Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2023

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If you’re reading this article, you’ve likely been looking for Shopify agencies. You may be searching for a Shopify developer or designer or even want to outsource the process of setting up your store.

As a business owner, you want to ensure you’re making the right decision for your store. That’s why you should choose a Shopify agency that can give you the most bang for your buck. And just like any other market, Shopify agencies have also improved over the years. I have compiled a list of the top 20 Shopify agencies in 2023 based on our research and input from various sources, such as industry professionals and our websites.

Shopify agency #1. MOBIKASA

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 01

CEO: Tushar Mehta

Mobilekasa is a top-rated agency that develops mobile applications and websites. A dynamic, agile, and fast-moving company, Mobikasa was founded in 2011. Within the last few years, it has become one of the world’s leading providers of client solution management for the eCommerce industry and Shopify stores. As a global company, they have established a global footprint that allows them to serve clients across a wide range of industry verticals.

Key clients: 1800Flowers, Versace, Harry Winston, Maurice Lacroix, NYC Campaign Finance Board

We liked their professionalism. We were very happy with them. ~ Gouri Pasricha Luthra – Owner & Founder, The Heritage Weavers.

Shopify agency #2. Spiral Scout

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 02CEO: John Griffin

Spiral Scout is a full-service software development and Shopify agency founded in San Francisco in 1996. From back-of-the-napkin startups to Fortune 100 companies. 70% of their client’s websites and eCommerce solutions are Shopify-based.

Key clients: Zoom, SoFi, Coca-Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Made In Cookware, Inturn

We were pleased with the delivery of their services, which matched our marketing and branding initiatives. ~ Gaurav Hardikar – VP of Product, Smart Home Technology Firm.

Shopify agency #3. DigitalSuits

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 03

CEO: Artem Semenko

In the wake of DigitalSuits’s successful startup development past, it is now a software development company. Your digital business can benefit from this expertise by developing efficient solutions. The agency primarily focuses on eCommerce, Shopify, and SaaS solutions for the real estate, insurance, and retail industries.

Key clients: Claim Technology, Laurus Law, Eurora, CrossingMinds, WYTH

We had quite a complicated project, but DigitalSuits managed to lead and support us. ~ CEO & Co-Founder, AI Product Developer.

Shopify agency #4. PIVOFY

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 04

CEO: Denis Dyli

The PIVOFFY boutique Shopify agency is based in Chicago and specializes in building end-to-end eCommerce solutions for clients. To create an exceptional eCommerce user experience, they implement comprehensive emerging technologies and holistic, brand-driven, and user-centric strategies.

Key clients: Sanitaire®, Pawstruck, NoveFerrum®, Bostitch®, Vosges Chocolate

They demonstrated a genuine interest in delivering a Shopify site that could help us expand our business. ~ Rose Barbella – Executive VP, Coffee Bean Direct

Shopify agency #5. VT Labs

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 05

CEO: Alexander Borodin

With over six years of experience in full-cycle custom software development, VT Labs is a full-service custom software development and Shopify agency. Some of their greatest strengths are web development with Ruby on Rails, Headless frameworks, and eCommerce. With Shopify Plus, they keep scalability as a top priority. They use a headless architecture that allows scaling easily.

Key clients: Rokoko, Ten Thousand, Vesta Sleep, JS Dental Lab, Fête Impériale,, Bull & Stash

They have solid development skills. They understand our business value then efficiently plan and execute deliverables. ~ Sébastien Geldof – eCommerce Manager,

Shopify agency #6. SpurIT

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 06

CEO: Yauheni Tamashevich

The company specializes in high-level technical solutions and Shopify Plus stores that require complex configurations. As a result of their deep technical expertise and understanding of Shopify, this agency empowers us to solve whatever business challenge arises with Shopify, no matter how large or small.

