What Report Shows Which Web Pages Get the Most Traffic and Highest Engagement?

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The correct answer is: You need an All Pages Report to understand which pages get the highest engagement.

  • Impressions report
  • CPE report
  • Interactions report
  • All pages report

Google Analytics offers a few metrics that help understand how users communicate with your website and which content they look through mainly. This metrics list contains the following:

  • Engagements or interactions with an ad;
  • Engagement rate, or impressions that show the efficiency of each ad show up;
  • Average CPE, or cost-per-engagement, showing how much you are charged for engagement;
  • Clicks, which show the number of people who have visited your website through an ad.

With that data, you can detect pages with the lowest efficiency as well.

How to Generate Google Analytics All Pages Reporting

The easiest way to check engagements reporting is to click the ‘Engagements’ column in the statistics table. Otherwise, you can follow the instructions below.

  1. Select the User Data account you want to analyze and click the ‘All Website Data’ button.
  2. You should click Behavior, then Site Content and All Pages Report buttons on the Google Ads Dashboard to receive the required result.
  3. Check all the engagement data on the list. It will contain the four mentioned types, page views, average time spent on pages, bounce rate, page value, and other factors. Taken together, they help you to understand the traffic character and advertisement efficiency thoroughly.

After detecting the most efficient and weak pages, you can improve them with SEO and other methods.


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