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We’ve collected Google’s most frequently asked questions about SEO marketing and uploaded them to the following questions:

  • What is SEO in digital marketing?
  • What does SEO stand for in marketing?
  • How to make money with SEO and internet marketing?
  • How content marketing helps SEO?
  • How does SEO benefit other marketing channels?

So we decided to ask for an interview with someone who can answer our questions.

Marcus Miller is an Internet Marketing and SEO Consultant at Bowler Hat, digital marketing agency based in Birmingham, UK. They help small businesses make big impact with expert Web Design, SEO&PPC.

SEO marketing Tips

In interview about his career path, Bowler Hat, and SEO market, Marcus Miller shares following tips:

  • Try to make SEO understandable and use common sense in your marketing
  • To do well in SEO industry and enjoy it, you must take an interest in customer’s business
  • Apply SEO SWOT analysis to analyze your projects and market competition
  • Always incentivize positive reviews because if you don’t, you will have only negative feedback

SEO marketing — Interview with Marcus Miller

Sophia:Marcus, how have you ended up working for Bowler Hat?

Marcus:Years ago, I got computer science degree. I was thinking of software developer or programmer career. I started working for new small e-commerce company called Mobile Fun. My job was to build websites and order processing systems. I worked as developer pretty much, but it was before Shopify, WordPress, or any of off-the-shelf systems. everything was hand-coded, but after year or so, when we built platforms, we started to think about getting more customers and getting more traffic. These are early days of Google. I worked before Google Ads even launched. I kind of fell down SEO rabbit hole and started to look at ways to generate more traffic. It was quite an exciting period because we could do anything until so-called black hat SEO factors appeared. But were still people who say you will eventually become unstuck if you try to manipulate search ranking. I think I was still there when first significant punitive SEO update, Florida update, happened, and many just disappeared overnight. They built businesses on organic traffic and employed lots of staff. Nevertheless, suddenly, they lost all traffic, their business, and leads. Kind of exposure to early SEO penalties made me believe it’s not ethical to sell SEO but to be doing something against Google’s terms and conditions. It shaped my digital marketing strategy from then onwards. After working for various other companies in UK doing development, technical SEO, stuff building, and sites were well accessible for search engines, I got an offer I could not refuse.

Cooperation with small vs. large businesses

Sophia:What is difference between SMEs and big businesses in communication and personal relationships?

Marcus:Working with more stakeholders aren’t known, as more people say. If you go back in time, organic search was still Wild West. Was probably more of an education piece needed on our part. I was advising people what opportunities and gaps are, where to start, and how they can build long-term search marketing strategy. We worked once with firm solicitors where were partners, and every partner had to sign off on every decision. They paid nothing for several months because they could never agree on what they needed to do.

Changes in environment over last 20 years

Sophia: What has changed in SEO business over last two decades?

Marcus:You have various Social Media platforms with many ways to advertise. That’s why Bowler Hat uses analysis and build tactics. If someone comes to us and says I want to do x, team checks it. Bowler Hat always tries to look at actual objective and pick best marketing strategy to achieve it. We won’t engage in something if we don’t believe that there’s good chance of success in reasonable time frame.

Most recent projects working on

Sophia: What’s project Bowler Hat is working on right now?

Marcus:We’re trying to redo our site. We also got proposals from three prominent colleges which we may start soon. Sounds like pretty exciting job helping them to recruit people for September. That’s relatively difficult anyway because If colleges open in September, people will have more objections than usual. We’ve got to design flow of communication and how we get in front of people, educate them, and make them feel safe.

SEO SWOT analysis

Sophia: You published an article about SWOT analysis. Is it relevant now?

Marcus:Therefore, SWOT analysis remains valuable. It highlights strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats for any business and its enemies. If competitor has 50 great reviews and you have three bad reviews, there’s weakness and an opportunity. I’m big fan of not overcomplicating things.

Ranking factors of local SEO

Sophia: What are ranking factors for local search?

Marcus:Google has more information to play with. I don’t have to tell them where I am because, in most cases, they already know. Those results you receive are then primarily focused on two key ranking factors, your location and location you’re searching about or where you generally are. Target users who search about place, who are in an area or both. Even though I’m on my computer, it’s pulling my location history from my Google account on my Google phone. Using this information, Google shows results it feels are most relevant for what I’m searching for and locationally appropriate. Two main factors of Local SEO are physical location and authority.

About response to reviews and customers being always right

Sophia: It’s tough to be sure when your visitors leave positive or negative comments. What do you do with that? Once I was in restaurant in Spain, and I was not satisfied with one of services. I posted review simultaneously on Google, and I believe one of waiters understood what person I was talking about because there were not many people in this trust fund, and you did it while you were in restaurant. He came up to me, and conversation was so bad because waiter was trying to defend his business’s position. It’s hard to find this balancing moment when as business, you want to protect yourself but have to accept visitor’s opinion even if it doesn’t fall into yours.

Marcus:It‘s another classic SEO marketing concept that customer is always right, even when not.

Business needs to incentivize reviews and provide quality services.

Sophia: Whenever I cannot leave tips, I always write review because it is same tip in digital marketing world.

Marcus:Customers are starting to appreciate this and want to leave positive reviews. Businesses need to incentivize feedback as naturally as possible. You want to make sure if 99% of customers are happy and only one percent are upset, reviews feel balanced. When you look at reviews on Google, they automatically pop up on right side. Google doesn’t show them in chronological order. They will weigh them based on overall sentiment. The most useful ones are at top of those that reflect general idea. So if you had hundred bad reviews, and you just tried to push them off page, you find good reviews; who’s going to surface those that are most representative of bigger picture. It’s not often talked about necessarily in marketing, but business must be good, provide world-class services, and do everything right. It’s very hard to get Google to remove reviews.

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