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50 Best Homepage Design Examples 

17 July, 2020

Driven by the problem of a blank slate, having no idea where to start a new project, designers search for inspiration on special web portals. Among such resources is Awwwards — a Mecca for web designers drawing creative powers from successful projects of their colleagues. The resource collects the best from the world of web design, as well as creates its own ratings, thanks to which one can see what trends are prevailing in the world of website development.

We have already written about the highest rated studios in 2018, according to the resource. The time has come to focus on Homepage design — the examples of particularly interesting solutions by developers from all over the world. Below we have compiled a rating of the best Homepages, which were awarded as “Sites Of The Day” by the competent Awwwards jury. By the example of these websites, one can assess whether a project, capable of gaining recognition among industry leaders, is difficult to implement.

1. Welly Homepage

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An American startup ordered the website development of the Illcreative studio from New York. The essence of the startup is the sale of bright first aid kits. The user can choose the color and kit to their taste. Developers reached success in combining such an unsettling sphere of activity and a selling website into a beautiful project.

The result is a positive website with orange color accents for targeted actions. The Illcreative specialists chose a polygonal style for their homepage, putting an animated video at the head, on which the products of Welly are beautifully laid out. The animation is also used in other presentation blocks, producing positive impacts on the user experience.


2. Ricky Michiels Homepage, 2019

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The most striking trends are provided by websites from the sphere of show business. A special place is occupied by websites of figures and agencies from the world of high fashion. Such is a portfolio for the Ricky Michiels casting studio. Jason Bradley, a freelance developer, drew his ideas for this project from glossy fashion magazines, placing colorful fashion photos on the homepage.

In 2013, the web 2.0 site design trend was replaced by portal (magazine) layout. Round lines, realistic gradients, and three-dimensional icons have given way to sharp corners, flat design, minimalism, and clean images. The truth “everything that is brilliant is simple”, defining the nature of magazine layout, is still relevant in 2019.


3. Jomor Design Homepage

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“The best portfolio is your own website” — by deciding so, the specialists of the Jomor Design studio in Montreal, Canada, developed, at first glance, a simple web page: usual and easy-to-understand fonts, simple photos. But it’s all about the animation and the Parallax effect. The website is sensitive to every user action: by responding to the mouse movement, reacting to the scrolling, and drawing attention to key points. It is a harmonious embodiment of the possibilities of simple effects that was used by the studio’s specialists to attract the attention of the Awwwards jury.


4. Precision Run Homepage

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From fashion – to sports. Just glancing at the initial page should be enough to feel motivated to set a record. All this is about the Precision Run project, which brings together running fans in league tables and communities. When developing the site, Area 17, a Paris-based studio, decided to derive inspiration from sports advertising and animate the promo posters into videos on the web site.

There are also images, made in the maximum size, large-scale, in bright filters, capturing the process of running training. And the third forte of the website is the typography: the same large-scale variations of thick, wide, and solid, like running shoes, fonts.


5. Max Colt Homepage

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The Ukrainian studio shared with the Awwwards audience the result of working on a portfolio for Max Colt, the prestigious award-winning visual effects developer, who worked with Lil Wayne, Coldplay, Nicky Minaj, Kanye West, Imagine Dragons.

The theme of the portfolio set the tone for the website’s features: animated fonts and images were supplemented with interactive content. Everything needed to launch the site was just clicking and holding the left mouse button. Such an intrigue hold a fascination for the visitors. Further work, producing the necessary wow-effect, was done by the author’s works.


6. True Ventures Homepage

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The Ueno studio had already been in the TOP 25 studios according to Awwwards-2018, and gained 29 their awards, 13 of which – in the “Site of the Day” category.

The studio presented a new work that was evaluated by the jury, namely a resource for the platform for venture entrepreneurs of True Ventures.

A simple white background, a black-and-white gamut of promo videos, and a minimum of color accents. “Nothing in excess” is an accurate description of the resource. Only an animated detail in the form of a marker pointing to the accents — just like a business person would do when making notes in their daily planner — creates a catchy effect of the user’s involvement in what the platform is doing, that is finding people capable of solving important business problems.