Key clients: MadamGlam, DeckOfScarlett, TeddyBlake, IrresistibleMe, NewAge, and other businesses around the world

Their level of executing all the features is top-class, and no compromises have been made in the quality of work. ~ Iiro Suokko – Owner, Suokko

Shopify agency #7. Pb+j

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 07

CEO: Tom Collver

With a focus on DTC health + wellness, apparel + beauty, and better-for-you companies, Pb+J helps companies grow revenue, impact, and profits. The company is a leading Shopify agency.

Key Clients: Loverboy, Endy, Harvard Business School, Stanford Design School

They have highly creative minds on their team, including their founding members. ~ Katie Tuff – Owner, Three Bears Brewery & Restaurant

Shopify agency #8. Softtrix Tech Solutions Private Limited

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 08

CEO: Ashwani Chaudhary

Softtrix is a trusted brand with a team of certified professionals known for its dependable website design and digital marketing solutions. They deliver high-quality eCommerce website design and Shopify development services. Being India’s leading digital marketing company, the agency generated more than 63 million dollars in revenue for its clients by providing results-driven digital marketing and SEO services.

Key clients: Bike Scooter City, Rockville Audio, Gorilla Wear Deutschland, Wylera Hair, eFlow Nutrition.

They have a massive experience, and they know their stuff very well. ~ Perry S – Digital Director, Digital Perth

Shopify agency #9. Dynamic Dreamz

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 09

CEO: Gaurav Shah

With over 16 years of experience, Dynamic Dreamz is the industry leader in developing Shopify eCommerce solutions. This agency has completed 1800+ projects in Shopify development. Their team of experts is passionate about helping small businesses get the most out of their online shops, regardless of what they sell or where they sell it.

Key clients: NEKTER JUICE BAR, FIRST AID DISTRIBUTION, Custom Neon, Hype for Type, The Spoiled Mama.

They can solve and work on any Shopify issues and they are beyond meticulous! ~ Rae Yee – Founder, Beverage Startup

Shopify agency #10.

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 10

CEO: Kamil Frejlich is a digital agency based in Wroclaw (Poland). They are a team of expert user experience designers for eCommerce and Shopify development. Since 2008, they have advised businesses throughout Europe on making the most out of the online offering, including website design and development, shopping scripts and apps, content strategy, and marketing campaigns. They use the latest technologies to help your business grow and explore new markets.

Key Clients: Scholl, Toys’R’Us, Nokia, L’Occitane, Mowi, Helios, Bluesoft, Jones Lang LaSalle,

The site looks great, and they hit the bullseye with the theme and with our brand colors. ~ Michalina Grzegorzewska – Junior Marketing Specialist, Hicron.

Shopify agency #11. Art & Science

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 11

CEO: Spencer Saunders

Art & Science is a Shopify development agency that is known for its expertise in the area of sales and marketing processes. They have an outstanding reputation in the design and development of eCommerce websites. And they have received numerous awards over the years on the strength of their competencies. They have got a team of highly skilled graphic designers, developers, and marketers who can transform your ideas into a reality using the latest tools and technologies.

Key clients: Sabian, Clearco, The Fertility Partners, Knowledge First Financial, Sagen, Bradley Smoker, Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

Art & Science has the technical expertise but also the creative mindset that a lot of agencies lack. ~ Tyler Calder – VP of Marketing, PartnerStack

Shopify agency #12. Superco

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 12

CEO: Tom Mucklow

Superco is Shopify Plus experts who help merchants of all sizes start, scale and manage their businesses online. The agency work with over 50 clients delivering everything from small website tweaks and design and build projects to complex custom app and API work. They are not just “code monkeys”; they are a business partner that comes up with ideas and solutions.

Key clients: Fuel10k, Anatomé, Fabrizio Viti, Cult Mia

More than anything, it’s been the agility and enthusiasm of SuperCo that has been impressive. ~ Stephen Duffy – Creative Director & Partner, The Mix

Shopify agency #13. Whirlwind eCommerce LLC

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 13

CEO: KoJo Addae-Mintah

The eCommerce services provider agency specializes in food and beverage categories, retail and catalog shops, hobby and craft markets, and other customer success applications. Whirlwind eCommerce’s customers are the reason they exist. Whether a startup is looking to disrupt an industry or a large corporation with thousands of online stores, their team of experts will help you customize your eCommerce websites and Shopify stores to meet your needs.

