The 20 Most Expensive Keywords on Google

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Have you ever wondered where Google got money for such a cool office with an expensive design? Most company services are free. How does the giant manage to do well without expensive offers?

97% of search engine #1 comes from one source – Google Ads (formerly – Google Adwords) search advertising service. Perhaps this is the most expensive solution.

What is Google Ads

When a modern man searches for something to do or buy, s/he will hardly ask a friend. Most likely, s/he will type a keyword in the Google search bar. A company can provide a service that will satisfy the user’s needs. If the company has ordered a search ad impression for such a keyword (that can be rather expensive) when the user clicks the ad, such a company will get a target prospect.

Thus, Google offers companies worldwide a simple way to advertise their services at a relatively affordable price. Easiness, versatility, flexible settings made this method rather popular.

Request pricing basis

Many companies buy search advertising every day. This allows the search engine to make a profit and creates competition for the best keywords to make a big profit.

More companies wanted their ads to be displayed, especially if their products are rather expensive. Some of them even booked the space for months beforehand to put competitors out of the niche. Google reacted in the only possible way: it raised the price for the most popular keywords.

Some keywords cost thousands of dollars, and some cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it’s only the beginning.

The most expensive keywords in Google Ads

We have analyzed the most expensive keywords. Below you can see where entering the Google TOP-10 will be the most expensive. Existing business players can ask other variants for promoting their goods. For those who plan to create a project, this information will cue what niches are super competitive, so it is not even worth trying to enter them with a minimal budget.

General statistics

The list of categories with the most expensive promotion includes:

  1. Insurance
  2. Credits
  3. Mortgages
  4. Legal services
  5. Loans
  6. Lawyer’s services
  7. Charity
  8. Higher education
  9. Hosting
  10. Debt repayment/compensation
  11. Organizing and holding conferences
  12. Forex fund trading
  13. Software
  14. Data recovery
  15. Money transfers
  16. Gas and energization.
  17. Further education, workshops, courses
  18. Rehabilitation
  19. Treatment
  20. Umbilical cord blood

From the 20 most expensive promotion topics for Google Ads, it can be concluded that the promotion of financial, IT, data security, and storage and up-market healthcare businesses is the most costly one.


Let us analyze each group more thoroughly.


Price per click: $521.8


  • geico motorcycle
  • geico car insurance quote

Geico is a US insurance company and one of the oldest on the market. It offers different insurance variants – from life to transport insurance. Due to their revolutionary concept of working directly with the customer and strict selection of people, the company became a premium market player. Hence, it is very prestigious to contract with Geico, although their services are rather expensive.

The group of the most expensive keywords includes the brand commercial phrases of the company for motorbike insurance and a few keywords highlighting the company philosophy.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
geico motorcycle 588 864 Example
geico car insurance quote 419 468 Example

Credits for expensive needs

Price per click: $118


  • quick business loans
  • small business line of credit
  • navy federal auto loan rates
  • loanbuilder

The microfinance and business crediting spheres are rather profitable, and it is much easier to enter than the large financial world of banking transactions. Loans for expensive household needs, buying a car, or opening a business are highly demanded.

In some countries, the microfinance market regulation law has many creepholes, so this activity is rather flexible in terms of responsibility. So the niche and SEO in this sphere are very competitive.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
quick business loans 108 149 Example
small business line of credit 97 110 Example
navy federal auto loan rates 95 108 Example
loanbuilder 87 107 Example


Price per click: $85.6


  • guaranteed rate
  • wells fargo your mortgage
  • best va loan lenders
  • veterans home loans

This topic is also related to lending, but now we will talk about mortgages. As purchasing a flat is usually a long-term investment and not all borrowers have enough savings for this, there is a high demand for services of mortgage companies.

Some keywords on this topic are represented by Wells Fargo services. It is a financial and insurance company operating in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
guaranteed rate 80 97 Example
wells fargo your mortgage 72 93 Example
best va loan lenders 891 80 Example
veterans home loans 178 68 Example

Legal services

Price per click: $347


  • seo attorney
  • personal injury lawyer seo
  • traumatic brain injury attorney
  • uber accident attorney

The group includes commercial keywords on accident-related lawyer’s services. This sphere provides a narrow field of lawyers’ expertise and quick advice in some non-routine emergency cases. Potentially this is searched on the Internet as it is usually impossible to ask this from friends.