7. Animal Homepage

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Another corporate website for the Animal design studio (Stockholm). Without further ado, the studio’s specialists used a transparent white background and simple fonts. But the magic begins during the interaction of the slogans that fall apart on the initial page when hovered over by your mouse, the portfolio that flips through when clicking, and the features section labels that change. A simple at first sight website becomes a fascinating “sticky” one, in which the user is involved in a game with interactive elements of the page. For long.


8. Ferro Homepage

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Another studio that participated in the rating of the best developers of 2018 according to Awwwards is Bürocratik from the city of Coimbra in Portugal. They developed a corporate website for Ferro, an international manufacturer of carbon steel products.

A simple idea — a promo video on the initial screen, a darkened “industrial” background and bright accents for targeted actions. Mixing of simple things is carried out at a professional, high-quality level. The clean design is complemented by a high technical optimization of the resource, making the website plainly convenient. This is what contributed to winning over the jury. It is the optimization parameter for mobile devices that received the highest average score of 7.6. This proves the convenience foremost, and only then — the details of the design.


9. Planetary Homepage

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Having decided they need a bright website, as it is the design they’re dealing with, the specialists of the Planetary studio from the USA made the initial screen of their corporate website look like a strawberry chewing gum. The positive pink color fits into the framework of a cheerful mood as well as it is successfully combined with a vivacious animation of interactions with the page and the flat style of icons and buttons on the page. This automatically increases the attention to each hot object. By the way, the dark background does not look boring, giving way to the necessary, targeted actions.


10. LARGO Inc. Rebranding Homepage

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The totally opposite approach to creating the look and feel of a design agency website is restrained minimalism and animated typography, as well as highlighting the photos of works with bright accents. This is exactly what the specialists of the ShiftBrain studio in Japan did with the site for the LARGO agency, which is engaged in the design of beauty salons, restaurants and offices. Among all the endless particolored web pages, this agency’s website will be bright and memorable, precisely thanks to its, at first glance, simplicity, and inconspicuousness.


11. EvaGher Makeup Homepage

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Would you like to see a Spanish approach to web design? With great passion and enthusiasm, the specialists of the Burundanga Studio approached the development of a web portfolio for EvaGher, a makeup artist. The use of saturation and contrasts in fashion photos, mega-captions in the spirit of glossy magazines, as if made passionately with a brush by a Spanish artist, — these techniques managed to become a worthy argument for the Awwwards jury and bring the “Site of the Day” title to the project.


12. SIROPPE Homepage

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The usage of three colors in website design is a common practice. However, Siroppe’s developers, the Spanish studio, managed to limit themselves to two colors on their corporate website. The rest was done by the typography, funny animation, and a brief but not boring text part. For example, instead of the hackneyed title on the portfolio page, the developers put the catchphrase of Gandalf “Run, you fools!”, which immediately causes a smile, even before the page is loaded. A minimum of photos for projects and portfolios, and a maximum of youth animation — and the recipe for delicious web syrup l’espagnole is ready!


13. Union Homepage

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The digital agency from the American city of Charlotte has created a corporate website with a clean white background, against which a play of typography is effectively noticeable. Animated advertising slogans in a convenient length and with an optimal font size are arranged on a very simple grid. Frankly speaking, such predictability is a joy to see and an impetus to studying the website. The main menu is particularly distinguished by the play of fonts: the main items, such as portfolio, services and “About the Agency” section, are highlighted with an enlarged font. The menu icon itself is subtly located in the lower-left corner. Such a solution adds the shadow of extravagance to the usual grid, thus making the menu location the most memorable one on the website.


14. Vincent Saïsset — Portfolio Homepage

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In cooperation with the designer Ludmilla Maury, Vincent Saïsset, the French interactive developer (in Paris), developed the website which was to become his portfolio. In this project, the developers used the power of modern typography, multiplied by creative interactions of a mouse, clicks, and transitions.