Key Points: Sipwell, MUSE, manifest, Model cars, galileo

I’ve found Whirlwind to be a valuable partner and sounding board that complements my own knowledge and expertise. ~ Justin Christopher – Director of eCommerce, Sporting Goods Retail.

Shopify agency #14. Webrika

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 14

CEO: Shaul Rachmani

With great Shopify expertise and extensive experience, they’ve created an excellent SaaS product that is highly likely to fit the goals of many companies. They have built well-trafficked websites ranging from small business websites to eCommerce applications and ERP systems. Webrika’s goal is to make Shopify as easy to use for your business as possible. The agency will help you build a strong online presence with customized designs, rich functionality, and an award-winning customer experience.

Key Clients: Pinc Solutions, Elevatione, Matrax, Maistorimo, Water Buffalo

Webrika understands our needs well. Their CEO is smart and always wants to do things better, which is hard to find. ~ Tomer Amsalem – Director of eCommerce, Amsalem Global Travel Management.

Shopify agency #15. Naturaily

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 15

CEO: ️ Marty Sulikowski

A Poland-based tech company with over 10 years of experience presents its web development & design services. They also deliver headless eCommerce implementation services. At Naturaily, they understand the importance of a responsive website that instantly adapts to any screen size and device. The agency aims to provide its clients with timely, high-quality web development, Shopify development, and design services. And their modular eCommerce solutions ensure the smooth implementation of your business.

Key clients: EA Technology, Eurobank, Blue Media, AW Niemeyer (AWN), Tech to the Rescue.

We were very impressed by Naturaily’s flexibility and determination to succeed. ~ Zuzanna Zapolska – Head of Digital & eCommerce, Etno Cafe

Shopify agency #16. Signifly

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 16

CEO: Michael Valentin

Signifly is a Danish digital agency with headquarters in Copenhagen and Montreal. They are on a mission to help businesses unleash their digital potential. The company’s mission is to connect people and amplify brands. They provide website and app development, eCommerce set-up, Shopify development, sales optimization, branding, digital content, and video production as part of our multidisciplinary digital innovation services.

Key clients: Google, BMO – Bank of Montreal, Diva Cup, GE Current, Maersk Line, Government of Canada

I worked with a lot of agencies and developers in my life, but Signifly’s work is one of the best. ~ Stephane Prud’homme – Founder & CEO, Credibility Institute.

Shopify agency #17. Fourmeta

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 17

CEO: Alex Rodukov

A professional full-cycle digital agency, they can design and create your store to maximize revenue. Let the experts at Fourmeta build your Shopify website. Being a Shopify Plus partner, they do understand eCommerce. Whatever your needs, they can help you create a perfect Shopify website for your business. And they’re also great at marketing, SEO, and anything else you need to ensure it’s a success.

Key Clients: eMop, condomini, Mobihub, lilledkoju, ZONTJK.

I was very happy with the amount of communication and forecast from the project lead and their on-time delivery. ~ Jeanne Mouterde – Project Manager Marketing Company

Shopify agency #18. MakeBeCool

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 18

CEO: Andrey Gadashevich

They are a Shopify development agency dedicated to sales. Their team comprises developers who have an in-depth understanding of Shopify and expertise in every aspect of eCommerce, from design and branding to promotion and analytics. They create engaging and effective eCommerce solutions for our clients, who want their products to speak for themselves.

Key clients: GrossoShop, ZINVO, yfood

They genuinely cared about the project and wanted to make sure we got the outcome we were looking for. ~ Andrea Kaparchuk – Owner, ColorByFeliks

Shopify agency #19. Varfaj

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 19

CEO: David Conforti

Vafaj is a Shopify agency specializing in eCommerce and Shopify Store services. Varfaj’s customers are retailers, brands, entrepreneurs, and small businesses looking to improve their online presence. With years of startup and industry experience, they’ve built some of the best online stores.

