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Digital marketing is a complicated system of many elements which influence the website’s competitiveness. Nowadays, the website characteristics should include a correctly-built user interface with all the necessary options to increase relevance. Therefore, SEO and web design are integral parts of relevance. Their simultaneous work is what search engines mainly consider.

The modern trends for providing relevant search results are based on a user-oriented approach. The Mobile-first index is an obligatory SEO and web design strategy considering mobile devices’ prevailing use. Since March 2021, the website optimization for the desktop version only results in low relevance. The introduction of a new rule made the online marketers implement the following characteristics to reach high competitiveness:

  • Display the important content well on each website version.
  • Allow the Googlebot to render the content on the mobile version.
  • Structure data equally both on the desktop and mobile website versions.
  • Increase the mobile page’s loading speed.
  • Monitor errors and fix them in time.

However, the listed aspects are only a minor part of SEO optimization. So, let’s discover the main approaches for creating SEO-friendly web design and making its performance effective.

Web Design and SEO Battle: How to Find Balance? 

SEO and web design are obligatory elements, and their absence is unacceptable nowadays. Their confrontation is mainly based on user-oriented optimization, making it hard to provide harmonic performance. The main factors which determine their fundamental difference are the following:

  • Content. When SEO specialists aim to place as much unique content as possible on the main page, the designers prefer making it minimalistic. The compromise is placing the medium number of the text (for instance, 3,000-3,500 words) with the logically added images and other design elements.
  • Images. There is no necessity to add many pictures on the landing page to make it relevant. The number of images doesn’t influence the search results, but their uniqueness and quality are decisive. However, online shops should remember their product’s visualization and pay attention to this aspect.
  • Menu. SEO specialists usually put many categories here when the designers are against making it. The presence of a menu is necessary for each SEO web design because it influences the search result. However, the search engine may read unnecessary keywords (“about us”, “contact us”, etc.), which decreases the relevance. So, making a laconic menu with good external qualities is the best decision.

SEO and web design are essential factors that influence the website’s suitability to the user’s search request and supplement an efficient digital business nowadays.

SEO Web Design -03

Why is the Use of SEO Web Design Important for Business? 

Implementing web design and SEO into an online company’s website defines its recognition as a high-trusted brand. Therefore, it is crucial to optimize these parameters because:

  • User experience and first impression. The design elements’ combination and their external qualities determine the user’s impression after making the first click.
  • Foundation of SEO strategy. The interaction elements of web design define the content structure and how it will be placed and represented on the screen.
  • A factor of conversion improvement. The qualitative web design and SEO help convince the user of the company’s efficient and highly-reliable services.
  • Building the brand’s uniqueness. The design determines how the customers can recognize the website for its specific services.
  • Social media attention. SEO-friendly web design makes the marketing integration with social media more convenient.

It will help if SEO web design companies are involved in the development process to make the website work properly and improve its competitiveness.

Best 10 Companies who Provide SEO Web Design

Web design and SEO companies use various approaches to provide optimization. Here you can find the best online brands that consider highly efficient strategies while working with modern websites.


SEO Web Design -04

The company has been providing its services since 2016 and helps cope with the crucial SEO web design parameters. The benefits include SEO optimization, local ranking improvements, and ADA compliance software. Direction works with Shred Cube, Daro Apartments, Swank Law Offices, Silver Tax Group, and other brands.

“They’re super organized” – Anthony Sloan, the President of Sloan School of Music.

“They do phenomenal websites using modern approaches” – John Gentille, Co-Owner of ERC Today.

JDM Web Technologies

SEO Web Design -05

It is an SEO and web design company with various services to optimize websites. They contain:

  • Link building.
  • Technical and Franchise SEO.
  • Website designing and maintenance.
  • PPC marketing.

The company works with many reliable organizations such as UPshow, EPI Marketing services, Sportmania, A&R Painting, CPN Financial, etc.

“They are professional towards their niche and customers” – Manoj Upadhyay, SEO Manager at the Digital Marketing Company.