15. Kühl&Han Homepage

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Danish animation design studio Kühl&Han ordered the development of a corporate website for the Norgram agency. This project was also nominated for the “Site of the Day” . In its design, the developers used all the beauty of close-up photography and 3D visualization by putting animated 3D videos on the initial screen. Typically, the page consists of a single screen. Nevertheless, it contains all the information that may be needed, such as contacts, a link to the portfolio, and a description of the studio. All these points are played out by modern typography, and located in “hot” places, without attracting all the visitor’s attention, or getting lost in the dynamic background as well.

16. Few and Far Homepage

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When you look at the website of the British Design & Engineering studio Few and Far for the first time, it may seem that there’s something wrong with the layout, but this is just a trick prompting you to scroll down the site. As you move down, the page blocks come to life, change their size, and an extra dark bar on the right side of the screen turns out to be a portfolio block. Such a subtle approach is indicative of a non-standard approach to user involvement. Furthermore, it testifies to a high level of professionalism and experience in understanding the user experience. The website operates using no extra wow-effects, but rather the psychology of web surfing and a little convenient typography.


17. Finding Ctrl Homepage

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A creative project of the Manchester studio ToyFight (UK) offers to reflect on the history of the Internet, which reached 50 years old in October 2019. This is the sixth time that the studio appears in the “Site of the Day” category of the Awwwards rating.

The developers offered the website’s visitors an interesting idea and informative content with a bit of humor. Information is played out with interactive graphics, using material-colors for the background. For the initial screen, the experts chose an idea with an interactive 3D model of the familiar “pointing hand”, which rotates, depending on which side is hovered over.


18. Angle2 Agency Homepage

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Ukrainian Design & Development studio Angle2 from Kyiv implemented its corporate website, successfully leveraging its own name. “Look at your product from different angles” invokes the slogan on the homepage. If you move the mouse cursor, the slogan will follow it, changing the angle of the text display. Thus, it contributes a real sense of the phrase meaning to the user. This game element is another way to engage the user in an interaction, requiring no complex technical solutions. Just a little imagination and code.


19. Anoukia — in Pink Homepage

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Together with 3D designer Anoukia Perrey, the American studio Saint Roman developed her portfolio, which included a summer set of her works, combined into the “Anoukia in Pink” collection.

The site’s design reminded of the popular Instagram trend, which suggests publishing all photos in a single color gamma. Such profiles are well remembered against the background of particolored and disordered photo galleries.

Borrowing user experience from social networks has already become a reliable way to make your web resource memorable since such a source of inspiration is proven by a multi-thousand audience. Besides, it offers some extra bonuses in the form of the audience information, which can be used to develop a marketing strategy for the site.


20. Fabio Fantolino Homepage

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Design agency Adoratorio, based in Brescia (Italy), is another nominee for the “Studio of the year 2018” title according to Awwwards ranking. This time it presented the website of the day — the portfolio of the Turin architect Fabio Fantolino. The project is a single-screen version of the homepage, gradually gaining popularity, from which you can quickly go to other important sections, such as services, about the author, contacts, etc. The function of creating a wow-effect is assumed by animation and photos of the architect’s projects, supplemented with typography in the spirit of glossy magazines.


21. Design in Motion Festival Homepage

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An unprecedented bold stroke is using advertising posters and brochures as a source of inspiration for web design. In developing the design of the same events’ sites, though, such a bold move takes on the shades of an optimistic question “Why not?”

It is an online event poster that represents the DEMO Festival (Netherlands) web resource, developed by the Dept agency (Amsterdam). The brightness and saturation of colors, pretentiousness, and hyper-dimensions of typography precisely reveal the subject of the resource, that is advertising a mass event. Even such a move happens to enable you to position the event at first glance. Provided this happens, the matter further depends on facilities and informative content.


