personable reporting


  • Capabilities for sophisticated data analysis
  • Smooth connection with additional Adobe products
  • Actual data monitoring


  • Pricey for little companies
  • Time-consuming setup and learning curve

Large companies need sophisticated analytics should use Adobe Analytics. It provides strong instruments for decision-making driven by data and in-depth customer insights. See Adobe Analytics’ official guide for additional details.

Marketing analytics and detailed user behavior tool Mixpanel

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10007

Product analytics tool Mixpanel is made to assist companies monitor user engagement and activity. It gives you thorough understanding of how customers use your product, enabling you to make decisions based on data.

Essential Elements

  • Event recording
  • Analysing funnels
  • Testing A/B on user segmentation
  • Analyze of retention


  • Interface that is user friendly
  • Process data in real time
  • Strong ability to segment


  • Prohibitive for smaller companies
  • Sharper learning curve for novices

For companies who measure user behavior and product statistics, Mixpanel works well. It offers practical information to raise the performance of the product and the user experience. See Mixpanel’s official guide for further details.

Kissmetrics: Marketing Analytics for Customer Journeys

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10008

The potent analytics tool Kissmetrics is made to monitor consumer behavior and improve marketing plans. Its main goals are raising involvement and comprehending the client experience.

Most Important Features

  • Tracking customer travel
  • An examination of funnels
  • Reports on cohorts
  • AB testing


  • Comprehensive consumer information
  • Simple to use UI
  • Effective in raising conversions


  • Exorbitant prices for smaller companies
  • Few integrations

Best for e-commerce companies and those tracking customer journeys is Kissmetrics. Actionable data is offered to improve user experience and increase sales. See Kissmetrics’ official guide for additional details.

Tableau: Marketing analytics and dynamic data visualization tool

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10009

Leading data visualization tool for business intelligence reporting is Tableau. Raw data is converted into interactive, understandable visuals by it. It is thus perfect for decision-making based on facts.

Principal Elements

  • Interaction by drag and drop
  • Analytics of data in real time
  • Connecting to several data sources
  • Professionals of advanced visual analytics


  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Potent visualisation of data
  • Supports several different data sources


  • Pricey for little companies
  • Advanced functions need training.

Business that want strong data visualization and business intelligence reporting should use Tableau. It facilitates users in building dynamic, comprehensive dashboards that enhance understanding of the data. The official Tableau guide has additional information.

Looker: Marketing Analytics and Business Intelligence Software

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10010

One potent tool for data research and business insight is Looker. Multiple source data analysis and visualization are made possible for consumers. Decisions made by firms are better informed as a result.

Most Important Features

  • Individualised dashboards
  • In real time data analysis
  • Connecting to several data sources
  • Professional data modeling


  • Simple interface
  • Powerful capacities for data integration
  • Individualised reporting choices


  • High expenses for little companies
  • Configuration calls for technical expertise.

Looker works best for companies who concentrate on business intelligence and data exploration. It offers customisable analytics and profound insights to support strategic choices. See the official Looker guide for additional details.

Marketo: Analytics and Automation for Marketing

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10011

Leading marketing automation tool is Marketo. It facilitates the simplification of marketing activities by companies. Leading features are analytics, email marketing, and lead management.

Principal Elements

  • Leading nurturing and scoring
  • Automated Email Marketing
  • Extensive reporting and analytics
  • Relationship with CRM systems


  • Entire automation of marketing
  • Exceptional lead management skills
  • Full statistics

The drawbacks

  • Exorbitant prices for small firms
  • Sharp learning curve for novices

B2B and marketing automation are where Marketo shines. Offering a wealth of lead management and nurturing options, it is a top option for companies trying to increase their marketing effectiveness. See the Marketo official guide for additional information.

Analytics for Social Media Marketing Hootsuite

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10012

Social media management is made easy with Hootsuite Analytics. It provides thorough breakdowns of your social media activity. Among the main features are performance indicators for all of the main social networks, real-time analytics, and customisable reports.

Principal Elements

  • Reports with customisation
  • Monitoring in real time
  • Platform performance indicators


  • Accessible interface
  • Combines with the main social networks
  • Specific statistics and reports


  • Costlier for sophisticated features
  • Restricted personalization on less expensive plans

Best for companies and people trying to maximize their social media strategy is Hootsuite Analytics. It offers insightful information that raise the performance and interaction of the material. See the official Hootsuite website for additional details.

Sprout Social: All-Inclusive Social Media Marketing Analytics Suite

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10013

Social media management tool Sprout Social is all-inclusive. It assists companies in running and maximizing their social media accounts. Among the main functions are analytics, engagement tracking, and social media scheduling.

Essential Elements

  • Scheduling social media
  • Comprehensive reporting and statistics
  • Tracking of engagement
  • Positive aspects of social listening


  • Interface that is user friendly
  • Sturdy analytics
  • Outstanding client service Drawbacks


  • Costlier for sophisticated features
  • Not many customizing choices

For companies who concentrate on managing social media and monitoring engagement, Sprout Social works best. It gives strong instruments to improve social media performance and strategy. See the Sprout Social official page for additional details.

Heatmapping and Marketing Analytics Tool, Crazy Egg

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10014

Strong website optimization tool Crazy Egg. Its specializations are user behavior tracking and heatmapping. This facilitates understanding of how users engage with websites by businesses.

Principal Elements

  • Maps with scrolling and heat
  • A/B testing
  • User sessions recordings
  • Optimisation of conversion rate


  • Setup and usage simplicity
  • Entire visual analysis
  • Reasonably priced packages


  • Restricted connections
  • Fundamental options for reporting

For companies who are into heatmapping and website optimization, Crazy Egg works well. To raise conversions and enhance user experience, it offers lucid visual data. See the official Crazy Egg page for additional details.

SEO-focused marketing analytics tool Moz Pro

Best Marketing Analytics Tools and Software - 10015

Moz Pro is an all-inclusive SEO toolkit made to raise search engine results for companies. Research keywords, inspect websites, and examine backlinks are all available.

Main Attributes

  • Research tools for keywords
  • Site reviews to look for problems with SEO
  • Analyse of links
  • Monitoring ranks


  • Interface that is user friendly
  • Specific SEO knowledge
  • Updates often including additional functionality


  • Pricey for little companies
  • Insufficient social media integration

Best for companies who are SEO and keyword research-focused is Moz Pro. It offers comprehensive analysis together with doable suggestions to improve search engine exposure. Check out the official Moz Pro page for additional details.

Final Thought

Knowing your marketing activities and optimizing them need using marketing analytics tools. These resources include insightful information about consumer behavior, campaign success, and general marketing plan. With the proper analytics tools, companies can make growth- and ROI-boosting decisions based on data.
Discover which of the tools on this page best suits your particular requirements. There is a tool that can improve your marketing plan whether you need strong SEO capabilities, in-depth tracking of customer journeys, or extensive social media analytics. To remain competitive and meet your marketing objectives, make the appropriate tool investment.

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