“I like their approaches, friendly response, and high professionalism” – Ishwar Singh, Owner of OM Sai Builders.


SEO Web Design -06

The company’s team consists of marketing strategists, SEO specialists, web developers, etc., who aim at making their SEO web design projects perfect. Their most regular services are SEO marketing strategy provision, social media marketing, and web design. Waterfront Wellness, Renew Alliance, Action Health, North Pacific Property Management are FANNIT’s clients.

“They have a great customer service level” – Matthew Leyba, Owner of Leyba Defense PLLC.

“I am impressed by their professionalism and abilities” – Jesse Stoddard, CEO at Action Health.

Shoreline Media Marketing  

SEO Web Design -07It is a web design and SEO company that provides web development, SEO marketing, traffic reporting, CRM, and Automation to their clients. The brand’s customers are American Cap & Gown, Cryolete, Flick Pest Control, Frontier Firewood, Solution Prep, etc.

“They have a great experience and know how to use it” – Chris Vadas, Managing partner at Greater Essex Counseling Services.

“Their team is very organized and keeps notes on every contact” – Blanche Ryder, CEO at Consulting & Lifestyle Firm.


SEO Web Design -08

The company’s digital solutions are high-efficient and create new business opportunities for entrepreneurs. The services include E-commerce, SEO and web design, app development, PPC, etc. World Wire Cables, WOS, Ultima Function, Product Dynamics, Austic, and others trust the company’s professionalism.

“The team provided helpful suggestions and perfect customer support” – Archer Hawdon, Admin at Cheers Salon.

“They are good at communication and professional” – Marie–France, Owner of Fussy Eater.

Go Fish Digital

SEO Web Design -09

The services of the American SEO and web design company include:

Go Fish Digital provides services for different organizations specialized in various niches, such as sports, real estate, web applications, etc.

“The team reviewed our goals and translated them into the design, which seemed impossible to me” – Steve Pagan, Founder and CEO of Lamppost Insights.

“They always communicated during the work process” – Elizabeth Ruf, President-Elect at AMA Triangle.


SEO Web Design -10

The company specializes in SEO and web design and always aims at reaching the top Google search results ranking. SEO, web design and development are the standard services. LawRank is trusted by Lavent Law, Rosenbaum & Rosenbaum, Berenji and Associates, and the others.

“Their work is simple and clear” – Robert Friedman, Owner of Fearless Branding.

“Everything – from communication to content – was exceptional” – Ramie Shalabi, Owner of a Small Business.


SEO Web Design -11

The company is known for its client-oriented approach and excellent services, including social media marketing, reputation management, content creation, and mobile solutions development. Let’s Talk Travel, Nigel Green, Rubber Roofing, and Brand Speak are convinced of the company’s efficiency.

“Cartoozo is the best SEO company I’ve worked with” – Melissa Raftis, Owner of the Online Business.

“Since the last 6 months, our rankings have improved” – Uttam Singh, Owner of the Small Company.

aStash Web Design and Marketing

SEO Web Design -11

This web design and SEO company also specializes in PPC google ads, E-commerce, SMM, and other marketing aspects. Shred Monster, ZF Capital, Fine Sewing, Elle & Reese, and others are the company’s clients.

“I got a functional and visually appealing end-product” – Bertie Petrie, Owner of the Real Estate Company.

“They were speedy to respond to my requests and perfectly completed the job” – Loree Sheldon, Owner of the Online Company.

Absolute Digital Media

SEO Web Design -12

The company’s team is known for creating interactive digital campaigns and tangible commercial results. SEO and web design company works with Ladbrokes, Vera Clinic, QuidMarket, Etoro, and other brands.

“They are real professionals of their field” – Sophie Butcher, Office and Operations Manager.

“We found them very skillful and reliable” – Manager at PostMyMeds.

To Sum Up

Overall, SEO-friendly web design is an essential element of each efficient business, which should be appropriately provided. If you want to get reliable services, choose the one from the listed companies to reach a high competitiveness level for your company.

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