22. MST—We create digital stories Homepage

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A bright website with a lot of scattered sweet lollipops — this is the association that arises when interacting with the corporate resource and portfolio of the Moscow agency MST. The studio’s specialists decided to combine two trends — the Web 2.0 dimension, superimposed on the color gamma, and the requirements of Material Design. Everything on the site is made in strict minimalism and stylistic unity. There are no photos on the site. Instead, there are illustrations amorously drawn for each project. The Awwwards jury assessed the seriousness of the approach to self-presentation and awarded the project the well-deserved “Site of the day” title.


23. Oui Will Agency Homepage

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Another agency, known for its place in the design studios rating of 2018, is Oui Will from San Diego (USA). This time, the studio presented its own updated website, placing a premium on the Parallax effect, spectacular sizzle reels, and thin, smooth typography. Everything is divided by screens. Thus, each slogan, video or news has its own screen, no neighborhood. The site is richly flavored with relevant animation and, where possible, conversational interaction with users while preserving a spirit of minimalism and restraint. The proficiency of combining the opposites once again brought the studio a place in the Awwwards ratings.


24. Alacran Group Homepage

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Even if a user visits this resource accidentally, it will take them a long time to leave. Together with the creative group Alacran, the Jam3 Design&Development studio, based in Toronto (Canada), developed a project offering the user a chance to compose their own melody from electronic samples. Just by clicking on different points, one can create a mix of sounds. It can be further shared with friends or left on the website so that other users could listen to the result.

The website’s design features such elements as minimalistic iconography, infographics, unusual horizontal page layout, and material colors.


25. Studio P2MV Homepage

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In the world of design, everything made in France has gained fame as an offbeat brand. The corporate resource and portfolio of the Poignée design studio, based in the French city of Nantes, does not fall short of such expectations. The website offers the user to evaluate the uniqueness of each design element:

  • the logo, made in creative typography;
  • the ambiguity of the presentation screen, in which the works are presented not as a video in the usual rectangular box, but as an animated art installation, harmoniously combined with the slogan;
  • magazine layout, large noble serif fonts and all this — against a clean black background;
  • scrolling with a nice “catching up” parallax effect.


26. Getz Homepage

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The Bornfight studio from Zagreb (Croatia) has developed an online portfolio for photographer Mario Dragicevic. In such projects, it is important for the resource not to overshadow the talent of the artist himself, but to emphasize it favorably. The developers got the hang of this by creating a website with a clean black design, magazine typography, and inconspicuous animation of the photographer’s work.


27. NourishEats by Joanna L. Homepage

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The culinary project NourishEats designed by Kin Hui-Lo, a Canadian designer (Toronto), impresses with the developer’s ability to combine photos, typography, iconography, and parallax effect. The specialist used a little of everything in the right proportions, so that not to over-complicate or oversaturate the blog. The use of natural low-key colors prevents one from information overload. And a subtle animation of the cursor and menu items makes the website interactive and engages the users into interaction.


28. Versett Homepage

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The Versett agency from Calgary (Canada) presented their corporate website to the Awwwards audience. The resource’s jury granted it the “Site of the Day” award.

It is the studio’s video presentation on the first screen of the homepage that is responsible for the wow-effect. The created mood is supported by animation, strict typography, and interactivity for functional zones.


29. Temporary Measures Homepage

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The development studio Green Chameleon from Bristol (UK) responsibly approached even such a resource as a temporary parked page, which will be displayed to visitors while the full corporate site is being redesigned. A simple idea — a clean black background, against which an appealing impact is caused by the color scheme with the effect of spreading watercolor paint and the site’s slogan.


30. Lundqvist&Dallyn Homepage

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A white background, a parallax effect, playing out with black-and-white information blocks, staggered on the page — this is probably the simplest design to create. However, it is the simplicity of design that catches on the website of the Lundqvist&Dallyn design studio, developed by designers of the Oxford Studio Sam&Sara (UK).


31. Mogney Homepage

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In the USSR, there was a cartoon “Plasticine Crow”, in which animals turned into each other under a cheerful song. This cartoon definitely inspired the developers from the Voronezh studio Red Collar (Russia), which was awarded as the “Studio of the year 2018”. The Mogney project, associated with the site of a new payment system based on a QR code, impresses first with a bright color combination, and then with animations alternating each other when scrolling. The output is a dynamic image that raises the mood and the desire to use the service.