Key clients: Lyrical Lemonade, The Guardian, Mark Cuban Companies, Loud Luxury, Colliers International, Makeup by Mario

They are experts at what they do, and they always try their best to solve problems quickly. ~ Marketing Manager, Activewear Retailer

Shopify agency #20. Commerce-ui

Top 20 Shopify Agencies in 2022 20

Founder: Simon Wesierski

They are a highly experienced, world-class Shopify app development agency serving leading eCommerce and retail brands worldwide. Their small but smartly-focused team consists of highly skilled and motivated individuals who combine tremendous experience with current market trends and insights.

Key Clients: Rolex, OuraRing, Blackroll, Splits59, Magda Butrym

The Commerce-UI team was very experienced in coding very demanding designs and they never compromised on quality. ~ Evan Backes – Digital Art Director, AETHER Apparel

Why Should You Work with a Shopify Agency?

An agency is different from a broker. A Shopify agency is an organization that manages the entire process of creating and launching a Shopify store for its clients. They have a team of developers, designers, and salespeople who work together to get your store launched.

While this sounds like it would be complicated and time-consuming, agencies make it easy for you by doing all the heavy lifting. They can do whatever is needed, including:

  • setting up your store on Shopify;
  • creating all of your products;
  • setting up checkout pages;
  • capturing customer information through email marketing tools like Mailchimp or Constant Contact;
  • preparing your taxes and invoices;
  • handling payments;
  • sending out emails when orders come in, etc.

They can do so much at once because they have all of their resources available to them at once instead of juggling multiple projects at once. If you’re a small business owner, you know how hard it is to grow your business. It’s not just about having a good product or service but also finding the right marketing strategy to reach your target audience.

A good Shopify agency will help you find the right strategies and tactics to get more customers in your door. They can also help you build your brand on social media and other platforms so that the right people find you and become loyal customers.

What Should You Look For Before Partnering With A Shopify Agency?

When you’re thinking about partnering with a Shopify agency, you’ll want to ensure they have the skills, experience, and knowledge to deliver the results you’re looking for. That’s why I’ve put together this list of things to look out for when partnering with a Shopify agency.

Experience and Expertise

If you’re considering working with a Shopify agency specializing in eCommerce, it’s important to check out their experience with the platform. Many agencies have worked with Shopify for years, so they understand how it works and what its users need from the platform itself. They’ll also be able to offer guidance on which tools are best suited to your business needs and which aren’t necessary.

Customer Support

Working with a Shopify agency that offers solid customer support is important. You’ll need someone who can answer questions about how your store will work or help troubleshoot problems if they arise during the year-long partnership.

Pricing Structure

You want to ensure that any cost associated with working with your agency is reasonable and doesn’t put too much pressure on your budget (especially if you haven’t already invested in expanding your brand).

Past Client Feedback

Past client feedback is the best indicator of how a Shopify agency will perform. A great agency will have a solid reputation and be able to offer you references. More importantly, they’ll have a solid track record of delivering results for their clients. You can check clients’ testimonials on their websites and social media channels (like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) to see what previous clients said about them.

Collaborative Process

Your agency must be willing to work with you on every step of the process, from strategy and design to launch and beyond. An agency should be there for you through every step, providing guidance and feedback as needs arise.

Considering these factors is important when you think of working with a Shopify agency.

Conclusion about Shopify Agencies

After going through the list of the Best Shopify Agencies in 2023, you can determine that several reliable agencies are providing great service to clients. Thanks to their great work, these companies have built a strong brand for themselves in the Shopify development agency niche. They have also become renowned for their outstanding customer support. As such, if you are looking for the best Shopify agency that can help you build an online business with less effort and time, it is safe to say there will be no shortage of quality agencies in 2023. Additionally, as more people start embracing eCommerce agencies every day due to their convenience, low cost, and faster turnaround times, your business will only benefit if you choose one of them today.

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