Special attention should be paid to the keyword about the accident attorney SEO. This proves the popularity of this keyword for fee-based promotion of the services of such specialists. This means that if you plan to open a business in this sphere, it is worth seeking other promotion methods (social media advertising, promotion is special communities and co-operation with online legal support, etc.).

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
seo attorney 166 86 Example
personal injury lawyer seo 150 199 Example
traumatic brain injury attorney 113 188 Example
uber accident attorney 52 185 Example


Price per click: $60.8


  • merchant loan advance
  • merchant cash advance
  • business cash flow loans

This group includes keywords on trading and commodity loans. These are types of payments in goods-money relations between the manufacturer and retailer.

The search results usually include informational websites about business. So the keyword group itself is not a commercial one as it does not sell any goods or services, but it only influences the increase or decrease of the website ranking that is optimized by these keywords.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
merchant loan advance 31 126 Example
merchant cash advance 377 50 Example
business cash flow loans 347 35 Example

Expensive lawyer’s services

Price per click: $401.6


  • 18 wheeler accident lawyer
  • birth injury attorney
  • truck injury attorney

The above-mentioned lawyer’s services have been also included in another group (accident or birth injury (in case of abnormal labor) attorney). This proves the popularity of search advertising for SEO. It is another reason to network with the target audience using other promotion methods.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
18 wheeler accident lawyer 587 488 Example
birth injury attorney 115 422 Example
truck injury attorney 83 363 Example


Price per click: $214.4


  • unicef charity
  • unicef donation
  • raices donate

This group includes keywords with UNICEF charity organization. It helps children, mainly by funding healthcare in severe and emergency cases.

The help and charity funding sphere often involve fraud. So due to this Google may restrict SEO of some unknown funds. It is better to perform social media promotion and organize charity offline promo campaigns offline.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
unicef charity 70 138 Example
unicef donation 45 129 Example
raices donate 43 112 Example

Higher education

Price per click: $72.6


  • international higher education
  • salesforce heda
  • online course  chronicles

The high cost of these keywords set by Google Ads proves the increased attention to the quality of educational services and indirect intention to regulate the sphere letting in trustworthy players only who have enough resources for promotion.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
international higher education 891 150 Example
salesforce heda 843 78 Example
online course  chronicles 661 50 Example


Price per click: $933.8


  • google cloud hosting
  • buy domain google
  • google domain names

The hosting sphere became the most expensive because all its keywords include the Google name. Data storage involves high responsibility and requirements for anti-hacking protection. Also, the high price for keywords with the Google name has been set beforehand so that new players who use gray SEO methods would not advertise their service under the giant name.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
google cloud hosting 45 996 Example
buy domain google 43 943 Example
google domain names 21 739 Example

Debt collection

Price per click: $68.4


  • workers compensation attorney
  • ncci states
  • government salaries california

The keyword group on compensation includes phrases with the National Council on Compensation Insurance – an organization that controls all social security data of US citizens.

The search results include informational resources about compensations and the law regulating the earned income and insured amounts.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
workers compensation attorney 18 87 Example
ncci states buy 178 75 Example
government salaries california 67 63 Example

Organizing and holding conferences

Price per click: $32.8


  • modern language association conference
  • it financial management association

The cheapest group is holding conferences and forums. This is related to the event business peculiarities that require high service quality and a long-standing reputation from the players.

Due to this, some new companies prefer search advertising SEO and just invest bypassing the requirement to have a long-standing reputation and weight. So Google restricts such an approach towards SEO and the companies have to co-operate with the target audience more actively and gain in the experience of holding events.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
modern language association conference 489 50 Example
it financial management association 335 49 Example


Price per click: $87.2


  • fx foreign exchange
  • brokers with bonus
  • bloomberg forex

Every day new companies that wish to retry the Forex experiment appear in the sphere of security fund trading. So may prefer promoting using a conventional method such as fee-based advertising even if it is rather expensive.