32. White Square Homepage

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White Square is a website of an investment company, developed by the Italian Studio Adoratorio, which has already appeared in our rating. The design of the homepage is on the verge of art since it is developed using only white color and shadows. Beautiful textures of the same color alternating each other, a flat design, smooth fonts, a light grid of page layout, and subtle typography providing information in portions. The resource encourages interaction, convenience, and comfort.


33. This Is Sleep Homepage

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A website of an online bed linen store can be only in pastel colors. The developers of the Loaf Studio also did not try to philosophize. Instead, they just made it possible for their users to feel all the comfort and warmth that can be received from the products of an online store, by enabling them to consider each one from all sides and describing in detail their advantages. The infographic approach to describing products with the use of animation, visual effects, and soft typography has paid off — the website would receive the title “Site of the Day”, becoming the debutant for the British studio in the Awwwards rating.


34. Jorik Homepage

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A simple parallax helps to make a site playable by attaching the home screen viewpoint to the mouse cursor. A creative solution for the website of the new brand Lil’ Kleine, Jorik, by the Ask Phil studio in Amsterdam (Netherlands), got to the Awwwards rating and earned the sympathy of the jury. To reduce uncertainty, it is enough just to look at the clean and smooth page design, conversational interaction with user clicks, and a “catching up” scroll. The latter leaves a pleasant impression and makes one repeat the experience of interacting with the resource, if not immediately, then at least after a while.


35. Baunfire Homepage

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A fresh look at design by residents of Silicon Valley Baunfire (San Jose, USA). There are no large-scale photos or pretentious promo videos. This is the realm of design implying simple symbols that resemble ASCII Art, which is drawing with symbols, brought to the level of professionalism. Contributed with a beautiful color combination, conversational interaction with the user, and soft animation effects of functional objects and design elements, we got a nominee site for the events of the day.


36. Graphit Type Homepage

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In case you are eager to stand out from the flow of presentation sites, you may try breaking all the boundaries of fashion for web design. But do it beautifully. This is exactly what LitDesignStudio did for the presentation of their Graphit font, using its forms in their website design. Therefore, they killed two birds with one stone: they showed their product in all possible variations, and created a memorable design worthy of the title “Site of the Day” .


37. LOOP Homepage

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If you want to be distinguished, you can still try attracting attention with details. For example, you can thoroughly work on the footer design by taking advantage of the typography and bringing the font ratio to the level of a masterpiece. This is what the developers of the LOOP studio did to their website, in addition to the clean design of the main sections, which may not even surprise the conversant Awwwards jury. But with the attention to detail, you’ll pretty much amaze them.


38. Olivier Ouendeno — Portfolio Homepage

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Spoiling beautiful photos with animation and interactivity is impossible. Art Director Olivier Ouendeno (Paris, France) selected photos, covered with a clean backing, for his portfolio. So that to have a look at them, just move the cursor, or go to the portfolio through the creative menu for a full view. Special attention should be paid to the vintage typography.


39. Auberive Homepage

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By default, a rock band website is expected to break templates. This is the goal that the developer Willy Brauner pursued when creating a presentation resource for the Auberive band’s music album. He even risked sacrificing load performance in the name of a beautiful effect. After loading, the website displays a full-screen image of the group, and the content part appears with the parallax animation.

A floating cursor shadows the user’s movements. Whenever a user clicks on the screen to listen to a demo album, the mouse pointer “becomes overgrown” with scrolling arrows, suggesting what can be done on the page. A video of the band’s rehearsal is displayed in the background, involving the user in the process of recording a new album.

The site nows offers an optional ability to listen to background music, which can be turned on simply by clicking on the screen on a special icon.

Navigation fits into a single screen, and then the user is expected to scroll through the screens with a mouse click. Apparently, one-screen sites are becoming a new trend in the world of web design. This indicates that users are already tired of long reads, and are not averse to leaf through web pages like a magazine.


