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Local SEO is search engine optimization of your site, the purpose of which is to move the site or landing webpage to the top-1 in search results, in a specific region, city, town, district, or even street. National SEO is the practice of maximizing your digital reach. This means targeting traffic from across the country using keywords and phrases to draw attention to your content from a wide geographic range of Internet users.

In short, the national SEO company targets an ultra-wide audience and works with the brand and products. In comparison, the local agencies concentrate on location and services.

What Does an SEO National Company Do?

If your website couldn’t get to the top in any way, it has few visitors (potential customers), and there are not enough users’ requests — you need the services of a specialized optimization agency. National SEO company is a collective of experts who promote websites in search engines. This promotion can result in

  • getting to the top of Yandex, Google, and other search engines (by position);
  • increasing the number of visits to the site (by traffic);
  • growth in the number of incoming applications (by leads).

This is in short and from a technical point of view. But you can not focus solely on search engines and forget about users. So, a good SEO firm should consider both, especially on a national scale.

Best 7 National SEO Company

Promoting over the Internet using your website is an effective advertising method due to its amazing speed, coverage, and convenience. But to succeed, you need to choose the best national SEO company. Therefore, we decided to simplify the search process and selected the top 7 agencies.


Top National SEO Companies-01

The corporation was named the №1 digital marketing firm among all US e-market promotion companies. For four years, it has been considered one of the fastest-growing enterprises. In 2021, with the help of its national positions, the SEO company won the title of winner “National Excellence (United States).”

The company’s creator, Greg Walthour, calls his brainchild a one-stop shop, which has everything to optimize and develop an online platform. And this term is confirmed by customers, such as Jaguar, The Mining Exchange, Cadillac, 100% Chiropractic, and Gaiam.

Reviews are also positive:

  • The O’Keefe Ceramics’ administrator was impressed by how much effort the managers put in each campaign;

  • The Communication Director from the Colorado Restaurant Association noted the individual approach to the client.


Top National SEO Companies-02

This national SEO company strives to provide customers with qualitative and profitable promotion services at the optimum price. It has a 98% customer rating and rightfully takes 2nd place on our list. Founded in 2012 by Michael Transon, the agency invents scientifically-driven SEO strategies and brings them to life.

Clients are different large companies: AngelList, SQLStream, Offerpad, Lime, ZenProspect. The reviews note professionalism, quick feedback, and the ability to feel special, even if your company is small.

SEO Brand

Top National SEO Companies-03

This Agency can help you get to the top of the search engines. If you want to know how to rank in certain cities as a national SEO company — contact its co-founder Mike Salvaggio (the company also has a blog). He can share knowledge on making a small company a national brand through ROI, numbers, leads, inquiries, and optimization.

The key clients are Giorgio Armani, Army, Mont Blanc, LG, and Duty-Free Americas. The average mark is almost 5 points, while small online stores (employing 1-10 people) and the largest establishments with more than 10,000 employees leave positive messages.

Coalition Technologies

Top National SEO Companies-04

This is one of the top national SEO companies 2018, which manages to dictate its terms in the e-marketing industry. It also supports customers, allowing them to quickly grow and advance through e-commerce, local markets, and global opportunities.

Joel Gross founded the company in 2009, and since then, such brands as PayPal, Jack Daniels, Harvard, Native Union, Natori have been on the list of its clients. All of them say they are delighted with the results. For example, the owner of Spotlight admitted that the professionals made an aesthetically pleasing site that exceeded all expectations.

Infront Webworks

Top National SEO Companies-05

This one of the oldest agencies was organized in 1994 by Andy Meng. And now everyone should learn from him how to do SEO for a national company. The team consists exclusively of professionals; they provide a full range of services, including:

  • search engine optimization;
  • web-development;
  • pay per click;
  • social media.

The agency has hundreds of top-rated comments from various clients like Harley Davidson, Midnight Rose Hotel, Goodwill, Ge Johnson, Triple Crown Casinos.

Comrade Digital Marketing Agency

Top National SEO Companies-06

This web design & digital marketing firm offers a wide range of e-marketing services. But its significant strength is the correlation of web development, SEO, and PPC. Ivan Vislavskiy co-founded this award-winning national SEO company and is now its DG. The agency has plenty of clients from such areas as B2B, B2C, С2С, law, manufacturing, and finance (for instance, Blackhawk Supply, Vesta Preferred Realty,, Pneutech, Azimuth).


Top National SEO Companies-07

It is the last but not the worst of the seven best national SEO companies. This agency specializes in small businesses that want to succeed online. Its specialists guarantee that you will get on the first page of any searching system, even if you just started your Internet activity. CEO Gavan Thorpe taught them to make decisions based on statistical information from tracking millions of key indicators per month.

NowDecisions, Ivanti, JD Power, 11th Street Coffee, Alegria Shoes are using the firm’s SEO services. And the reviews are primarily positive and recommendatory.

Final Word

Of course, this is not a complete list of companies engaged in the national and international levels of SEO optimization. But it is the above ones that are the most titled and can help any website become recognizable and highly profitable.

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