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Companies around the globe are opting for eCommerce SEO services. The popularity of SEO services for eCommerce websites requested in Google search has been steady for the last five years, with peaks in 2017, 2020, and few peaks in 2021. Users from Vietnam, India, the UK, and the US search for eCommerce SEO services. Other top requests include SEO services for eCommerce and eCommerce SEO services in India.

Frequently asked questions from business owners starting eCommerce businesses:

The metrics show that the demand for SEO services continues to grow. Clients from the eCommerce industry realize there are no better ways to sell products online than to rank their website high in Google results, improve website loading time and the quality of its content.

What are Ecommerce SEO Services?

Now we will look at what are the main SEO services for eCommerce in detail. Search engine optimization is a free way of making your eCommerce website visible on search engine result pages (SERPs). Ranking your website high on search results of Google or another search engine will bring more traffic to your web pages resulting in more users ordering your product or service.

Search engine optimization unites many components, and experts have a holistic approach to it. For instance, by just improving the quality of your content, you won’t rank your eCommerce website high if it has a poor user experience. So what are the main SEO services for eCommerce provided by agencies and professionals?

Top eCommerce SEO services

  • Optimizing content (improving the quality, filling it with search terms for which you want to be found on SERPs, including URL, H1 header, content, meta title, meta description);
  • Technical setup (increasing page speed, optimizing HTTPS, mobile-friendliness, indexation);
  • Link building (setting your eCommerce website on top of other resources linking to you back for authority; creating internal and external links);
  • Keyword research (finding related keywords beside high-ranking strategic keywords and using both of them to bring significant traffic);
  • Improving the user experience (UX).

The above services are especially important for eCommerce because there is no better way to reach clients that want your product or service than presenting it on the first page when they search for it. You will outrun your competitors.

Why do you need Ecommerce SEO Services?

You may be wondering – why invest in SEO services in eCommerce? If you have a high-quality product or service that brings value to users, they should want to buy it anyway. Well, it is not enough in 2021. You already have lots of competitors who are selling a similar product or service. Their offer can be even of worse quality or more expensive, and they are striving to rank high in search engine result pages. And it pays off in most cases.

When your potential customers look for products or services, they usually don’t go beyond the second page of Google results. They don’t have time for it. As soon as they find what they need, they stick to it. That’s why it’s so important to do some work on the SEO of your eCommerce website.

Here are some other reasons your eCommerce site needs SEO services:

Increasing your eCommerce website’s authority

Link building and having other websites refer to your one will increase your web pages on search results and increase your brand’s visibility. It works both ways – the search engine perceives your eCommerce website as having a high authority, and, at the same time, the word is spread online about your product or service.

Learning more about where your eCommerce website stands online

If you approach an SEO services agency, you will benefit from its expertise. The SEO professionals will do an audit that will show where your eCommerce website can be improved, be it the technical side, content with keywords, or user experience. You might not know them before, but having this knowledge will help you build a strategy to increase sales.

The revenue will be higher than the amount you invested in SEO services

SEO services eCommerce are the number of services agencies provide specifically for your type of business. The experienced digital marketing agencies are accountable for taking their clients to a new level in SEO. Their case studies prove that companies whose clients receive more revenue from purchasing services than they invested in them and will earn even more in the long term.

Best 7 Ecommerce SEO Services

When deciding on the digital marketing company that offers eCommerce SEO services, you need to consider its experience in working with clients from your niche and the goals it achieved for them. Let’s look at the US top-rated companies that offer SEO services.


Tech-enabled digital marketing solutions provider company that creates custom strategies for its clients, founded in the US in 2006. A team of marketers, developers, and designers offers full-service strategies, using a combination of digital channels to increase conversions, revenue, and visibility.

CEO & Founder – William Craig, internet marketer, entrepreneur.

Case studies:

  • HydroWorx – 131% increase in organic contact form submissions
  • Furbo (pet technology) – 76% return on ad spend (ROAS) increase
  • PaulB Parts – 75% conversion rate increase

Clients: Cutting Edge Firewood; York Saw and Knife; Cleveland Brothers; Ocean City, New Jersey; Bar’s Leaks.