40. 2018: Year in Review Homepage

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The design agency Green Chameleon from the UK decided to use the parallax effect to create a VR effect just on the 2018 review resource’s homepage. The idea was to immerse the visitor in the events of the past year. The developers applied modern technologies to let you feel the very idea of immersion, making you a participant of the action and the creator of the story.


41. Won Hundred Homepage

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Is there someone who misses the table layout of the noughties? The developers of SPRING/SUMMER surprised the Awwwards jury by offering an unprecedented website project for the Won Hundred capsule clothing collection. This page has everything from the design of the nineties-noughties: a white background, single-pixel borders of the plates containing the main menu, the mailing form, and product cards. Standard colors and typography, and even a ticker bar of titles, add an extra note of brilliance. The cherry on the cake is advertising banners in the best traditions of WordArt. You can’t blame the Danish developers for having a good sense of humor.

The interactivity of functional elements reminds us of the fact that we are, after all, at the end of the ’10s. For a moment of nostalgia, the website worthily received the title of the sensation of the day.


42. Bruegel – Once in a Lifetime Homepage

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For the site of the Peter Bruegel exhibition at the Vienna Museum of Art, the developers of the Wild Studio in Vienna (Austria) did not reinvent the wheel but used the works of the master himself instead. The developers modified the works with animation, reviving numerous characters of the artist’s paintings. This was enough for a wow-effect on the initial screen.

So that the site does not look pale, some other photos, mixed with presentation videos, were placed a little lower in the form of a mosaic.

The typography here could not be other than from the Antiqua font family. The same was with the colors of dimmed, slightly craft accents — the designers took them directly from the canvases.


43. RALLY Homepage

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From fantasy violations of the rules — to their traditional compliance. The developers of the Rally studio from the USA proved by the example of their new corporate website that Google’s design guidelines are indeed very useful. A simple abidance by the rules of typography, rules of clean design and white background, together with the addition of some animated geometric shapes and interactive resizing of labels and changing the colors of the backing — these all contribute to obtaining a sleek design, worthy of the title “Site of the Day”.

This example will inspire novice designers inexperienced in playing with templates, but having a good knowledge of the theory. Such a simple observation of the rules can also bring recognition, although a spoonful of creativity in a barrel of standards will make the design tastier.


44. Dapper Foundation Homepage

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Here’s the recipe for a successful design from the creative Studio VIENS-LÀ (France) exemplified by the cultural Dapper Foundation website:

  1. Make a great play with images in a single color gamma and matching color accents of the target elements.
  2. All this should be based on a flat, sharp-angled design, in which each action is accompanied by subtle animation.

That’s it, nothing more is needed. Except for technically optimizing the resource, not scrimping on quality. The innate drive for the harmonious and beautiful, inherent to every Internet user, will take over the remaining work.


45. Pelizzari Studio Homepage

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Another “Site of the Day” by the Italian studio Adoratorio is a portfolio for interior design studio for hotels, villas and restaurants Pelizzari Studio. The agency’s designers use traditional techniques for their resources, such as high-quality professional photos, antique fonts, animated elements in the spirit of Material Design.


46. Lasse Pedersen Homepage

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The Danes confidently aimed to take over palm of victory in terms of creativity from the French. The portfolio of the hairdresser and stylist Lasse Pedersen is the project the designers of KASPER LAIGAARD STUDIO presented to the audience and the Awwwards jury.

The design of the resource truly meets all the requirements of minimalism, and presents exclusively the stylist’s works. However, everything is designed in the spirit of a glossy magazine, which is expected from a figure in the field of fashion: character photos, strict typography, following a clear grid in the best traditions of printed publications.

The frame of a glossy zine is maintained by horizontal scrolling with peculiar transition animations, like in a real magazine, and a page counter. That’s it. The catalog of works for a fashion stylist is ready.


