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To have a successful online business, it’s not enough to create a website. You also have to make sure that potential customers know about its existence. That’s what should become a goal as an entrepreneur. So I tell you right away; it’s not easy, yet, at the same time, there is nothing impossible.

SEO, SMM, and contextual advertising belong to professional marketing tools that are extremely effective but only in capable hands. In addition to these, there are numerous other ways to promote business online, even for free in many cases.

Frequently asked questions in the process of site development:

  • How to increase traffic to your website fast and free?
  • How to increase website traffic through Google organic and using SEO?
  • How to increase traffic to your website through social media?
  • Blogging can increase website traffic by how much?
  • What crucial digital marketing tool does the company need to revisit to increase website traffic?
  • What metrics do I need to analyze to increase site traffic?
  • What are the modern methods of increasing traffic to the site?

We have created a list of 27 trusted website SEO tips that help promote a site and increase traffic. Try to use them in practice.

Add Website to Search Engines

This tip applies to new websites, as search engine bots can still not index pages. In such a case, the site will obviously have no visitors from search. The task is to inform search engines about the website. Just click the corresponding name to be forwarded to the page where you can add a website.

  • Google
  • Bing.

Take into account what search system is mostly used by the target audience, as in some cases, this can save you a lot of time and effort. Anyway, web crawlers will sooner or later find and index websites.

Add Website to Webmaster Consoles

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The point is that developers of search systems create these services. Therefore, you will get an opportunity to receive the most relevant information. Moreover, the data will be really precise.

Google My Business

Increase Website Traffic
You can guess what search system it belongs to. It was designed specifically to help site owners to improve the visibility of businesses in search. After a Website is registered in Google My Business, this helps get an extended snippet in search results for brand-related queries. For example:

Such additional information will definitely be useful to those who type this search query. Whereas you, in turn, will manage to attract visitors.

Expand Keywords

Let’s imagine you are the owner of an online store of professional cameras. If all possible camera and lens reviews are already written, take a broader look. For example, posting articles about interesting accessories, tips on photographing in different conditions, etc.

Do own Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is abbreviated as SEO and is a well-known trend in the modern online world. However, to do all tasks properly, you will have to cooperate with experts.

Learn more: “Website promotion” and “Ecommerce SEO – Formula for Success”.

Create Content

Increase Website Traffic 2
Launch a blog or create a section with the news. The content should be informative, present you as an expert helping create a corresponding brand image. High-quality posts, consistent with the audience’s interests, are a great way to grab customers’ attention and earn loyalty.

The content created considering preliminary keywords research and optimized based on valuable keywords will generate additional traffic.

Register in business catalogs

Catalogs of businesses remain popular among users who often utilize them to find companies that work in a certain field. This helps to get backlinks and more traffic.

amazon business

Create an appealing description, add product photos, prices, contact phone, e-mail, etc. Register in free catalogs since paid registration is just pouring money down the drain.

Comments on Other Websites

A meaningful commentary left on the pages of the thematic site can attract additional visitors to a website. Usually, a user indicates the address of their project, which you can follow by clicking their name.

Pages in Social Networks

People are used to perceiving Facebook, Instagram as a tool for communication with friends. They can be successfully applied for business promotion if you decide to start it independently.

You can use both official brand pages and personal accounts. Repost articles, and product offers, information about promotions. The way you do it is probably limited by imagination.

Indicate Address Wherever Possible

You may use business cards, a signature in emails or a forum where you actively participate in a profile in a social network, and many other options.

Friends and Acquaintances

Think about who may be potentially interested in the product. For example, ask friends to repost a page in social network accounts in return for a discount or nice bonus.

Cooperate with Communities

If you sell cosmetics, you can use forums, groups on social networks. However, you have to understand that direct advertising leads to a negative reaction from users, so you should find an approach.

Launch Email Marketing

An email is a tried-and-true tool that gives outstanding results providing you use it systematically. Email marketing works particularly well for online stores, and some of them continuously get 20-30% of revenue through this channel.

Shoot an Interesting Video

Increase Website Traffic
What prevents you from shooting a thematic video? The absence of skills and equipment? Today even a mid-range smartphone can make videos of decent quality.

YouTube is the best platform to place videos. It provides everything you need to create a channel and offers free upload. Brands show good results in this field.

Publications on Other Websites

If you are versed in the niche of goods, try to offer sites with similar topics to publish expert articles that may be interesting to the audience. Again, both sides benefit from this.

Classified sites

Although they are more focused on user-to-user communication, you can easily utilize them for website promotion. This strategy is more suitable for online stores, yet you can also apply it in other niches.

Create Infographic

This method of presenting information appeared a few years ago. Its main advantage is that you can succinctly provide quite a lot of data in a clear form.

Write Articles on Trending Topics

You can find those topics using Google Trends or regularly monitoring news in the niche. The work with “hot” topics allows creating content that can be included in top search results. Since the creation of news hooks is a fresh notion, the competition is still low.

Monitor Analytics

Hotjar Alternatives
Special reports in Plerdy and Google Analytics show the distribution of traffic among channels. This information helps you to understand what source brings the major part of visitors.

Optimize Site for Mobile

Visitors browse websites on mobile devices can equal personal computers (notebooks) or even higher in some niches. But if the pages of websitearen’t adapted to be displayed on smartphones or tablets, this will negatively impact user experience. A large portion of these visitors will leave websites, increasing the bounce rate. Moreover, Google uses this factor to calculate the ranking. Therefore, you have no choice but to eliminate this flaw.

Be Attentive to Customers

Monitor reviews about the company on the Internet, give thanks for positive feedback and address the negative ones. If you find timely solutions to customers’ problems, it increases loyalty. There is probably no better recommendation than advice from a satisfied customer.

Exchange links

A link to websites is placed on the site, whereas you include links on. However, it requires a lot of time as you should take into account a range of factors:

  • It is advisable to place links to articles, not just the first page you come across;
  • You should constantly monitor whether the links to websites stay in place.

Also, it’s worth noting that such a scheme can adversely affect if overused, as search systems may impose sanctions.

Place Paid Reviews

But foremost, you have to remember that article should be interesting enough to attract the attention of customers who visit the site where you place the content. It can be a review of an interesting product available in an online store catalog or exciting ways to use it. You may describe how service can solve potential customer’s problems, but remember about the balance – excessive pressure usually repels people.

Manuals and guides

This is one of the types of content that had unwavering popularity from the very appearance of the Internet. It also would be a lie to say that the demand for such information will decrease in the future. You can write a detailed manual on how to use products, an article about uncommon ways of its usage, or shoot an explanatory video with practical guidelines, which is actually the best option.

Communicate with Readerscommunication

Communication with the audience is an absolutely crucial thing, which should be taken into account during website promotion. Whether you post an article on a blog or a joke on social networks, if readers leave comments, don’t let them remain unanswered. Instead, answer questions, say a word of gratitude for being active, solve problems. Even a simple “thanks” makes visitors feel that you care about them.

Organize Contests

It’s a tool to engage audiences and improve brand awareness. Contests and kinds of offers show particularly good results in social networks. You can use communication channels to tell audiences about a contest.

Cooperate With Those Who Form Opinionsopinions

To improve your reputation and get more influence, you need to find influential friends. In every field, there are some leaders whose opinion is considered by many people.

As you can see, there are at least 27 ways of DIY SEO and website promotion. Most of them you can use for free or just with a small investment.

Of course, not all of the aforementioned tips will be suitable for you, but after reading this list, you will be sure to come up with many interesting ideas.

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