Titan Growth

The digital marketing agency grows clients’ revenue and profits by providing SEO services and technology-driven strategies to raise market share.

CEO – Danny Shepherd, digital marketer, the inventor of TitanBOT, a patented technology used to improve SEO and paid media performance.

Case studies:

  • Collette (travel) – 2400% increase in first page rankings
  • Mizuno (sports equipment) – 41.01% increase in organic traffic

Clients: Arcadia Data, Tuscany Pavers, MW Attorneys, Pubmatic, Tracy Lynn Studio.


Full-service digital marketing agency offering web design services, PPC, and SEO, founded in 2008. It provides a complete suite of Internet marketing and Web development services to B2B and B2C organizations of different sizes.

CEO – David Duerr, senior manager, entrepreneur, a venture capitalist.

Case studies:

  • Premiere Works (facility management) – organic site traffic is up 2,694 %
  • FireKing Security Group – 240% increase in lead volume
  • Nava Health & Vitality Centers (healthcare) – increase in conversion volume of 145.87%

Clients: RedRidge Verification Services, Glue Machinery Corporation, Acieta, Patterson Pope, Virginia Spine Institute.


Ecommerce SEO company, Certified Google Ads Premier Partner. It offers digital strategists who outline necessary steps for businesses with long-term or monthly SEO packages. In addition, the company has a portfolio of more than 630 case studies proving a success.

CEO – Joel Gross, digital marketer, entrepreneur, business analyst.

Case studies:

  • Pink Lily (fashion) – generated $2.5 million in revenue during the first year of Coalition’s services
  • Trumpet & Horn (jewelry) – organic search revenue reached $315k a month in years time
  • Starfire Direct (furniture) – increased organic revenue by 75%

Clients: 1ink, Swimspot, Urban Armor Gear, District Clothing, The Art of Charm.


Full-service eCommerce agency that helps clients create SEO strategies that drive traffic and increase sales. The agency’s services include keyword search, link building, content marketing, site migration, technical and enterprise SEO.

CEO – John McKusick, entrepreneur, digital marketer.

Case studies:

  • Fiscars – estimated SEO traffic value of $45k per month
  • Gilmour – 100% increase in referring domains in 1 year

Clients – ShipCalm, Widen, Paper Mart, United Van Lines, Hallmark.


The digital marketing firm is providing SEO services.  It was recognized as one of the “Top 10 Google Solutions Providers” by Silicon Valley Review in 2017 and had constantly been growing for the past five years.

CEO – Greg Walthour, digital marketer, former commercial real estate broker.

Case studies:

  • Personal Injury Attorney – 220% increase in traffic since the start
  • Online eCommerce website – 100% increase in revenue

Clients – Jaguar, Beverly Center, Infinity, Complete Care, Christy Sports.


The digital marketing agency offers a wide range of SEO, SMM, PPC, email marketing, and video animation services. It was recognized as one of the top digital marketing agencies in 2020.

CEO – Sean Standberry, digital marketing executive, business strategist, and team leader.

Case studies:

  • Easy Diya (manufacturer of organic puja products) – 714% increase in sales
  • Home Team Apparel Atlanta (clothing) – 10-time increase in ROI
  • Taliah Waajid (hair care products) – engaging over 260 thousand users at only $0.004 per engagement

Clients: Brick Staffing, TrueBroc, My LaLa Leggings, Weston Boucher, Ancient Keto.

Developing a custom SEO strategy for your eCommerce website

Since you have found out with regards to the significance of SEO for your business site, you can search for approaches to work on all parts of your SEO. You can either do it in-house by learning the fundamentals of website improvement or request SEO experts.

At the point when you upgrade your site all alone, you might get overpowered by such countless parts and not realize where to begin. The advantage of moving toward an SEO firm is that it will prompt what to do first and foster a bit-by-bit procedure to get more traffic and increment deals. So set aside some effort to consider it and start your direction with SEO for an eCommerce site.

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