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Ecommerce has become a multi-trillion industry now. Hundreds of thousands of eCommerce websites and online retail stores are available across the globe. There are many ways and platforms for creating eCommerce websites. You can create websites using online website builders or independently working with open source eCommerce platforms.

Magento is the best eCommerce platform in 2021, owing to its awesome features, great capabilities, and a wide range of themes and templates. There is sufficient availability of expert Magento developers to hire in the market. To explore power of Magento and get insight into Magento based custom e-commerce web development, have a peek at these guys.

What Is Magento eCommerce?

Magento is an open-source content management system (CMS) platform for eCommerce websites. It allows the merchants to add the best shopping cart, custom product pages, and awesome website themes and designs. Is Magento free to use? Yes, it is free to use with a huge community to support.

Magento is a PHP based platform that offers great features and functionalities simultaneously. More than 250,000 websites use Magento eCommerce, which makes second most popular eCommerce platform in 2021 with overall eCommerce market share of 12% in the world.

What Is Magento eCommerce?

The total share of Magento in CMS market accounts for 1.9% globally, according to W3Techs information. That is a very decent figure in this highly competitive marketplace. The Magento provides full control over customization of a large number of products and multiple offers.

What Industry Challenges Does Magento eCommerce Resolve?

Like every industry, the eCommerce industry faces different challenges while developing an online marketplace. It isn’t easy to find solutions to all those challenges by using one single without any custom development.

What Industry Challenges Does Magento eCommerce Resolve?

Lack of Business Process Integration

What is an eCommerce platform best for business process integration? Unfortunately, the answer is not so simple. It depends on the way merchandisers want to operate their business.
Difficulty in Customer Segmentation

Demand for Multiple Payment Gateways

Having multiple payment gateways and payment options for customers is a big desire of an entrepreneur, but it is very challenging to accomplish this without any support with eCommerce platforms. For example, Magento supports over twenty different types of payment gateways that create a great shopping experience.

Website Optimization Challenge

Every online business is fully dependent on search engine optimization. The rules and algorithms of Google keep changing continuously. Magento is a very powerful platform that supports white-hat SEO to the fullest.

Website Optimization Challenge

Why Magento Is Best eCommerce Platform?

Magento eCommerce has been in the business for quite a few years now. There are numerous reasons for this platform to have this great popularity.

#1 Open-Source Technology

The online business market is becoming more and more competitive. Therefore, every entrepreneur focuses on cutting the business cost and increasing profit margin to survive in the industry. Magento eCommerce is an open-source platform; it is great for small and medium-sized businesses to use open-source technology free of charge.

#2 Seamless Third Party Integration

Magento eCommerce offers application programming interfaces (API) for many third-party applications such as inventory management, CRM, etc. You can integrate all those applications smoothly and seamlessly in an online and running ecosystem. The migration of operations from one application to another third-party application is smooth and easy through powerful APIs.

#4 SEO Capabilities

Magento is a search engine optimization-friendly platform. It helps a website be ranked as the top website through white-hat SEO campaigns. It is a responsive platform for websites to work perfectly on PCs and mobile devices. You can customize themes, buttons and other elements on the website screen to look perfect on all screens. In addition, it supports built-in design for developing responsive websites.

It is a very lightweight platform that increases the loading speed that helps increase the website’s SEO ranking. This platform supports SEO-friendly URLs with rewrite controls on URLs links. It supports auto-generation of site maps and Google site maps to create a better user experience for customers on the go. Furthermore, it supports categories of products and Meta information for each page, category, and product that help improve the search engine index ranking of the website.

Salient Features of Magento Web Development

The main features of Magento web development platform include following:

  • Offers limitless options for eCommerce web development
  • Offers solutions to complex web designing and development
  • Dynamic and rule-based relationship of products
  • A comprehensive and powerful dashboard to monitor your entire online business on a single location
  • Offers high availability and reliability

Final Thoughts

Magento is one of most popular eCommerce platforms in 2021. It is very well known for features and capabilities it offers. It offers powerful third-party integration capabilities, SEO, and customizable development.

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Thanks for sharing the great article on Magento website design. This information give us a clear understanding and helped while designing the website and implementing SEO techniques on the website.

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