Keyword Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
fx foreign exchange 98 199 Example
brokers with bonus 89 61 Example
bloomberg forex 128 50 Example


Price per click: $365.4


  • adobe after effects
  • nitro pdf
  • adobe photoshop free

The software topic includes keywords with popular products only – Kaspersky Antivirus, Adobe products, etc. They do not need advertising but competitors who wish to promote their products may strive for taking advantage of the market leaders’ fame.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
adobe after effects 43 374 Example
nitro pdf 38 333 Example
adobe photoshop free 36 315 Example

Data recovery

Price per click: $105ю4


  • raid 5 data recovery
  • vmdk recovery
  • nas data recovery

This group includes specialized informational, technical keywords on data storage and working with them. RAID 5 data recovery is a complex procedure and the most expensive keyword in that group. The search results include field-specific informational resources.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
raid 5 data recovery 31 119 Example
vmdk recovery 133 100 Example
nas data recovery 65 100 Example

Money transfers

Price per click: $103.4


  • transfer cash from paypal to debit card
  • paypal instant transfer to debit card
  • paypal send to friends and family

The search results include information resources with manuals and useful information.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
transfer cash from paypal to debit card 43 143 Example
paypal instant transfer to debit card 64 141 Example
paypal send to friends and family 62 48 Example

Gas and energization

Price per click: $35


  • hudson gas & electric low cost
  • peco gas and electric low cost
  • business energy providers

This group includes key phrases with the names of well-known energy corporations so as general informational keywords. The latter is used for searching statistical field-specific portals.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
hudson gas & electric low cost 83 40 Example
peco gas and electric low cost 41 36 Example
business energy providers 40 35 Example

Expensive workshops and courses

Price per click: $76.6


  • online college degrees
  • online teaching degree

Educational courses or workshops serve as one of the popular recurring revenue sources. The knowledge quality can be tested by feedbacks or passing the course yourself after paying for it only. Potentially by increasing the cost of search advertising for this topic, Google makes SEO more difficult.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
online college degrees 47 55 Example
online teaching degree 6600 49 Example


Price per click: $68.8


  • sports rehab center near me
  • rancho los amigos rehabilitation center
  • glen helen rehab center

This group is represented by keywords that include the names of residential facilities that provide expensive rehabilitation services.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
sports rehab center near me 260 80 Example
rancho los amigos rehabilitation center 390 70 Example
glen helen rehab center 320 70 Example

Healthcare services

Price per click: $52.6


  • ctca
  • alcohol rehab
  • vagus nerve stimulation
  • hypoglycemia treatment
  • Halo-Gravity Traction

The group is represented by keywords with the names of healthcare centers and information keywords for treating rare and severe diseases.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
ctca 4400 92 Example
alcohol rehab 9900 46 Example
vagus nerve stimulation 22200 45 Example
hypoglycemia treatment 5400 40 Example
Halo-Gravity Traction 2900 40 Example

Umbilical cord blood

Price per click: $70.4


  • viacord cord blood banking
  • stem cell cord blood banking cost

The group of keywords used for searching information on Cord Blood Bank.

Keywords Impressions $ Top website Screenshot
viacord cord blood banking 40 120 Example
stem cell cord blood banking cost 10 65 Example


Considering the average ad click price, hosting is the most expensive topic (price per click – $933). Among the most expensive ones, the cheapest keyword group is “conference organization” (Price per click – $32).

Some keyword groups include phrases with the company name. E.g., phrases including “Geico” – the well-known company – are used in the insurance sphere. This means that Google potentially makes it difficult to make SEO by keywords. This indirectly limits unfair promotion under wraps of popular brands.

This gives reason for orienting on the customized approach with the target customer. Instead of fee-based search advertising that can be rather expensive, it is more efficient to promote the brand. Thus, pre-paid advertising as the traditional promotional strategy without gaining reputation, website usability, and product quality development loses its efficiency gradually. A competitively sound market of goods and services is formed. It is intended for satisfying all consumer needs but not the business need in sales and production increase.

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