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Each startupper dreams about success from the first days of the project launch found. Growth hacking marketing helps companies to achieve the rapid progress of the company. This is the complex of win-win approaches that fit the businessman’s form of activity. The growth hacking digital marketing cornerstones are A/B testing and the customer journey and experience improvements.

The main idea is to develop a workable strategy based on the scaling-up and brand awareness principles to cut huge but no-purpose investments. Almost every business can retain many customers and count on fast project development with the help of marketing growth hacking.

What Is Growth Hacking Marketing?

A growth hacker is not about a typical marketer. Instead, this specialist finds the best-matching ways to promote the brand via ambassadors and different tactics. The growth hacking marketing team (marketers, designers, developers, product managers a result, your business analytics, and other experts) creates the custom journey for efficient website visitors’ retention from the beginning of the startup’s story.

The standard-scale growth hacking marketing plan (so-called a pirate scheme) is A-A-R-R-R:

  1. Acquisition;
  2. Activation;
  3. Retention;
  4. Referral;
  5. Revenue.

The model requires getting traffic that is easily converted into paying and customers. Therefore, one more necessary message is to retain all the users the best way. Customer retention is about the happiness and satisfaction of the consumers. As a result, and increased income is generated from the standing orders.

It is worth mentioning that growth hacking marketing is about risk-taking practices. Therefore, not all the approaches will turn into a resultative campaign. Nevertheless, growth hackers aspire to unlock the company’s potentials and convert them into profit during a short period.

Growth Hacking Marketing VS Traditional Marketing

Speaking about the difference between digital marketing vs. growth hacking, it should be noted that the traditional approach is not focused on low-cost but creative and ever-improving strategies for the business.

We refer to all the marketing efforts multiplied by enhanced UX and round-the-clock analytics to optimize tactics with no extra time and monetary contributions. Growth hackers are ruled by:

  • Continuous updates, alternatives to the traditional scenarios;
  • Discovery of one-of-the-kind marketing patterns to use for faster progress;
  • Constant test checks and investigations to monitor the workability of the concept;
  • Exploration of the innovative growth hacks and methods to implement them ASAP.

It is important to set proper priorities and act according to them. The more channels the growth hackers can identify, the faster customer acquisition occurs with project scaling up.

Best 10 Growth Hacking Marketing Strategies

As growth hacking marketing is far from templated techniques for entrepreneurs, some strategies can become the basis of the accomplished avenue to dominance on the market. It’s possible to use the framework and tailor it according to your ambitions, goals, needs, and niche peculiarities.

1 – Connect with Your Community

Today, people want to be in touch with the service and product providers. You can connect with your potential and standing customers via various channels. But the most optimal is to target your consumers in their habitual online environments (social media networks, forums, messengers). Engage your audience to provide real-time feedback.

A community will become your key tool for brand awareness and paramount for the inbound growth hacking marketing strategy. Show people that their opinion is essential for you. This way, you will get the army of your faithful brand lovers.

2 – Create a Pre-Launch Email List

Email marketing helps business representatives catch public reactions and even build powerful hype around the project that will be launched. This way, entrepreneurs can initiate lead generation even during the pre-launched period.

Think of a suitable email list and start communication with the audience 1-2 weeks before the launch. Get media outreach and hot leads with unlimited conversion opportunities. Analyze the level of engagement regularly to be sure that you manage to preheat the crowds of potential clients.

3 –  Use the Freemium Model

The available free-of-charge product demo can become the pillar of your unicorn growth hacking marketing strategy. This is about the surfeit over the competitors’ offers and increased conversions at the very beginning of your way.

Free trials make the difference because people want to try the novelty first. So you save your promotion budget and let potential buyers click, unpack, experience the attractive gimmick the audience goes crazy about.

4 – Run Viral Contests Online

What is better than the special perks as freemiums? First, of course, a great chance to win the prize. Arrange the reward-based campaign to warm up your audience. The winners can get both small and valuable awards. Try cross-promotions while partnering with other companies to treat people with interesting bonuses. Provide lower-tired prizes related to your project for all the attendants:

  • Discounts;
  • Vouchers;
  • Free tickets to virtual events;
  • Invitations to webinars;
  • E-books, etc.

Each participant will feel lucky and eager to interact with the trusted and transparent company after getting the promo. Contests are also an excellent tactic for boosting word-of-mouth marketing.

5 – Grow Your Social Media Presence

Social networks should become the core rod of growth hacking marketing. But rule by the great mindset and find the alternative passage to your niche audience.

Open new platforms (besides Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Linkedin, and YouTube) for posting and chats with Internet surfers. Make the publications share-friendly to let people repost your social media content and promote the project as the unspoken advertisers on social media.

6 – Use Interactive Content

Provide the ideal conditions for communication flows through growth hacking content marketing. Use interactive publications like quizzes, questionnaires, games in the comments to embrace more willing people to interact here and now. This way, you will hit two birds with one stone. First, you get easy-to-convert leads. Secondly, you raise your brand loyalty and retention rates with interactivities.

7 – Launch on Product Hunt or similar Platforms

Most B2B business people dream about global performance from the project’s early inception. Product Hunt and the same platforms erase boundaries between local and foreign markets. Launch on websites for sharing and discovering new products.

Suppose the startup catches the interest of mass media and site visitors. In that case, you will be able to post more pre-launch press releases, take part in customers’ voting, increase business networks (journalists, partners, investors, bloggers).

8 – Make New Brand Partnerships

You cannot opt for the splash on the market without collaborations. So find partnerships that will make a stir around your project. Buzz on the Internet, including public pages, live streams, newsfeeds, is the way to become visible and recognized worldwide.

9 – Create an Aggressive Content Marketing Strategy

Content can sell better than ads banners. Just create the best-matching articles and videos to hit the target audience. The aggression relies on the immediate customer feedback you get after interactions with the content. Film how-to videos, write explanation blog articles, create trumpeted posts, run free courses, sell tutorials with 90% discounts. The number one task is to hear back and use insights for growth hacking marketing.

10 – Send Branded Gifts to Your Customers

If you pretend on showoff, be ready to send branded pens, notebooks, caps, smartphone cases. Thousands will see the logo presented on the souvenirs of people. As a result, you will grow thankful and loyal customers with 100% positive perceptions of your company. Additionally, you are raising behind-the-scenes promoters who will attract more and more leads.

Growth Hacking Marketing Examples

Take a closer look at the cases on how a range of companies set apart from the competitors and got ahead with modest marketing budgets. Their growth hacking strategies are iconic and inspiring for sure.


This story is about the king referral program. The company offered 250 MB of extra storage to everyone who would invite a friend. The number of registered people grew by 60% the same night after the promotion was announced.


The apartment or house showcase option became overhyped by the people who would like to lease their residential property. The professional photographer takes photos of the real estate for rent at no charge for owners. A reputable platform turned out to become the ballyhooed market player and doubled or even tripled the number of consumers.


The awesome email trick was to place the branded signature with the invitation to create a free account on the service. This marketing gambit became the senior in Apple’s, Oberlo, Zest strategies.


The company placed a premium on customer satisfaction. There is no emphasis on the software functionality but on the stress-free corporate communication flows and time-saving. This pathway brought millions of clients and top recognition to the service provider.

Quiz maker

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Use interactive publications platform like a quiz maker to create quizzes, questionnaires

Final Word

Growth hacking is the way entrepreneurs can market their products and services effectively. The most forcible acting on the Internet can bring fruitful results without spending massive budgets on advertising and online releases. Instead, growth hacking marketing stems from the satisfaction of consumers’ expectations and provision even much they were expecting.

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