47. Google Store Homepage

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It is difficult to expect the Google Store website to have a design inconsistent with the strict guidelines of the very search network. It remains unclear how BASIC Studio (USA) approached its development. Did they first work on meeting the requirements of Material Design, and then added a creative input, or vice versa? The outcome was the store filled with high-quality photos, encompassing both images of products and advertising atmospheric photos, which arouse admiration.

The images set off functional elements of simple forms, standard Google fonts, and a corporate logo with the letter G here and there. Just to gently remind the user whose (!) website they are visiting. Integration with your Google account will support this. You don’t even need to sign in — everything is ready to buy!


48. Goldkant Interior Homepage

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The common parallax effect can perform miracles in the hands of pragmatic German designers. Developers of the HUMANS&MACHINES studio (Berlin, Germany) offered an extremely simple structure and restrained design with a minimum of color accents of their project, namely the website of the interior studio Goldkant.

They gave the whole zest to an engaging scrolling, during which the user of the resource seems to look through the windows to see the examples of the studio’s works.

And the highest rating was given by the jury for mobile optimization. The simple layout fits perfectly into the frame of the smartphone screen and makes viewing the site convenient even in motion.


49. Heller Designstudio Homepage

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Another project was developed by the Italians Adoratorio for the German design studio Heller. The site risks becoming “sticky” from the initial screen. The user can stay for a long time on the site playing with the presentation images, which will follow in single file the mouse cursor. So that to use your time productively, a ticker bar with a description of the studio will appear on top of the presentation.

Imposing inscriptions on images is quite an interesting effect: when the text “overlaps” the image, the colors of the inscription are inverted in accordance with the image. Thus is the ease of reading achieved.

The resource is full of funny animations, such as Japanese emoticons and animated loops for photos in the gallery. The portfolio looks respectable, and the animation adds a game element to it — perhaps, this is what users will want in search of a suitable design studio.


50. My 360° Mirror Homepage

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How to successfully sell a designer mirror? Designer Stella Petkova (Bulgaria) found a way by offering her vision of what the design should be for the My 360° Mirror brand, so that the idea of the brand would appeal to the visitor.

And the idea of the design came directly from the name: you provide a mirror with a 360° view — so show it exactly like this, from all sides. The product presentation unfolds for the users as they scroll. Though the idea is not new, it is always winning for the presentation of products, notwithstanding it is associated with the hassle of preparing photographic material.

The interactivity is complemented with a beautiful color gamma: a neutral gray background has become an excellent backing, on which the blue accents look most effectively.



By analyzing the trends which prevail in the world of modern web design, the following picture emerges:

  • there is an upcoming tendency to switch from the longreads to single-screen websites with transitions by clicking or scrolling, popular in the noughties. What distinguishes the modern version of Web 2.0 is the reduction of the content part to the irreducible minimum, and actually to a single screen, without scrolling down — this function is already performed for transitions;
  • the parallax effect still holds ground being the classics for creating a wow-effect. The difference is in the implementation. It is not always a simple scroll of text pages separated by windows with visual elements (videos, photos). Now a 3D presentation and polygon rotation are based on the parallax effect, which serves as a way to control the image and its viewing angle;
  • music and videos are still being added to websites, the ones for which they are of significance. Sometimes the presence of such design elements may slow the resource’s load performance. In this case, designers come up with a creative parked page with interactive elements, preventing the user from getting bored;
  • interactivity can also be a way to entertain the user on the website. Funny game elements can be present on almost any resource — even on the site of a respectable design bureau, as long as the upbeat and cheerful mood, which they cause, is appropriate and consistent with the theme of the resource;
  • award-winning designs can be made without particularly complex effects. With due effort, a website developed by a freelancer can attract the jury’s attention. A web resource can be promoted to the top positions in search results simply by following the Google guidelines, without neglecting the norms, what venerable design agencies can afford themselves doing;
  • neglect of the norms — with the proper level of skill (or courage), one can break absolutely all the norms, and still get into the rating, provided that you know what violations will please the public. In this case, a deep study of the tastes of the target audience and the market as a whole will be of help.