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Content marketing is one of the most important marketing strategies to attract, want, and retain customers for more excellent content. The concept of “content marketing” includes articles, publications in social networks, emails, podcasts, videos, images, posters, and other mass information. With the help of practical tools for transferring content, companies increase brand awareness and respect customers.

Why is it worth investing money and effort in developing content marketing? Here are some statistics:

  • Companies that run their blogs end up generating 67% more leads.
  • Before contacting a seller or purchasing anything, 47% of buyers view an average of 3-5 publications.
  • Content marketing accelerates company expansion by 30%.
  • 72% of B2B marketers confirm that having a content plan increases lead engagement and leads.

Content marketing should be an integral part of a company’s marketing, not a separate business. And to make the most of the opportunities available, companies should consider the current content marketing trends. About them – later in the article.

8 Content Marketing Trends 2022

Experts draw our attention to trends to incorporate into your content marketing strategy.

A/B Testing Of Website Content

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A/B testing or split testing compares two versions of website pages, namely, comparing conversions with changed content and entire content. Such testing allows you to find working methods for improving content. As a result, you will increase traffic, conversion, and visitor engagement because you leave the best version of the content according to the users themselves.

In addition, it is possible that the changes made to the content will not bring results – then you will see this during testing.

Cem Dilmegani, a founder of multiple, notes that out of 500 online stores, 75% use A/B testing. Although it is generally accepted that this approach is more applicable for sites and applications. In summary, he highlights what testing can accomplish:

  • Understanding and identifying weaknesses in the conversion funnel.
  • Increasing profitability with existing traffic.
  • User experience improvements.

If necessary, you can test more than two versions of the site. Or conduct a comparative analysis for different groups of visitors.


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A podcast is an audio recording or series of recordings that consumers can download to their device or listen to online. Often, one episode lasts from 20 to 60 minutes. Each entry has its theme, based on the author’s fiction or real events. A podcast can be episodic (for one episode) or stretched over a whole season.

According to Infinite Dial research, podcast listeners grew by 11% in 2021 and are expected to skyrocket in 2022. The audio format is the most adapted and relevant for the current rhythm of life of the majority of the population. Popular platforms for hosting and listening to podcasts are Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.

Jeff Dolan, CEO of Wavve. Co sums up in his article on the future of podcasting and its role in content marketing: “As podcasts grow in popularity, so do the demands of listeners. They want to get attention to their interests and quality content. Polishing a podcast requires consistent marketing strategies, SEO-friendly content, and cross-platform placement. As a result, we will hear a lot of excellent podcasts in 2022.”

Marketing In The Metaverse

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The Metaverse is an extensive network of 3D virtual objects rendered in real-time. Vivid examples are the computer game Fortnite and NFT (Non-Fungible Token). With the development of augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and mixed reality (MR), many global brands are creating content plans for placement in the virtual universe. And Metaverse is projected to generate $800 billion in revenue by 2024.

In an article for Forbes, Jessika Phillips, president of NOW Marketing Group, writes that the Metaverse requires quick response and a change in how we do business.

Video Marketing

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Video marketing takes many forms, from short promotional videos to live broadcasts, lectures, and vlogs. This trend continues to occupy a key position in the content marketing strategy – and in 2022, it will strengthen.

The annual Wyzowl’s State of Video Marketing Survey shows the importance of video content in these numbers:

  • 87% of marketers say that video is the key to ROI.
  • 81% trace a direct link between the number of sales and videos.
  • 94% of professionals report that video has helped customers better understand their product or service.

By the way, the COVID-19 pandemic is “fueling” the influence of video materials as the primary tool for the success of marketing campaigns and strategies.

Michael Brenner, CEO of a content marketing agency, says that video is the most powerful tool in internet marketing.

User Experience

During quarantine restrictions, remote work has firmly entered many lives, and the user experience has adapted and improved without a doubt. Of course, companies should take this into account in their developments. What can you do to make your website user-friendly, exciting, and attractive – all at the expense of UX? Take advantage of these trends:

  • Scrollytelling. One of the first impressive examples of scrolling was demonstrated by The NY Times in the Snow Fall article:

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  • This form of storytelling brings the picture, the fonts, and the story to life. And rest assured, in 2022, the best sites in the world are using this technique on their pages.
  • Visualize the Facts. Let’s be honest: dry reading facts is boring. Then why not present them as an attractive picture, create a unique design, or even convey them as a story? You can use diagrams, illustrations, and animations. For example, here’s how artist and scientist Jill Pelto brought attention to the declining salmon population with a rather dramatic piece of art:

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  • Create an app. If your customers mainly use mobile phones when visiting your site and communicating, a stylish, understandable application will help them. In addition, it will make it easier for customers to communicate with managers.
  • Add 3D graphics. In combination with animation, it catches the eye and allows you to consider an object, product, or geographical point comprehensively. One of the latest and most sensational examples is the presentation of the Balenciaga fashion house in collaboration with the creators of the cult animated series The Simpsons. With the help of the video, fashion designers drew attention to the new Spring-Summer 2022 fashion collection.
  • Animate. Draw a story, visualize loading steps, use kinetic typography, bring characters and illustrations to life. Developer Meg Miller sums it up: think about customers. Creating a user-friendly website is the indicator of a good company.

3D Imaging and AR

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3D modeling is an alternative to product photography. Previously, only giants such as IKEA, Nike and Apple used this technique. But now, more and more small companies prefer three-dimensional images. During the epidemic, the number of photos for a product has increased from 3 to 8, which means that the cost of taking pictures and creating a presentation has also increased. With the help of the finished model, you will solve the problem of organizing product photography and allow the buyer to examine the product in more detail from all sides.

Haidi Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer at ARsenal, opines in the article that the examples of the above companies have proven to be successful and scalable. They also significantly impacted user experience, customer engagement, and conversions.

Generating Content With AI Tools

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Gartner estimates that AI software revenue will reach $64 billion in 2022. This means that technology and machine learning will take an even stronger position globally. How can this be used in content marketing? For example, artificial intelligence can solve creative problems – writing headlines and creating infographics.

Kashyap Vyas notes that innovative technologies are so powerful that they can transform any industry. And by 2027, the industry will grow by an average of 33% per year.

Social Media Video

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Yola (Rowińska) O’Hara sums up in an article for LinkedIn that 2021 was the year of video. And it’s no longer enough to record a video for Instagram and publish – it requires thoughtfulness.

Cisco experts say 82% of the Internet traffic consumed in 2022 will consist of video. YouTube, TikTok, Facebook and other platforms stream 100 minutes of video every day to each user, which is a lot.

How to create quality content with the video? Here are some tips:

  • Use equipment. Not necessarily expensive, but one that will improve the sound and picture – a tripod, lighting and a microphone.
  • Create short videos. The longer the video, the less likely it will be viewed.
  • Concentrate the essence in the first seconds. They will be decisive.
  • Turn on subtitles. Firstly, you will convey the main thing to those who speak another language. And secondly, the function of automatic playback in social networks sometimes makes it impossible to hear the sound immediately. This way, you solve two problems at once.
  • Tell a story. It holds attention, attracts and fascinates.

Make sure that those 6000 seconds a day go to the development of your brand.


Content marketing is more than just text content. Its possibilities are so great that they can influence tastes, opinions and the industry as a whole.

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